55 Things to Talk About with Your Crush

55 Things to Talk About with Your Crush

All of us have been wondering what are the best wordings and flirting movements that can lead up to an outstanding and long-lasting conversation with our crush and maybe secure a first or second date. The keyword is flirt and the most crucial point of flirting is the moment before flirting starts.

Spontaneity and initiative actions are the fundamental skills that someone needs to retain during flirting. Usually, we like someone a lot when there is something mysterious about him or her. Therefore, the main goal when having a conversation with your crush is to demystify your crush’s personality and at the same time impress them with yours. Consequently a few daily life topics, for example, routine preferences, can say a lot about the way they think and you could also say impressive things to them. Together we’ll review 55 things to talk about with your Crush.


Always begin with your main occupation

You can ideally ask what’s your crush’s occupation. In that way you can learn more about them and initiate follow-up questions from your crush.


Was that their dream?

Ask if this occupation was something that they always wanted to do in their lives, as you might get to know more about their childhood. Additionally, you might learn more about their current dreams.


Importance of dreams

Following up you could ask if there is any big and important dream that they have or have not achieved so far in their life. Be careful to not push it if you feel that your crush feels uncomfortable.


Biggest accomplishment

Usually people seek for somebody to just listen to them and ideally admire them for what they’ve done. Your crush will start being very comfortable with you if they’ve understood that you carefully listen to them.



Ask if they have a hobby. You might find similar hobbies and be able to either impress them with your skills or propose another date related to that hobby.



You can easily learn a lot about their personality if you link such a question to their hobbies. You will learn a lot about their powers and the way they think.



Ask if they like art as you can always elaborate on art or just stay impressed with their opinions which is something that they will probably like.


Favourite artists

Such artistic conversation can lead to hours of talking, especially when it comes to singers as music always makes you happy and literally everybody loves one or two singers or bands.


Favourite song

This is a very tricky question as not a lot of people have a lifetime favourite song. You might make them think by asking that which is an advantage for you as you won’t make them be bored.


Musical instruments

Have they ever tried playing a musical instrument? Do they prefer to listen or make music? Say a few things about yourself as well. A musician always makes a great impression.

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Movies or theatre

This has been a huge debate for ages. Even actors are not sure if they prefer to a movie a performance. Ask about that as you can elaborate a lot about it.



Do they own a pet? People love their pets and if you are a pet lover as well they will definitely appreciate that



Do they like animals? Is there any specific animal that they love or an animal that they are very scared of?


Food Preferences

Following-up from their empathy to animals you can ask whether they have any food preference like vegan or vegetarian.



If you think about it, food is the most common thing we all have. A lot of people are impressed by cooking skills or cooking preferences. Ask if they have something specific that they like or if they love trying out new foods.


Take-away or cooking?

Do they prefer fast food or do they follow a healthy nutrition? If cooking is not your strongest power you will probably know a few good places around so why not propose a dinner



Have they ever been abroad? People love travelling and usually those who haven’t been to many places would love to hear your stories.



Do they like learning more about new cultures and visiting them when travelling? Tell them about different places you’ve been to, show how impressed you were and ask their opinion about something different or unique that you’ve come across.


Way of travelling

Do they like long road trips or do they prefer easy ways of travelling? Also, ask whether they prefer to travel with people who know well or if they don’t mind travelling with strangers. You understand if they are open-minded or not.


City or Nature?

Usually people who prefer cities like to stay busy and be surrounded by people while people who prefer nature like to spend more time alone.

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Best place they’ve ever been to

In order for that place to be so special about them, something very important must have happened during their visit. Ask them about that and speak about your favourite place too.


Favourite Movie

If you’re lucky enough and find out that your movie preferences match your crush’s preference, you might end up with a new romantic movie night date.


Favourite Book

You can always learn something important when reading a book. People usually quote good life advices from books, so why not be one of those?



Do they watch TV and is there any specific show that they like? The debate about scenes and actors/actresses. People love chatting.


Dream destination

Literally, everybody has a dream destination. Ask what’s theirs and whether they’ve been there or if they’re planning to go soon. Also, speak about your dream destination you might impress once again.



Where are they from? Even if you grew up in the same city you might learn a lot about their backgrounds which might initiate huge conversations



Do they have siblings? Are they close with their families or do they prefer staying alone? Are they dreaming of making a family in the future?


Shared flat

People usually share flats when they are at University. Speak about your experience and ask about theirs’s.


