Best Tummy Control Shapewear

Best Tummy Control Shapewear

Whether you’re heading to a special event or not, it’s important that you feel confident and secure when you’re out and about. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear something underneath your outfit that will suck you in and emphasize your curves – we’ve all been there!

Whether you’re looking to draw attention to your hourglass figure, you’re wanting to show off your pear body shape, or you’re simply looking for a little bit of support in your midsection, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re focusing on the 15 best tummy control shapewear. Lucky for you, we live in a time where top brands, celebrities, and high fashion designers are constantly coming out with new shapewear lines. There are so many options to choose from and finding the best tummy control shapewear is easier than it used to be.

Read on for our favorite 15 tummy control shapewear styles, available to purchase now!

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SKIMS Waist Trainer

Tummy Control Shapewear

Available in both nude and black, the SKIMS Waist Trainer is one of the most recommended shapewear pieces for tummy control. Kim Kardashian is known to wear a waist trainer underneath her clothing, while working out, and even while lounging around the house. As the founder of SKIMS, we trust her judgment when picking out a tummy control piece. The SKIMS Waist Trainer features their ultra strong support, offering the highest level of compression, sure to suck you in and emphasize your body in all of the right places. We’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this piece of shapewear!

HoneyLove SuperPower Thong

Tummy Control Shapewear

The HoneyLove SuperPower Thong is a great piece of classic tummy control shapewear. The backside is available in a short and in a brief, along with the thong, offering options for every comfort level. This shapewear offers compression throughout your midsection for the ultimate tummy control. It’s also designed with mesh smooth fabric, for a seamless look underneath your clothing!

SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps

Tummy Control Shapewear

Described as the perfect everyday shapewear, the SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps offers strong support for your core, your chest, and your behind. The high-cut legs will help enhance your body’s natural shape. This is such a great basic to wear under dresses and gowns, skirts, pants and tops, really anything.

Spanx OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

Tummy Control Shapewear

Part of the Spanx ‘OnCore’ collection, the high-waisted mid-thigh short is clearly a great choice for a tummy control piece. After all, it’s a great ‘oncore.’ This short offers the most powerful compression from Spanx, making it a top choice to suck in any areas you’re insecure with. Available in 5 skin tones and 7 sizes, Spanx offers inclusive shapewear for all.

Spanx OnCore Mid-Thigh Short

Tummy Control Shapewear

The Spanx OnCore Mid-Thigh Short is perfect to wear underneath a dress, when you’re searching for something to simply hug your lower tummy. Offering some of the most powerful compressions that Spanx designs, this short not only sucks in your tummy, but it also lifts your butt. What a great combo!

HoneyLove WaistHero Cincher

Tummy Control Shapewear

Also known as a waist trainer, the HoneyLove Waist Cincher is a great piece of shapewear to offer your body an hourglass figure. It’s adjustable, so you’re able to find a comfortable feeling of compression that works for you. Allow your bust and hips to be shown off, as the WaistHero Cincher will suck in your midsection offering the perfect pear shaped figure.

Spanx Thinstincts® Panty Bodysuit

Tummy Control Shapewear

Available in both nude and black, the Spanx Thinstincts Panty Bodysuit is the lightest compression that Spanx has to offer. If you’re looking for a comfortable piece of tummy control shapewear, without too much being sucked in, we recommend searching the Spanx “Level 1” shapewear. It offers a minimal amount of compression, while still offering a great silhouette for your body.

HoneyLove Mid Thigh Bodysuit 

Tummy Control Shapewear

If you’re looking for coverage throughout your bust, midsection and tummy, hips, and thighs, look no further. The HoneyLove Mid Thigh Bodysuit is not only an excellent tummy control shapewear piece, but it also offers compression throughout your whole torso and into your legs. For those looking for a “full coverage” approach to shapewear, this bodysuit is perfect for you.

SKIMS Open Bust Slip Dress

Tummy Control Shapewear

The only thing better than basic shapewear? Tummy control shapewear in dress form. Perfectly designed to wear underneath a dress or even a top and skirt, the Skims Open Bust Slip Dress is designed to hold in your core while shaping your butt. You can still wear your own bra while wearing this slip dress, but it’ll still do all the work when it comes to offering you an effortless silhouette.

SKIMS Sculpting Mid Waist Brief

Tummy Control Shapewear

The SKIMS Sculpting Mid Waist Brief is invisible under almost everything. It offers core support without rising too high (hence the mid-rise title) and it lifts your butt, too. Designed to enhance your body’s natural shape, the Mid Waist Brief is one of our favorite, easy-to-wear pieces of tummy control shapewear.

SKIMS Sculpting High Waist Brief

Similar to the SKIMS Sculpting Mid Waist Brief as share above, the SKIMS Sculpting High Waist Brief offers similar usage: core support, lifting your butt, designed to enhance your body’s natural shape, and an easy-to-wear piece of tummy control shapewear. The difference, though, is the high waistline. For extra control and support, we love anything high waisted, so this would be our choice for the ultimate tummy control shapewear.

Sculpting Thong High Waist

Tummy Control Shapewear

The SKIMS Sculpting Thong in High Waist is one of the most comfortable forms of tummy control shapewear. It offers the strongest compression that SKIMS offers and it barely even feels like it’s on! It was designed to enhance your natural silhouette – because we’re all about embracing our bodies while feeling confident! Even better, the thong style offers a seamless look so no panty lines are visible under your clothing.

SlimShaper by Miracle Brands Women’s High-Waisted Tummy Tuck Thigh Slimmer

Tummy Control Shapewear

The SlimShaper by Miracle Brands is one of our favorite pieces of affordable tummy control shapewear. At a $30 price point, this shapewear offers extra firm control and crisscross front panels that target and lift your lower abs. Talk about flattering! It’s described as “a tummy tuck with no pain or scars!” and if that doesn’t get you on board, we don’t know what will!

Maidenform Self Expressions Women’s Wear Your Own Bra Bodysuit

Best Tummy Control Shapewear

Perfect to wear under a longer dress, skirt and top, or even underneath tight pants and a sweater, the Maidenform Self Expressions Bodysuit offers ultra firm control to smooth your tummy and allow an effortless silhouette. This is an instant confidence booster!

Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Shorts

Best Tummy Control Shapewear

The Shapermint Essentials High-Waisted Shaper Shorts are designed for everyday wear. They were designed to have the perfect balance between comfort and tummy control, 24/7. Not only are they breathable and can offer an instant smooth silhouette, but people also seem to love the Shaper Shorts because they can prevent thigh chafing! It’s a win, win!

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