The 55 Very Best Spring Puns

The 55 Very Best Spring Puns

Spring has sprung and it is thyme for picnics, sunglasses, and cherry blossom. But, now is also a chance to show up prepared and do your research on some mint seasonal spring puns for instagram. So, hold off on your spring clean and make sure your quips are fresh as a daisy this year with our extensive list. These iris-istible wordplays are so a-May-zing they will make your family, Insta followers, and girly brunch buds all green with envy. You’d bee mad not to, as they say!


55 Spring Puns Blooming with Good Vibes

A peony for your thoughts

Spring break has sprung

My life is in full bloom

Here comes the sunflowers

Thyme for some daffodils

That’s blooming great

What a re-leaf

Spring into step

You grow, girl

Has he sprung the question?

That’s a-may-zing

Business is blossoming

I love my little sprouts

You can poppy-n any time

You look fresh as a daisy

But you’re no spring chicken

Because I’m having the spring-time of my life

You’d bee mad too

Its time to exercise away these spring rolls

Get cl-over it

That’s a re-leaf!

Thanks for my son-flowers

You crack me up

What springs to mind is daffodils

Last, bud not least

Daylight Savings springs ahead

That’s iris-istible

The trees are re-leafed

I lilac springtime

Spring and summer rolls have different seasoning

You’re my favourite off-spring

I haven’t botany flowers

The tulips are springing into season

Bloom baby, bloom

Warm today, cold tomorrow

Spring is mint

Let’s turn over a new leaf

You May get some flowers

I ain’t dandy-lyin’

You rose to the occasion

Daisy me rollin’, they hatin’

He put the petal to the metal

That’s a budding romance

A peony for your thoughts

Don’t stop be-leafing

I was just pollen your leg

That’s a bud omen

He just needs a kick in the bud

I be-leaf in you

They can’t all be winters

Victoria McNaught-Davis

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Victoria McNaught-Davis