12 Of The Very Best Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

12 Of The Very Best Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

The world of social media is a wonderful place. It’s great to post pictures of your day out on the beach, showcase your proud cooking skills, or capture memories of your family. However, like any public platform, it needs to be used responsibly. Certain things aren’t only unadvisable to post on social media but can cause a lot of harm. Make sure you use social media only for good and keep any sensitive information for your eyes only.


Your Live Location

Posting where you are at that present time is a big no-no on social media. Mainly because it opens you up to a world of vulnerability. When you post that you’re visiting family rather than snuggled up on your sofa, it will give people the heads-up that your house is unoccupied, making it ideal for a potential break-in.

Take a picture of your trip out, but post where it is after you’re safe and sound. Ex-partners, estranged family members, and even strangers will be able to locate you with one post. It also makes it easy for people who don’t know you to find where you are.


Pictures of Kids with Their Names

Whether you should post photos of children on social media remains a controversial topic, but one clear thing is not to name your kids or anyone else’s. One reason is that you’re taking away a child’s consent and privacy before they’re at an age when they can understand. 

It can also lead to strangers or even people within your social circle learning things about your children that you might want to keep under wraps. The last thing you want is someone telling a kid that they know their name, their parent’s names, and where the child lives. Children are susceptible and will easily trust adults they think know best.

Keep children protected and keep their names off social media.


Your Relationship Status

It seems strange, but unfortunately, posting that you’re single can cause a spam of inappropriate propositions from other people. It may also indicate that you live alone or you’ll be alone during certain times of the day. If you want people to know you are available, it’s best to keep it to dating platforms where people are looking for the same kind of relationship, and the rest of your information is confidential.


Complaints About Work

We’ve all had a bad boss or a stressful and challenging job, but posting on social media about it is never a good idea. Not only does it shows a complete lack of communication in the workplace, but it’s also disrespectful to your boss. If you’re overworked, talk to your manager or look for a position better suited to you.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some jobs will not allow you to post where you work for safety reasons. For example, if you work for a bank or school. The reason is that someone may take advantage of your situation and threaten or groom you for their gain.

Having a moan about the workplace may seem harmless, but it could cost your job. Complain to your friends over a beer, but never online!


Exactly When and Where You’re Going on Vacation

Everyone loves a trip to Bali, but posting that you’ll be leaving in two weeks and you’ll be gone for seven days isn’t the best idea. Firstly it lets people know where you are at what time, but it also puts your house at risk. Break-ins are most common when people go away on holiday, so put those vay-cay pics up when you’re back.


Inappropriate Photos

People can get fired for misconduct on the internet. A lot of workplaces see their employees as an extension of the company. So, when you post a picture of yourself in your pants dancing on the table, you’re essentially representing them too.

While that’s not a problem for some companies, others will take it very seriously. Best to keep your tabletop dancing amongst friends.


Illegal or Offensive Content

It’s incredible how easily people forget that social media is a public place that almost anyone can access. Even if you keep your accounts private, it doesn’t mean someone won’t find your posts and party pics.

Don’t rave about the shinanigans you and your friends got up to over the weekend if it isn’t PG-appropriate. It may come back to bite you.

Whereas some people are savvy about keeping illegal content on the DL, they may think posting offensive content is okay. Jokes that are sexist, racist, or homophobic are unacceptable anywhere, and you most certainly should not post them online for everyone to see. You don’t know who it will affect, and work, friends, and family won’t look at you favorably.



Even if it’s an empty threat, rants and arguments on your social media show what kind of person you are. Negativity and heated disputes display a lack of self-control and a quick temper. You may also say something you regret, and, unlike in-person communication, it’s not so easy to take it back.


Any Personal Details

Personal details like your dog’s name and long walks on the beach are fine. But anything like your home address, telephone number, and email are best kept private unless you give it to someone you trust. 


Photos of Your Friends Without Their Permission

There are many reasons someone may not want you to post a picture of them online. Your friends may not want specific images on social media for various reasons. Maybe they want to keep their account professional, they don’t want to be located by someone, or they just dislike the photo! If they say no, then you need to take the request seriously. You must also get permission from someone if you took a picture without their knowledge.


Bank Information

People have posted photos of their credit cards on social media. It may be exciting to get your first credit card, moan about your debt or celebrate an 8-figure salary, but don’t post any details online! Any sensitive information made publicly opens you up to identity theft and fraud.


Sharing Private Things About Your Friends

If you’re having a private conversation with your best mate, don’t post it on social media. They could be going through a difficult time and confiding in you. Maybe it’s a marriage, losing a loved one, or the daily stress of life. However, if your friend tells you something in confidence, keep it confidential! You will not only break their trust by adding it to social media, but you could also hurt someone else’s feelings in the process.

Emma Carey
Emma Carey