Most beloved person

This might be a family member. Ask about their personalities and how the spend time with them. You surely want to hear what makes it so special about their most beloved person as you may have similar characterises that you can show to them.


Date of Birth

If you believe in Astrology you will satisfy yourself so much by asking that question. If not, you still earn a possible date that you can text them or call them which will be a huge plus to your relationship



It is very important to learn more about their friends as you’ll understand about their personalities and the type of people they like to hang out with. Also speak about your friends too, as you’ll show a pretty cool profile.

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Favourite drink

If you are confident this might be the best question to ask in order to propose a date. If you like their favourite drink say it and ask them to join you next time. If not, say that they should definitely try out your favourite drink and ask them out.



They might start narrating stories that made them happy or sad. It is very important to get him or her speaking about their lives as they will become more familiar with you.


Favourite fiction character

Once again, everybody has one. Exchange your opinions, even debate about a good fiction character


Social Media

What’s their opinion about social media? Nowadays people are much obsessed with social media. See whether you agree or disagree with them as social media are so vital that you’ll probably need to be on the same page about that



Very recent due to lockdowns and everyone has to say something about it (avoid very hard topics). Ask about their opinions about the rapid advantages of technology


Climate Change

Do they recycle and are they concerned about climate change at all? Is there anything that you and your crush have in common about your daily routine that is related to climate change?


Worst fear

It can either be something simple or not. Asking about their worst fear is a benefit, firstly because you might initiate more and longer conversations again and secondly because you wouldn’t want to worry them.


Sports / GYM

This might sound very typical but people pay important attention to sports as this is something that can usually make them escape from life struggles.


Favourite season of the year

This usually includes holidays. It could be Christmas, Easter, or Summer break. Ask what they do usually like to do during their favourite season of the year and tell them what you do for relaxing during your holidays.



It is not random that the song says it’s the happiest season of all. The atmosphere is warm, full of people, wishes and presents. You’ll have a great chat about how each one enjoys Christmas.



You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about them. Do they prefer sunny or rainy weather? This is so important as usually, people who prefer the sun are more open and social while people who prefer rain, spend more time alone in quiet places.



Do they like going to parties or staying at home reading a book? You’ll learn if they are introvert or extrovert


Funniest moment of their lives

If they are cool and don’t believe that they are going to be embarrassed, they might tell you about something ridiculous they did. However, if your crush asks about you try to not embarrass yourself a lot.


School experience

Following up from the previous topic, many people have a great time while they are in school as there are no obligations and people are still very unprompted.


Biggest turn-on and worst turn-off

If you’ve reached that point you probably already know a lot about them and they have enjoyed your conversation so far. So why not ask more about what they like and dislike when it comes to dating?



Everyone has a unique style and this is why fashion is so important to our lives. You can’t even imagine how far such a conversation can go.



What’s their favourite type of a store? Do they just browse on the internet or do they go around the shops and try out new things?


Things that make you uncomfortable

Ask if there is anything that makes them uncomfortable and discuss about it. Firstly, you’ll learn about it so that you can avoid that in the future and you can also figure a lot about their personalities as well.


Organized or chaotic?

Usually people who try to follow a schedule are the ones who show strong commitment and manage to get a lot of tasks done during a short time. People want to be surrounded by people who know what they are doing and not people who can’t take responsibilities of themselves


Hard true or white lies

This has been a huge debate for many years as people prefer white lies from hard trues so that they don’t upset others. You’ll probably need your crush’s opinion on that as it may play a vital role in a future relationship of you two.



There are people who value sleep very much and need many hours, while there are also the ones who ignore it and prefer to make the most of out of the day and night. What type of a person are you and what type of a person is your crush.



This is a huge problem to a lot of relationships of any kind. Usually, people who overthink don’t actually understand that they do, so this may be a fun topic to discuss about.


Best life memory

Why not have your crush tell you about their most beloved memory of life? It might be an adventure that you would love to try out either by yourself or together


What makes them angry

You definitely want to discuss about that. There are people who get upset by very small mistakes even through a chat so you wouldn’t want to get your crush being mad from the first date.


There are so many things to talk about with your crush. If you are passionate about the same topic you might spend hours of discussing. A good conversation is not always focused to one topic as there are plenty of thoughts and ideas jumping into our minds when a memory rings a bell. You should remember to demystify your crush and keep a more mysterious profile so that they can keep asking about you.

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