Wedding Puns

Wedding Puns

Weddings are without a doubt one of the most joyous events that we can share with our friends, families and loved ones. They can mean tears of joy, happiness and of course cutting the rug on the dance floor.

From inappropriate best man speeches to the crazy drunk uncle weddings also offer up some very humorous moments. That is why we have compiled a list of the one hundred funniest wedding puns you will ever see. So without further adieu, Here comes the puns…

50 Best Wedding Puns

The groomsmen helped the groom celebrate at the bachelor party, they surprised him with a pre-nip.

Some people thought seventy was too old to get married, he was a late groomer.

Two spiders recently got engaged, they met on the web.

In the 70’s all men proposed the same way, they were all inspired by Kneel Diamond.

The best man ended his toast with the old saying; Now eat, drink and be married.

As he watched her walk down the aisle the groom felt like he had Bride and gone to heaven.

On the honeymoon they got the;  Room with a Vow.

The couple had a huge fight after the honeymoon, but decided not to divorce the issue.

Most couples use a bridal registry, it helps people to catch their gift.

After they are released doves get a  “bird’s eye vow” of the ceremony.

When the two boxers got married, they came out ringing.

The diamond her gave her really was a ring of beauty

Sadly she said no to his proposal,she told he was  barking up the ring tree.

The two dancers got into “the ring of it” at the reception.

The married couple danced at the reception, you could say they “brought the spouse down!”

They got married to ”spouse up their relationship”.

The Colonel’s key to a happy marriage was his eleven secret herbs and spouses.

The couple met at work, they shared an office spouse.

He was so stressed before the ceremony he asked the priest for some breathing groom.

The gamblers got married in Las Vegas, the Let it Bride.

When prisoners get married they are joined in wedlock.

 Bride and Prejudice is my favorite Victorian novel.

The wedding was so much fun! We played Bride and Seek.

For “Wed it’s worth” it was a beautiful ceremony.

They were married on December 25th, they had a Marry Christmas.

They had their Honeymoon at the cutest little Wed and Breakfast.

All the groom could think was here comes my bride and joy.

They kept telling her to “Bride your time” when you walk down the aisle.

You have to get up, Bride and early on your wedding day.

Marriage really is a game of cat and spouse.

You know it’s time for a wedding when push comes to love.

Fishermen often use Bait and Hitch to save money for their weddings.

Billionaires get married too, they are filthy hitch.

I love that Clint Eastwood movie about marriage; Any hitch way but love.

On their wedding nights wolves bark at the Honeymoon.

The Groom was late for the wedding, the traffic was wedlock.

Fiancee meeting you here!

They got married without a prenup, there were no rings attached.

For most brides, dress is more.

You could hazard a dress at what the bride wore to her wedding.

Most couples send out cards to seal the date.

Most wedding invitations are hot off the veil!

Groomsmen often dress the same, you could say all groomsmen are created equal.

Aisle be damned  if I am going to be late to my wedding.

You need your ushers to go to the extra Aisle!

Hopefully the groom didn’t go to a house of Aisle repute at his bucks party.

The mountains are a popular place for weddings, it’s known for its elopes.

The young couple took a chance, they crossed their hearts and eloped for the best.

In an elaborate wedding it’s the details that cake the difference.

The celebrant was very very old, when he walked you could see all his cakes and pains.

20 Wedding Planning Puns

I sent a card to our wedding planner, It simply said thank you Marry much for your help.

Wedding planners have a great point of vow, of how things should go.

Weddings are expensive, it’s important not to cake the bank.

Wedding planning  requires a lot of give and cake.

What you want to hear from your planner is that the eveerting is under control, that its situation formal!

I want a wedding planner that goes the extra aisle.

I don’t want my wedding planner to be all aisle and error!

If you are lucky, the wedding planning will charge you only half the rice.

The planner needs to have a great em-party when dealing with the happy couple.

The goal of the planner is to have the guests grinning from beer to beer.

It is a guest-tromical feat to pull off a wedding.

After a wedding the bride and groom fill in a food-back card for the wedding planner.

Wedding planners are great at their jobs! They are bride and tested.

It’s important for the wedding planner to give the happy couple some breathing spouse.

A wedding planner knows he was successful if the reception brings down the spouse.

The wedding planner will do it any hitch way the bride wants.

It’s very important that you don’t get off “on the ring foot” with your wedding planner.

You dont want to have a love-date relationship with the wedding planner.

For a good wedding planner it is worth traveling a hundred aisles!

On your wedding day all you want to hear from the planner is that everything is running formal.

20 Wedding Food Puns 

The reception is everyone’s favorite part of a wedding, it really takes the cake.

Bakers put a lot of hard work into wedding cakes; it always ends in tiers.

Apprentice bakers always learn to Bake it till you make it.

Cake a leg is often heard at the start of a new shift in the kitchen.

Older bakers suffer from cakes and pains.

For garden weddings chefs offer their meals, off the venue

Most weddings end the same way. Have a rice day.

In the 70’s a popular food was cake and shake.

Hopefully the baker will give me a “fair cake” when he gives me the bill.

Absence makes the wedding cake grow fondant..

When it’s time for the cake, the chef will yell Release the Caken!

Hopefully the chef will not desert you at the end of the meal.

Chefs face an uphill batter at large wedding receptions.

Weddings prove the old adage, Love is a batterfield.

You don’t want a chef who dis-creaminates!

You need to take nutice of all your guests’ nut allergies.

It was a mousse-ive mistake not to have dessert at the reception.

Chefs put their blood, sweets and tears into making wedding cakes.

It’s all fondant and games, until someone has an allergic reaction.

The spirit of the 60’s is in every wedding cake, they all need flour power!

10 Wedding music puns

Rice, rice baby! Was a popular wedding song in the 90’s.

On the wedding night the Groom hopes to hear, here comes the bride at least once.

She walked down the aisle to “All things bride and beautiful”.

Lou Reed had a wedding song, Walk on the Wild bride.

I love that Beatles wedding song, Let it Bride.

Wed Zeppelin is my favorite wedding band!

Monty Python had a hit song “Always look on the bride side of life”

I love the Paul McCartney song “Love and let die”

George Harrison had a famous wedding album; All rings must pass.

 Don’t touch that aisle! The wedding DJ is playing!

Nicholas Thomas