The 100 Very Best Rose Puns

The 100 Very Best Rose Puns

Roses have a long history and have been cultivated by man for over five thousand years. They have been  symbols of war, politics, beauty  and of course love.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” or if you were a person of science you would know a rose by its scientific name Rosa Rubiginosa.

But for most of us the rose is the symbol of love and being in love. And with Valentine’s day just around the corner let’s take a deeper look at one of the universal symbols of love, the rose.

Roses are for lovers : The Best Rose Puns

I love reading you p-rose at valentines day

You prickle my fancy

I love you so much, you’re as sweet as Suc-rose

I got you roses for valentines day, because I love you a bunch!

I will love you for  all of  my tomor-rose

Loving you took away my sor-rose

Please forgive me! I turned over a new leaf

I got you roses for our budding relationship

I can’t help it, but my love for you gets me a little thorny!

Our love is unbe-leaf-able

Famous Roses in the Movies

The day after Tomor-rose

Rosé-mary’s Baby


The Flirty Dozen Roses

You had me at rosé

Famous Rose Songs

I was thorn this way

The long and winding rose

Love the wine you’re with

Cracklin Rosé

Will you still love me, tomo-rose

When you like your Rose’s a little more pink than red

Stop it, your rosé is making me blush

Will you accept this rosé

Roses are red, violets are blue. Rosé is pink and I love you.

Stop and smell the rosé

Where there’s a will there’s a rosé

Rose jokes

What do you call a rose with a large thorn? A Rose-nocerous

What do flowers do at New Years? Make Rose-solutions

What sport do flowers like best? Lac-rose

What is a rose’s favorite vegetable? Cauli-Flower

What did the flower do at college? She was a rose-searcher

How do roses fight in wars? With Flower Power

What do you call two best friend  roses? B-rose

What do European Flowers use for money? Eu-rose

How does a flower get bigger? They G-rose

Why did the flower go to the hospital? They had a vi-rose

What are flowerts born in the 60’s called? Baby Bloomers

What are superstitious flowers afraid of? A bud omen

What do flowers call their friends? buddies

What do rose scientists study? Stem cells

Why do flowers only drink from champagne flutes? Because they have long stems

Did you hear of the flower who picked his nose? They were g-rose

What is a flower’s favorite band? Guns n Roses

‘What’s a flower’s favorite meal? Rose’ Chicken

What do flowers get done at the beauty salon? Their eye-rose

What did the baker bring his girlfriend on their date? He bought her flours

What birds are most like flowers? C-rose

Why do roses make good race car drivers? They put the petal to the metal

Why did the flowers love their grandparents? They were so gene-rose

Why are Roses great runners? They love mara-thorns

Why did the Rose see a psychiatrist? They didn’t know where there issues stemmed from

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