The 73 Very Best Father’s Day Puns

The 73 Very Best Father’s Day Puns

Dads all over the world love cracking-out jokes that leave you shrinking in your shoes while he laughs away. So why not return the favor! There’s no better way to say thank you on Father’s Day than with a cringe-worthy pun that will make your Dad’s day. Find the best one to suit your cool pop from our list of over 73 Father’s Day Puns.


Sweet Father’s Day Dad Puns 

You’re one cool Pop-sicle!

Wood you believe how much I love you?

Thank you for giving me your awesome jeans.

Dad, you are the coolest pop of all.


Film and music puns for Father’s Day

Yoda best, Dad.

Father, I am your daughter.

May the [golf] course be with you.

Dad to the bone.

Happy Father’s Day to a reel-y awesome dad.

Don’t pop believing!

You’re shrimply the best, better than all the rest.


Bad Dad-Joke Puns for Father’s Day

Dad puns – that’s how eye roll.

Your dad jokes are really punny.

Dad, you’re like a whiteboard because you’re so remarkable.

You’re my favorite parent, it’s knot a tie!

Thanks for watching me grow. I’m so happy to be y-orchid.

Dad, you are wheel-y great!

I wanted to give you a comb for Father’s Day, but we could never part.

You’re the brightest light in my life — I love you watts and watts.


Father’s Day Alcohol Puns

Have a beer-y happy Father’s Day.

Happy Fathers Day- don’t worry, be hoppy.

I love you beer-y much, dad. You’re the best dad ever.

Being a dad is a whisky business, but you did it well.

I am whiskey-ing you a happy Father’s Day.

Dad, I could never ever wine about you.

Sending you a Father’s Day card is the yeast I can do.


Father’s Day Food and Drink Puns

You did a grape job raisin me.

You’re one in a melon.

Your dad yolks crack me up.

Thank you for being a  soup-er dad.

Thanks for pudding up with me.

You’re tea-rific, Dad!

Dad, you’re a fungi.

The world would be a sweeter place with s’more dads like you.

You know how to make things butter.

I donut know what I’d do without you.

Let’s taco ’bout how much you rock.

Thanks for always bacon me happy.

I can’t espresso how much you mean to me.

You are cereal-ously the best.

It sounds cheesy, but you’re the gratest.

Our family would be muffin without you.

You’re one of my favorite pear-ants!

I think you’re a pretty big dill, Dad.

Thanks for always pudding up with me!

We love you a latte Dad! 

I am fishing you a happy Father’s Day!

Thanks for constantly chicken on me. Because of your care, I turned out well done.

I want to wish you ‘A Pea Father’s Day’.

I’m just finishing wrapping your pheasant!

I appreciate everything you brew for us.

Dad, olive you so much.

You’re soy awesome.

Dad, I’m your biggest flan!

You’re the best Dad of all thyme.

You can’t pasta-bly be cooler, Dad.

Dad, your love for us is un-beet-able.

Holy mackerel! You’re a reely great dad.

To my favorite grill master: You’re flippin’ awesome.


Animal Dad Puns

There’s gnome one like you.

You’re the tricera-tops!

Dad, you’re dino-mite.

You are so T-Rex-ellent, Dad!

I can’t beaver-lieve how much of a dam good Dad you are.

I turtle-y love you Dad!

Growing up without you is udder-ly unheard of.

You’re oh-fish-ally the greatest Dad ever.

I love spending koala-ty time together.

I’m not kitten around, you’re the best Dad! 

Thanks for always bear-ing with me.

Dad, I whale always love you.

You’re the bird Dad ever, a right chirp off the old block.

You meet all of the koala-fications to be a great Dad.

I love you, Dad, even when you’re always giraffe-ing me crazy.

I’m so lucky duck you are my Dad.

Just remember that owl always love you!

I’m not lion when I say you’re the best Dad ever!

Emma Carey

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