50 Date Night Ideas

Love is both a drug and medicine. Especially in times of a pandemic, we are probably in desperate need of one or the other. Or both. We all know that the last year was a challenge for many people on many levels. So, it is old news that Love was more than mildly affected in recent times. No matter if you need a drug or medicine, if you are trying to find Love, revive Love or keep Love alive – it was most certainly more difficult in the last year. We must clarify: Love is certainly not only for lovers. The struggle of Love did take its toll on any kind of relationship. Family, friends, lovers, partners were all equally left in abandonment during our common Covid-struggle. 

THIS is your sign to take action and get out of the Love dry spell that was 2020 (and let’s be honest: 2021 is not looking much more dazzling right now).

We have worked hard to bring the best 50 date night ideas that will help you turn over to a new page. You will find here date night ideas that fit any possible date-requirement: socially distanced and non-socially distanced, outside, inside, any time of day, first dates, romantic dates, funny dates, friend-dates, relationship-dates, small or big budget, active and lazy dates.


50 Best Date Night Ideas


1. Build a fort and watch a movie

Get out all pillows, comfy blankets, and sheets you can find. Grab some chairs and start building. Feeling extra romantic? Add some fairy lights. Now all you need is some snacks and your Laptop!


2. Read to each other from your favorite book (prior Fort-building optional!)

Obviously, you can do this anywhere, but this idea works splendidly in a fort as well! Grab your favorite book and read to each other. 


3. Cook each other your favorite childhood meals

What was that dish that you had every Sunday that you loved so much? And that cake that your mom/dad/guardian only ever made on your birthday? – Find out the recipe and cook your favorite childhood meals for each other. Freestyling is allowed!


4. Do a Puzzle

It sounds ordinary, but doing Puzzles is totally underrated! Trust us when we tell you: You really get to know someone when doing a challenging Puzzle.


5. Get to know each other better – question game with or without drinks

Ask each other questions and alternate answering them. There are countless lists available online. You might want to match the questions to the situation…do we want to know the most embarrassing childhood-moments on the first date? 


6. Do a slideshow of your favorite vacations together or alone and tell the best stories

Yes, there were times where we were traveling! In covid-times, these times might be a distant memory by now. Why not revisit/share your favorite photos and stories from your trips?


7. Do a virtual tour online of places you plan to visit 

You read correctly: let`s dream of travelling again! You can start by doing an online tour of your desired destination together. Check out https://driveandlisten.herokuapp.com to take virtual driving tours while listening to local radio stations.


8. Learn a dance 

Maybe some Salsa? Maybe your date doesn’t know Gangnam-Style yet but is secretly dreaming of learning it?! Who knows! But whatever you choose: this date night will be one to remember.


9. Paint T-Shirts for each other 

Get some old or new shirts and some paint and start painting Shirts for each other. Not that talented? Everything can be put to use as a Pyjama later!


10. Learn something new together

— 10th of 50 Date Night Ideas

Skateboarding, tennis, badminton, boule, yoga, roller-skating, ice skating, anything you can think of where you can whole-heartedly laugh at yourself and each other. And who maybe even discover a new hobby together.


11. Driving range hitting golf balls

Golf is only for Country Club people? You will now only know better after smashing the first golf ball from the driving range. You will also feel better. Don´t ask us to explain why, but hitting little white balls as hard as you can be oddly freeing and makes for a great date-night.


12. Go for a bike ride

Take your bikes or check out your local rental services and discover your city and nature from a whole new angle. 


13. Go rowing

Speaking of new angles: view your city from the water. Rent a rowing boat during sunset for an extra serving of romance. 


14. Have an outside picnic  

A date-classic! Take-away or order food for your picnic-location. Maybe you even make the picnic yourself. No chef-talent? We say cutting fruit counts as cooking.


15. Show each other favorite spots in the city 

No matter if you are new to a town or a homegrown local: there is always something to discover. Go for a tour around your town and show each other your favorite spots.


16. Volunteer at your local shelter and take dogs for a walk

This is an unbeatable date-option. Doing good and being outside. If the conversation gets stuck, there will always be a cute four-legged companion to ease the tension.


17. Make a bonfire and grill marshmallows

If now appropriate woods are available: a nice candle can also do the trick.


18. Drive to the nature area and have an impromptu dance party 

Pick a spot away from the city, put on your favorite songs, and dance away. Nobody can see you, so nobody will judge the quality of your moonwalk. 


19. Go fruit picking

An excellent option for first dates. In case it went well: Maybe you have a recipe ready to use the freshly picked fruits.


20. Go sledding

— 20th of 50 Date Night Ideas

If you have snow and a hill available: What are you waiting for??


