The 55 Very Best Turkey Puns

The 55 Very Best Turkey Puns

It’s already that time of year again!

Thanksgiving- time to overindulge in your favorite food, spend (or hide) time with family, and enjoy the fall weather. Whether you plan on spending this holiday with family or with friends, we got you covered. Below are 55 turkey and turkey-related puns to make your loved ones laugh this Thanksgiving holiday.

55 Funny Turkey Puns for Thanksgiving 2024

Save the turkey leftovers so they don’t go to waist

I rode over here as fast as I could. Full gobble

I quit eating leftovers cold turkey

This year for thanksgiving I booked a flight to Turkeys and Caicos

Have the baste thanksgiving ever!

There’s about to be a war in the middle feast

I couldn’t open the door. Then I realized I was using my tur-key

I couldn’t wait for the turk-week to end

I feel like Ringo Starr with all these drumsticks

Sorry I couldn’t make it- I’m feeling under the feather

I smoked too much now I feel like this turkey- absolutely baked

That smells absolutely fowl

I drank so much now I feel completely basted

My math teacher asked if I could pass the pumpkin pi

We’re on a roll

Is all the food here? Let’s do a roll call.

You don’t like the food? Cluck you!

Great meal, beak performance.

I’ve really spread my wings this year

He didn’t come because we had a fowling out

You really have no res-peck do you?

I want to see every piece of food. I want to go on a tour-key

I peck your pardon?

…and that is turkey to success!

We will have our thanksgiving dinner at 6 o’cluck

The Gizzard of Oz

I’m so full I am going to have to wattle around.

I guess we’ll just have to wing it

Take a hent!

This turkey tastes funny. It’s a quir-key.

Me and the turkey dressed up in the same costume for Halloween. We were gobblins.

I’ve been working around the cluck making this dinner

My turkey looked the exact same! Maybe it was a gobblegänger.

I ruined Thanksgiving dinner. I clucked it up.

The only sport I’m watching is butterball

Can you pass me the peck-an pie?

It’s Thursday but it feels like fry-day

Did you know turkeys can never get the flew?

That’s a badass turkey, it even came with a motorcycle and a feather jacket

Let’s get down to gizz-ness

Before the turkey was cooked he thought the knew something was rotiss-eerie

(In the voice of rapper V.I.C.) Gobble baby, gobble baby, gobble baby, gobble (yeah)

I feel like I need my passport with all this Turkey

I didn’t hear a bird you said

Turkeys always die and see the grave-y

I’m starving. I’m actually hen-gry

We can clean the dinner plates in one fowl swoop

Back off! Why are you being so eggressive?

I like the thighs but I’m more of a breast man myself

Quit yolking around and come eat!

Don’t worry, you’ve got absolutely stuffing to worry about

Lately I’ve been working out a lot. For example, I’m fitness turkey in my belly right now!

I’m not waiting any longer to eat- I don’t want to baste my time!

I ate so much turkey I might fowl over

Down the basement, lock the cellar door, and baby- talk turkey to me

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