200 Very Best Trivia Team Names

200 Very Best Trivia Team Names

Half the victory at any quiz or trivia night is intimidating the enemy teams. Being clever isn’t reading books, keeping up with the news and popular culture, or studying vaguely interesting academic papers between game night at the bar; it’s having a smart name and praying that only two geography questions come up. Brasilia? That’s not a real place as far as you’re concerned. Quiz rhyming with you know what, now that’s clever. Check out the following trivia team names for your next quiz night, and you’re already halfway there. 

50 Funny Trivia Team Names 2024

Two Girls, One Quiz

Mike Hunt and the Pink Experience 

Alpha Kennyone 


Trivialize Me 

I’m Gonna Quiz 

Quiz On My Face

Quiz On My Back 

Loads of Quiz

Takin’ a Quiz 

Quiz in My Eye 

None of Your Quizness

The Crackademics 

Quiz Kids 

It Quiz What It Is 

Abraham Thinkin’

Quiz in My Pants 

The Trivia Foundation 

Get Fact 

What the Fact?

A Quiz Goodbye 

All Tits No Brains 

Quizzin’ In the Wind 

Stuck in a Quizzard 

Quizzy and Nauseous 

Fact Hunt 

The (so called) Quizlamic State 

Quizlamic Extremists 

My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem 

The Spanish Inquizition 

Big Pen15

Dixon Cider 

Aesop’s Foibles 

Quizantyne Empire

Full Frontal Nerdity 

The Cupid Stunts 

The Premature Quizzers 

Cunning Linguists 

Master Debaters 

Quiztic Fybrosis

Step Bro, I’m Stuck on this Question


I Wish this Microphone was a Horsecock 

5 Inches Collectively 

Oedipus and the Mother Fuckers 

(Pick another of the teams’ name) Tribute Band 

Hit It and Quiz It 

The Tempura House Shelter for Lightly Battered Women 

Multiple Scoregasms 

Fo’ Quizzle My Nizzle 

The Pheasant Pluckers 

50 Good Trivia Team Names 2024

The Question Marksmen 

General Unknowledge 

Trivia Titans 

Quizmodo Dragons 

The Pursuit 

The Encyclopedias 

The Quizmeisters 

Dad Knowledge 

The All Rounders 

The Double Uppers

The More You Drink the Better You Think 

The Questionables 

Human Google 

The Einsteins

General Knowledge and Major Answer 

All My Knowledge is From YouTube 

Here for the Music Round 

The C Students 

The Right Brainers 

The Sarah Bellums 

The Factonauts 

Stacked with Facts

The Fact Checkers 

The Next Round’s On Me

Hey Siri…

Hey Google… 

Hey Alexa…

Knowledgeable Nomads 

The Quiz Knights 

We Thought This was Speed Dating

Our Only Hope is the Raffle 

The Team I Want to Win

The Testers and The Testees 

Rehab is for Quitters 


Head Games 

Risky Quizness 

Comfortably Dumb 

The Wafty Crankers 

The Quizzly Bears 

The Ben Dovers

I Swear That’s the Right Answer 

The Omnipotents

The Proud Nerds 

The Meme Team 

The Stepdads: We Beat You, You Hate Us 

The Runners Up 

Her Vajesty’s Secret Cervix 

The Crystal Methodist Church Team 

Irish Wristwatch 

100 Pop Culture Trivia Team Names 2024

Quiz Me Under the Moonlit Starlight 

Lord of the Rounds 


Panic at the Quizco 

Quizards of Waverly Place

Yer’ a Quizard Harry 

Quizzy Stardust and the Spiders from Bars 

Iggy Quizalea 

Oh So Samwise

Articulate Monkeys 

Father John Quizty 

Let’s Get Down to Quizness 

The Discovery Channel 

Quizzy Maguire 

The Quizoner of Askaban 

Quizon Break 

The Quizard of Oz 

Thinky and the Brain 

She’s Out of Your League

30 Seconds in Bars 

Hotel Triviago

Quiz Eastwood 

Trivia Newton John 

Knowledge Dropout 

Meet the Facters

The Sharpest Tool in the Shed 

Let’s Get Quizzical 

Smarter Than a Fifth Grader 

Query Movie 

Query Movie 2

Query Movie 3

Query Movie 4

Query Movie 5

The Teacher’s Pet

My Factopus Teacher 

Trivia Noah 

Eddie Quizzard 

The Fellowship of the Round

Id, Ed, and Eddy 

Schindler’s Test


Learned That in ‘Nam 



Microsoft Clippy 

Quiz Night Club 

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Bar 

Quizekiel 25:17


The Quizzich World Cup

Walt Quizney 


The Oxford Commas 

Inquest Side Story 

E = MC Hammer 

Don Quizote 

It Was the Best of Teams, It Was the Worst of Teams 

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Moron 

Quiz Team Bale 

Quiz Sera Sera 

Cosby Cocktail Survivors 

Bill Mays Here, with Another Fantastic Answer


Revenge of the Nerds 

Quizzy Rascal 


This is Smarta 

Social Quiztancing 

Quarantina Turner 

The Titanic Swim Team 

The Wuhan Clan 

Quiz Quiztofferson 

But Other Than That, Mrs. Kennedy, How was the Parade?

Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer 

Bi-Curious George and the Disappearing Bananas 

Quiztina Aguilera 

Agatha Quiz Team 

Jesus, Party of 12! 

Bed, Bath, and Beyonce 

The Brains of Castamere 


Les Quizerables 

The Careless Whisperers 

Hairy Twatter and the Sorcerer’s Bone 

The Kanye Quest for Knowledge 


Dude, Where’s My Team?

Alfred Inchcock 

Freaks and Geeks 

The Dirty Harrys 

Friends Who Do Stuff Together 

The One with the Quiz Night 

The Know Nothing Party

The Aristocrats  

Madelaine McCann’t 

Stuart Hall or Nothing 

Danny Quizito 

Bendydick Cuminerpants 

The Franklin School of Hide and Seek 

The Walking Talking Stephen Hawkings 

George R.R. Smartin 

Saul Kemack