21. Go watch the stars and learn about the constellations  

Pick a spot in your area from which you can see the stars and try finding some constellations (try https://stardate.org/nightsky/constellations).


22. Go climbing/boulder

An all-time favorite! It has everything you need on any type of date: fun, activity, overcoming scary things together. Some cities even offer outdoor options. 


22. Rent a kayak 

If you don’t have water nearby, this date-idea is great in combination with a little road trip.


23. Do SUP together

We will tell you right now: much harder than it looks. Also, more fun than it looks!


24. Paint a wall in your apartment together

Pick a solid color to be on the safe side. Pick a pattern for an extra challenge. 


25. Do a DIY-project 

Maybe one of you is in need of a new shelf anyway? It doesn’t need to perfect; it just needs to be fun!


26. Go ice skating or roller-skating

An oldie, but a goodie. Be sure to sit down for a soda/coffee/wine afterwards.


27. Grocery-store-adventure

Go to the grocery store, spend $5-20 each and buy each other things the other one HAS to try – optional blindfold for taste-testing. 


28. Recreate your first date

If this is not melting your heart, we don’t know what to tell you…


30. Do a game right 

— 30th of 50 Date Night Ideas

Another underrated idea that will not only be fun but also help to get to know each other better easily. 


31. Go swimming …or skinny dipping

We recommend private pools for the second option.


32. Declutter an area in your apartment/closet together

Quite therapeutic date-idea. If you sell decluttered items, you can already plan your next fancy date.


33. Buy an old piece of furniture and refurbish it together

Check out facebook-marketplace or your local newspaper for a bargain. Plan together how you can revive the piece and start painting.


34. Write bucket lists together

This, of course, you can do anywhere: on the sofa, in the park. You can do it with or without a glass of wine. 


35. Wine or beer tasting 

This is possible in person or online. We guarantee that both ways are absolutely fun!


36. Go to a comedy show

Or: online viewing of your favorite comedian. Fort-building is optional.


37. Bring food and surprise an old friend 

Make or pick-up food and surprise an old friend. Can be socially-distanced, in-person, or via video call. Also, a great way to introduce your date to friends without stressful anticipation.


38. Have an “inside-picnic” in your room or on your balcony

The rain/pandemic alternative to number 14.


39. Sleep in your garden with a tent

If you don’t have a tent or a garden, maybe one of your friends do? Great in combination with number 21!


40. Go outside and do a photoshoot of each other 

— 40th of 50 Date Night Ideas

You can be silly or artistic. Whatever fits the vibe. If you can’t get loose: play each other’s favorite dance songs. The photos will for sure be a great memory.


41. Recreate your friends’ Instagram photos 

Copy some of your friends’ insta photos as best as you can together. Extra points for putting a funny twist on the photos. 


42. Draw each other’s portrait

But be nice, kids! Nobody was born a Picasso!


43. Go flower picking

And already plan for your second date (see number 44).


44. Plant plants in your garden or balcony

A great date that will give you something to enjoy for a long time.


45. Write a story together

Funny, serious, thoughtful – whatever the vibe. If you have trouble getting started: alternate writing two sentences each and hide the previous one when writing the next. Sometimes the best stories make no sense. 


46. Do Graffiti together

Check out legal walls in your city, get some cans, and get spraying. We are sure the artwork will put a smile on your face the next time you pass by. 


47. Play truth or dare

The spectrum for this is large…are you gonna be telling funny stories from way back when, or are you gonna end up skinny dipping?


48. Make a playlist together 

Preferably for the next road trip, which you then take. Together – obvs.


49. Give each other haircut

Daring, but fun. If you think about it: isn`t this exactly what we all write on our dating profiles?! There you have it: the perfect date-idea to go along with it.


50. Dinner in the dark

Cook or order dinner, set up the table, and then…eat it in the complete dark. Messy, but oh so fun!

How much we truly need interaction became all the clearer in the last year. When times got tough, we have witnessed the emerging of some of the most beautiful stories: Partners being lifted up to hospital rooms via crane, friends meeting for happy hours online thousands of miles apart, couples married for 50 years bursting into tears upon reunion.


32 Bonus Date Night Ideas


Cocktail making

Making cocktails is a lot of fun if you both love a bit of the strong stuff. Consider going to a professionally run class to help somebody take control of the instruction whilst you both take care of the flirting instead. 


A picnic in the park

If the weather is fine, a picnic in the park is the ideal way to share food surrounded by nature. It can be a great romantic surprise too if you’re looking to treat your loved one. 

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A concert

Any concert is a really good focus for a date, especially if it is a type of music that you both really love. 


Driving vintage cars

For a weekend afternoon in the countryside, driving a vintage car can add a twist of sophistication to your experience together. Just remember to take a hairbrush if you’ve opted for a convertible! 


