45 Dinosaur Puns

45 Dinosaur Puns

It is believed that mankind has known about dinosaurs for thousands of years, as illustrations of the great beasts’ fossils have appeared in the records of civilizations as old as the ancient Roman Empire. However, it wasn’t until 1677 that the first scientific record of a dinosaur bone appeared, written by Englishman Robert Plot. 

It would still only be more than 100 years later, in the 1820s, when doctors and geologists in England attributed the fossils they discovered to a group of ancient, extinct reptiles. 

In 1841, the name Dinosauria, which means “terrible lizard,” was coined by famous English anatomist Sir Richard Owen. 

Through hundreds of fascinating discoveries by dinosaur specialists called paleontologists, we now know that dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes. Some were massive, fearsome carnivores, others plodded along peacefully eating plants, some lived in the ocean, and others took to the skies. 

Humans have always been fascinated with dinosaurs. All this writer knows is that it’s a good thing those big lizards are extinct because I’m sure they wouldn’t be too happy about everyone having a laugh at their expense with the following puns. 

45 Best Dinosaur Puns and One Liners

Scientists have discovered the fastest dinosaur: The Velocity Raptor.

Dinosaurs could never have driven cars. There wasn’t enough fossil fuel.

Did you hear about the anarchist dinosaur? He was arrested with a ton of dino-mite.

A dinosaur fart is an ex-stink-tion event.

What did the dinosaur tell his friend who wanted to swim in the ocean? Megaladon’t!

When dinosaurs go camping, they eat dino-s’mores.

What do you call a dinosaur that loves pranks? Archae-up-to-tricks.

The strongest dinosaurs all use asteroids.

What is a dinosaur’s favorite music? Jurclassic.

What do you call a dinosaur that is also a secret agent? Spy-no-saurus.

How do British dinosaurs greet each other? ‘Allo-saurus. 

They just discovered a dinosaur made entirely out of plastic blocks! Legosaurus.

Did you hear about the dinosaur that wrote poetry? The Brontë-saurus.

Apparently there’s a guy who farms dinosaurs. He drives a velocitractor.

Flying dinosaurs always caught worms, for they were the earliest birds.

Everyone stopped inviting T-Rex to parties because he is a dino-bore.

When dinosaurs play board games, they keep a dino-score.

Where do dinosaurs get their groceries? The dino-store.

When dinosaurs sleep, they dino-snore.

When dinosaurs go to the beach, they play on the dino-shore.

The worst dinosaur to have at parties is the double-Diplodocus.

What is a dinosaur’s favorite watch brand? Fossil.

What do you call an impatient dinosaur? Prontosaurus.

I told my friend Sarah that moving in with a dinosaur was a bad idea. She only listened after the damn thing started to try Sarah’s tops.

Dinosaurs always knew their exact weight because they were surrounded by scales.

What do you call a dinosaur that can’t stop thinking? A Why-no-saur.

What did dinosaurs put on the floor in their houses? Rep-tiles.

Most dinosaurs smelled awful because they were afraid of meteor showers.

I used to be afraid of dinosaurs until I saw their bones and learned they’re all dead. Now I find them pretty humerus.

What happened to the Tyrannosaurus with bad eyesight? He got T-Specs.

Which dinosaur works in the circus? Galli-mime-us.

Dinosaurs love arcades for the claw machines.

What did dinosaurs put in their baths? Rubber Ptero-duck-tyls.

What happened to the dinosaur that spent all its money? It became a Beg-o-saurus.

When did dinosaur’s food taste the best? During the spice age.

Why did the dinosaur go to the chiropractor? Its spine-was-saurus.

Which dinosaur was the most honest? Troodon.

What do you call a dishonest dinosaur? A Lie-no-saur.

What do you call a dinosaur that is also an Italian gangster? PteranoDon Corleone.

Why couldn’t the dinosaur get married? He was afraid to comet.

What do you call an alcoholic dinosaur? A Winosaur.

When dinosaurs break up, they enter the Cry-assic period.

Did you hear about the race car driving dinosaur? He got stuck in a tar pit stop.

The biggest problems in prehistoric schools were the Bully Mammoths.

What do you call a dinosaur covered in maple syrup? Stichthyosaurus. 

Saul Kemack