150 Trivia Team Names

When it comes to Trivia Night, it is not just about having the right answer. It’s about having the best name that lets your competition know that you mean business. Below is a list of best funny trivia team names that will keep your competition thinking about your group’s name while you are busy answering the questions. Also, it’s always worth a night out just to see the Host read your team name for the first time. Am I right? So here we are, 150 Trivia Team Names that are sure to make you the champions!


The Best Trivia Team Names for 2022

Not Your Cup of Tea

Educated Donkeys

Social Distancing Geniuses

Darth Vader’s Voice Box

Where Did They Go?

This is Definitely Not Us

Dad’s Night Out

The Daddy Palace

Mommas Know Best

The Bowling Team

The Naked Bear Ladies

Value Menu Millionaires

Starbucks Rewards Members

The Good Tryers

Send Help!

We Better Win

Old and In the Way

Bad Tippers

Lawyers with Guns and Money

Bud Tenders

The Late for Breakfast Club

Can’t Read This Out Loud

Blushing Nuns

Fishermen who Slap Dat Bass

All the Queen’s Men

Knights of the Bald Republic

Smells Like Cream Spirit

Haulin Oates

Darth Brooks

Dolly Pardon Me

Not Broken, but Breaking Bad

Freddy Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

Trivia Dogs

Overbite Underdogs

Trivianda Jones and the Pimple of Doom

Turd Ferguson’s Hats

We Have Heard Your Car Warranty is Expiring

JRR Tokin Gandelf’s Weed Pen

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Ryan Seacrests

The Science Project

The Team Formerly Known as Prince

Keith Richard’s Vitamins

We Who Do Not Accept the Terms of Service

The Number 1 Pencils

Crust Eaters

The Tuper Sroopers

Dick Wolf Pack

Too Stoned to Remember the Question

We are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

Wizards of Ozzy Osbourne

Cheeky Chicks

Mark Zuckerburg’s Friends

If We Lose, We Booze

If We Win, We Booze


We Sleep With the Host

Don Cheadle and The Beatles

Unapologetically Cocky

Hermione’s Magical Bag

Couch Potatoes

Pandemic Professionals

N95 Mask of Zorro

Thats no moon, oh wait, nevermind, that’s a moon, our bad

Alex Trebek’s Favorites

That Smart Cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

There Won’t Be Blood

Over the Line Smokies

The Busy Bees

The Butt Dials

Our Password is Taco

Lucid Lucies

The Forgotten Weasley

Thats Our Final Answer

The Lost Season of Lost

The Lost and Confused

Woke Up For This

Woody’s Roundup

The Big Macs

The Extra Sauce

The Purple People Eaters

No Pants Zoomers

The Smokin Okies

The Hoochies

Green Eggs and Pam

Vandalay Industries

Scott’s Tots

The Yum Yums

Biscuits and Groovy

9pm Warriors

Goose Is Alive

Tom Cruise’s Platform Shoes

The Soup Nazis

Smashmouth’s Groupies

The Queens of the Rollerderby

We Have to Be Home by 10

Regis Philbin and the Filibusters

Hulkamaniacs Running Wild

The Masked and The Furious

Hobbits Who Shave Their Feet

Dobby’s Annoying Voices

Jar Jar Binks Sympathizers

Pizza Crust in The Wind

Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Assistant

Spam Enthusiasts

The Sloppy Joes

Raiders of Your Mom’s Womb

We Never Call Ahead

No Show Joness’

The Life Guards

Extravagant Englishmen

Sisterhood of the Facebook Rants

Karen’s Worst Nightmare

Hobnob Rob’s Liquor Store

Adam Sandler Voices

EbaumsWorld Soundboard

Hank Hill’s Homies

This Team Sucks

Your Mom

The Reason Your Father Cries at Night

The Raiders of the Bathroom

Microwave Chefs

The Runts of the Litter

Local Neighborhood Outlaws

Luke Skywalker’s Missing Digits

Hummus R Us

Johnson and Johnson’s Secret Recipe

James at the Giant Beach

Hairy and Scared

Loose Change

The Filthy McNasties

The Bonneteers

The Parole Board

We Need Help Downloading Uber

Extra Onions for the Win



The Middle School basketball HalfTime Show

Dick Cheney’s Heart on Call

Okra Homies

The Baked Just Right

The Simply Irresistibles

The Step Waymon Brothers

Babies in a Corner

Boston Market Brokers

Jon Snow Know It Alls

Gonna Need a Phone Charger Here In a Bit

Justin Bieber’s Beliebers

Reading Rainbow Critics

Lost but Hopeful

We Are The Champions

We Are Not The Champions

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