A visit to a stately home

Stately homes aren’t a boring choice if you both appreciate architecture and art. Having the stimulation of a huge house to wander around in can be a great talking point. 


A walk on a beach

The rhythm of the waves, the sand underfoot, the salty air – 

what could be a better setting to feel close to your loved one? 


A fire on a beach

A fire on a beach in the evening can be a way to add intimacy to a wide open space. Don’t forget to take some marshmallows to toast! 


Cooking at home

Whether you cook for your partner, they cook for you or you cook together, cooking at home is a relaxed date idea. Why not pick a menu together so you both have to make the effort to be a team player. 

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The cinema

The cinema is a really great idea for a casual date night. You can be near each other without having to talk, and then have a natural talking point after the movie is finished. 


The spa

The spa is a classic couples date to choose. You can enjoy the jacuzzi, the steam room, and maybe even a relaxing couples massage together. Bliss. 

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Wine tasting

Wine tasting is a wonderful date idea because it is fun, and it gives you both lots to laugh and giggle about. Place it in a vineyard for the extra enjoyment of a stunning background. 



A yoga class can be a lot of fun for beginners and experts alike. Together you can stretch and relax, perhaps laughing about some of the hilarious stretch positions when you’ve finished. 



It might not sound like an exciting date idea, but it can give you both something to focus on. Creating things together can be extremely rewarding and if you don’t enjoy the class, you can have a good laugh over the experience afterward. 


A brewery

If wine tasting is a bit too upmarket for your taste, why not have a go at beer tasting instead. Breweries have delicious creations for you both to try together. 




— 15th of 35 Bonus Date Night Ideas

The sunset is so enjoyable with a beautiful view. Set up a blanket somewhere gorgeous and watch the sky put on a show for you both. 


A ball

Proper balls are events that can bring an air of grandeur to a relationship. If you both fancy bringing a bit of 50 Shades style to your date, and you want to get dressed up, book yourself into a ball and start shopping for a gown and suit. 


A dance class

Why not take part in a dance class like street dance to try something new together? Fancy turning up the heat? Salsa could be a better choice for you both. 



Macrame is basically fancy knots you do to create wall hangings, pot holders and other home accessories. Learning it together can be a lot of fun if you both put your all into it. At the very least you will have fun, but at most you could create something beautiful together. 



Whatever the weather, barbecue food is always delicious. Why not enjoy a bit of al fresco dining with the grills? 

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Hot chocolate and blankets stargazing

Stargazing is extremely romantic, so why not set up some chairs on a clear night and enjoy the view. Hot chocolate in flasks is a must. 



Rockpools have all kinds of exciting treats in them for you to find together. Take a guide and have a rummage around to see which creatures are hiding in there. Just don’t forget to put everything back where you found it.


Nighttime rock pooling

If you fancy making your rockpooling adventure even more exciting, why not try it at nighttime with a UV torch? Many rockpool animals show up in all kinds of neon colors, a great talking point for a date. 


Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting is most people’s idea of heaven, so why not make a date of it? Many artisan chocolates offer the experience for couples and groups. 


A visit to a museum

A museum might have been boring when you were a kid, but on a date there are all kinds of reasons it could be a fun choice. Plenty of things to look at means plenty of giggles and conversation and a memorable experience. 


Picking fresh vegetables or fruit

Lots of farms offer fresh vegetable and fruit picking. This can be a fun and healthy date choice for you both to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. 

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Snacks and favourite film swap

Why not get to know each other better with a film swap? You both arrange to play your favourite film to the other and of course, bring plenty of snacks to the table too. 


Roller skating

Roller skating is definitely risky, but it is an active and unusual date you could both love. Why not enhance the experience further and get dressed up and go to a neon glow-in-the-dark skating party together? 


Ice skating

If you fancy something that encourages more cuddling than skating, turn the temperature down and go ice skating instead. Cosy clothes and hand holding is compulsory. 


Making an indoor garden

Making a terrarium plant garden is a simple task, but one to enjoy together as a date. 

It works well as a date because you can both use your hands to make something beautiful together. It will grow as your relationship grows. 


Pet sitting

If you have friends or family members who have animals, why not ask them if you can pet sit? Nurturing and caring for something together is a great activity for couples who want to get to know each other’s caring side. 


A hot bath together

Relax those aching muscles and have a hot bath together, maybe with a glass of bubbles too. The perfect way to unwind together after a busy week. 


A conversation

Sometimes the perfect date night is a conversation, especially when you both have careers and children. Why complicate things if all your both really want to do is reconnect? Get the kettle on and sit down for a chat, nothing else matters.


It doesn’t matter if it is your first or 1000th date, it will always worth it to invest some time to spend with somebody you love.

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