100 Very Best White Lie Party Ideas

100 Very Best White Lie Party Ideas

We all tell lies now and again. Most of the time when we lie, we hope the recipient doesn’t find out. However, in this White Lie Party game, you’ll literally be wearing your lies for all to see. Grab a white shirt, a group of friends, and think of those times you told a few harmless fibs.

Why White Lies?

A white lie is a small, trivial, and almost insignificant lie told to avoid conflict or awkwardness, such as hurting someone feelings. Some may say it’s considered a lie with good intentions. These lies often come up when someone is confronted with a situation where it’s better to keep the other person satisfied, then to be honest – with little at stake.

Bring Your Lies to Life at a White Lie Party

A White Lie Party is a fun way to expose those little white lies we’ve all told time and time again. The concept of a White Lie Party is a popular and trending topic, beginning on TikTok in July of 2020. This type of party is a fun way to interact, laugh and learn about others.

Participants will arrive to the party wearing white shirts consisting of white lies they’ve told in the past. These lies can be a few words, or a full phrase, and can simply be drawn on the shirt with a marker or Sharpie. Guests will have endless fun observing the range of lies – from basic, typical lies to absolutely outrageous ones.

This type of party is a fun and clever way to express oneself and show the group who you are. Partygoers can relate to one other and their white lies, and get a feel for each other’s sense of humor as well. This is also a great form of an icebreaker for groups that may need a spark to get the party started.

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To help get the lies flowing here’s 100 White Lie Party T- Shirt Ideas

I overslept

I had a great time

You look great!

I’m so tired

On my way

Money isn’t important

I feel sick

Your friends are nice

I love being single

This is brand new

I’m not the jealous type

I hate attention

I don’t mind!

I get straight A’s

I don’t procrastinate

I eat healthy

That was great

I don’t hate them

I’m totally fine

I don’t think about him/her anymore

I save money

I didn’t take it!

I’m not lazy

Can’t wait

I’m not hungry

I make $____ a year

I’m not bothered

You’re hilarious!

I’m broke

I’ve lost weight

I love my coworkers

You’re right

I’m all natural

I’ll pay you back tomorrow

I didn’t eat it

I blocked them

I’m looking forward to it!

I don’t know them

My place is so messy

I did nothing wrong

I have a lot of hobbies

That looks good

I’m not single

I always wear my seatbelt

I never overdo it

There’s no one like me

I’m happy for you!

Be there soon

I’m so over them

I barely talk to him/her

You are perfect for each other!

I love my job

I must get up early

You’re so skinny

I’m always safe

I have high standards

My phone is always dead

You look familiar!

I never speed

I’ll be there ASAP

I have so much to do

I’m responsible

Text you when I get there

I won’t forget!

I’m not talking to anyone else

I have plans

I’m allergic

I got a perfect score

Next round is on me

I’m a nice person

I barely check my phone

Call you later

I barely drank

I promise not to tell

Yes, I asked them

I saved your number

I forgot!

I’ve never been here

That was an accident

I didn’t have time

Having so much fun!

I don’t judge people

I’ve seen that movie 100 times

I’m better than that

I’m very strong

That’s so funny

I’m busy

I love that show

I threw that away already

I’m not a gold digger

I fell asleep

I can pay for you

You can trust me

I heard you!

That color looks great on you

I’d love to hang out again

Sorry, I lost it!

I’m not bored!

I’m never drinking again

I work out all the time

Courtney Johnson