The 80 Very Best Cow Puns

The 80 Very Best Cow Puns

What’s not to love about cows!

These gentle giants of the land want nothing moo-re than a place to graze and live their lives for as long as we will let them. And as moo-re and moo-re people say no to meat and yes to plant based diets, let’s moo-ve along and look at eighty of the funniest puns about these moo-nificant animals.

The Best Cow Puns

Cows love history, they visiting the moo-seaum

Cows are known for a certain hairstyle, the cowlick

I love jokes about cows, they are so a-moos-ing

Long ago Italian cows had a very strict leader, Moo’s-olini

My favorite bovine actor is David Hassel-hoof.

The most popular bar for cows in Germany is the famous Hoof-bräuhaus

Cows love music, especially the band The Mighty Mighty Bovines!

Cows normally do not enlist in the army, they are known to be cow-ards

Cows make great astronauts, they are very much at home on the moo-n

Cows really love the Cat Stevens song Moo-n Shadow

Little known fact, cows love  moo-naise on their sandwiches

 You should trust me, have I ever steered you wrong?

 Always remember life is short, so grab it by the horns

Bulls are not known for being very romantic, but they are very  horny

Cows love classical music, especially the horn section

Bulls are not known for being great drivers, they rely to much on the horn

Cows are known as great travelers, they always fly in a Moo-eing 747.

Cows favorite bar snacks are Moo-zerella sticks

Bulls are known for their tempers and bad moo-ds

Cows love classical music, especially Moo-zart

They do now however, like Beet-hoof-en

Hugh Heif-ner is a hero to a lot of bulls

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Cow. Cow Who?. Cow… Wait sorry I totally butchered the punchline

Most cows skip breakfast, they like to  graze

Cows only take photos at night, they look great in the moo-nlight

I heard about a cow who had a terrible temper, you could say he was a mad cow

Cows are very quiet in large groups, they can’t be herd

Young cows make terrible drivers, they can’t steer

Cows make bad drivers, their hoofs can’t reach  the steering wheel

The young cow was on a diet, so he ate only calf-portions

Cows love fairytales, especially when they live happily heifer-after

Cows are very careful they don’t like to make mis-steaks

Cows are known to stay in one place, they hate moo-ving

Cows are terrible at debating, they make a lot of moot points

When a cow goes to college they go to Ox-ford

Cows that wear clothes look udder-ly ridiculous

Cows have been known to fly, they use their buffalo wings

Cows make great marksmen, they are known for their bulls eyes

When cows travel they stay in moo-tels

Cows in the 80’s were often seen wearing moo-n boots

Cows in love are known to s’moon

Eventually all old cows are put out to pasture

Seeing two cows next to each other can often trigger deja-moo

Cow don’t often work in hospitality jobs, they don’t like tipping

Holy Cow is a popular saying in India

The vegan never ate meat, they had strong veal-ings about it

When cows need to be stealthy they fly udder the radar

When a cow nods their head it means they udder-stand

In the 60’s a lot of cows wore moo-d rings

For pain a lot of bulls use Ox-icotin

Cows love pizza! Their favorite topping is Moo-zeralla

Both cows wanted dessert so they went calves

Two or more cows in a car use the cow-pool lane

When bandits go to parties and dance they normally Do the Rustle

 Two best friend male cows are called bro-vines

 Cows are huge fans of Michael Jackson, they love the moo-n walk

Cows that live in Brooklyn are called hoof-sters

Teenage cows love to play video games, their favorite is Moo-rio Brothers

 There once was a cow that tried to be a clown, they were udderly ridiculous

 Bulls and cows always kiss at the stroke of twelve when they celebrate Moo Years Eve

Teenage Moo-tant Ninja Steer-tles is a popular comic for young cows

Cows love to read to Dairy Tales to your kids

Cows love candy bars, their favorite one is Moo-nds

The calf kept getting in trouble at school, they were making to many moo-stakes

 Cows love to eat middle eastern food, their favorite thing is moo-ssaka

 Cows eat breakfast every morning, they love moos-li

The cows were related they were cow-sins

Cows are terrible at math they can’t cow’nt

Cows never say anything, in fact they are moo-t

The bulls never went near the old barn, it was horn-ted

Cows love to dress up at Halloween, they wear cows-tumes

Cow parents use a moo-bile to help their calves get to sleep

Cows love Chrstmas, they always hang their stockings

The cow princess in the story loved her Dairy Godmother

A cow’s favorite city is Moo York

After being arrested the cow had to be prod for answers

The bull was scared of the famer, so he cowered in the shed

Cows love the beach their favorite shells are Cowries

The cows wanted a pet and winded up getting a bull-dog

The steers were picked on in high school, they were bullied

Nicholas Thomas