The 100 Very Best Easter Puns

The 100 Very Best Easter Puns

Easter weekend is an egg-cellent time to make light and get your family cracking up with egg-ceptionally bunny puns. Between egg hunts in the garden and chomping on chocolate eggs, there are always plenty of chances to yolk around. So, do your research first and chick out this extensive list of our top 100 Easter puns for absolutely everyone. That way, you won’t miss a single pun opportunity and they will be all bunny ears!


Easter Puns for the Run-Up to Easter

1. Ears to a great Easter
2. You’re going to want to hare this
3. I carrot wait for Easter Day
4. This will be an egg-cellent Easter
5. I am egg-cited for my chocolate egg
6. Hop on over
7. I’m egg-stremely ready for my Easter egg hunt
8. It’ll be sunny side up
9. Have an egg-stra special Easter everyone
10. Who made you an Easter egg-spert?
11. If you want to talk Easter Day plans, I’m all bunny ears
12. Let’s be hop-timistic


Easter Puns for Dads

13. Hoppy Easter to all of my chicks
14. Some bunny loves you very much
15. Ears to a great day
16. Yes, honey bunny?
17. What an egg-citing egg hunt
18. I like to look on the sunny side
19. Yolk’s on you
20. I’m eggs-hausted
21. Don’t yolk with me
22. I’m all bunny ears
23. Bunny, I’m home!
24. Egg-splain this, please?
25. Smile and be hoppy this time
26. There’s a hare in my soup


Easter Egg Puns

27. You are a good egg
28. That’s cracking!
29. Chick this out
30. That’s a bit egg-stra
31. Don’t put all of your eggs in one Easter basket
32. Eggs-cuse me!
33. No egg-cuses
34. I am egg-hausted
35. I am just egg-static
36. Are you egg-noring me?
37. This is egg-stra special
38. You’re poaching my best yolks!
39. Don’t yolk with me
40. That’s shelling out
41. Happy Fry-day
42. Should we whisk it?
43. Call the eggs-terminator!
44. Omlette-ing that one slide
45. This meal is egg-cellent
46. That’s all, yolks!


Easter Bunny Puns

47. Some bunny loves you
48. I carrot believe it’s Easter
49. I’m all bunny ears
50. That’s not bunny
51. Hoppy Easter!
52. I am all bunny ears
53. I’m having a good hare day
54. Don’t forget your hare-brush
55. You’ll want to hare this
56. Some bunny loves Easter
57. Bunny hop ’til you drop
58. I hop we can find all of the eggs
59. Hop to it
60. I don’t carrot at all
61. Your bunny ear-resistible
62. No you’re just some bunny that I used to know
63. Hop over here
64. Some bunny needs a drink
65. There’s no bunny like you


Easter Chick Puns

66. Like two peeps in a pod
67. You are one cool chick
68. Chick me out
69. You’re fresh out of clucks
70. I don’t give a cluck
71. For peep’s sake
72. Don’t be so cheep
73. What a hot chick
74. Are you feeling clucky?
75. Talk is cheep


Easter Joke Puns

76. Heard any good yolks?
77. Easter bunnies like hip-hop the most
78. Easter eggs hate fry-days the most
79. When the egg heard a funny joke, it cracked up
80. Eggs hide because they’re chicken
81. Easter bunnies love to eggs-ercise
82. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be
83. Bunnies only do hare-robics
84. This egg arrived by hare mail
85. After Sunday, the Easter bunny is egg-hausted
86. The Easter bunny eats his breakfast at i-Hop
87. Rabbits only wear 14 carrot gold
88. Naughty eggs are real practical yolkers
89. Bunnies love hoppy endings
90. He’s having a bad hare day
91. Rabbits jumping backwards, or a receding hare line?


Easter Puns for Easter Cards

92. Ears to you this Easter
93. Wishing you baskets full of egg-citement
94. Have a hopping good Easter Day
95. Have an egg-cellent time
96. Hoppy Easter to my favourite practical yolker
97. Colour me egg-cited to wish you a happy Easter
98. Some-bunny is thinking of you
99. Sending you warm Easter wishes via hare mail
100. Have an egg-ceptionally good Easter Sunday

Victoria McNaught-Davis

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