50 Date Night Ideas

50 Date Night Ideas

“I can not believe I never thought about doing these!” — Kaitlyn Straniero

If you’re reading this I bet you’ve searched on every website for date ideas, and you’ve seen the same 50 date ideas over and over. Well your search ends here, we got you covered! If you’ve been dating for 1 day or 50 years, these AFFORDABLE date ideas will make you want a date night every night! In this article you’ll read 50 date night ideas that I can assure you, you haven’t seen before.

Now here are some romantic, fun, creative, easy, and affordable date ideas!


50 Best Date Night Ideas


1. Try To Solve a Murder Mystery

This one is perfect for a rainy or cold day to stay inside and be comfy. Many websites have documents and game-like features to do this or you can get creative and create your own.


2. Shopping Swap

Go to the mall or thrift store and pick out an outfit for each other.


3. Go to a Wine and Paint

Get a little tipsy and paint with your special person.


4. Have an at home spa

Get some face masks, hot towels, cucumbers, and a bath ready for a spa night! You could give each other massages and add some peaceful music for a fancy, romantic, touch.


5. Create Your Own Hibachi

Grab a skillet, and a platter of your favorite foods.


6. Baking Competition

Host your own themed bake off! You could even record it and make your own personal tv-show, Ha-Ha!


7. Have a Picnic On The Beach

Grab some fairy lights, lanterns, snacks, blankets, and pillows and relax out on the beach and stargaze.


8. Get an overnight Airbnb

Head over to that small town 40 minutes away or 4 hours away. Explore a new neighborhood and try a new restaurant.


9. Glamping

Find a nearby campground and get your glamp on!


10. Pinterest Wedding

Plan your future together on inspiration boards.


11. Get Tattoos

Impulsively go get tatted! (I’m sure you can find somewhere that takes walk-ins, don’t be chicken!)


12. Night Fish

Take a small trip to the beach, pond or lake for a few hours.


13. 5-Star Restaurant

Ok Ok, this ones not very affordable, but if you save some money this is great! This may be #1 on my list…


14. Go to an Arcade

This one speaks for itself…


15. Top Golf

Grab a few drinks and play some golf!


16. Disposable Camera Night

Get a disposable camera and use ALL of the film in a single night.


17. Laser Tag

When was the last time you played this?!


18. Wine tasting

Buy some wine and glasses and taste test some drinks! (Make sure to buy some cheese too while you’re at it!)


19. Drive-in Movie

Take a trip back to the 80s and go see a drive in movie!


20. Candle and Soap Making

Go to a craft store and get supplies for your new hobby.


21. Get a couples massage

Quite expensive; but how romantic…


22. Board Game Night

Go to your local thrift store and pick up some board games and spend the whole night playing games.


23. Ghost Hunt

Download ghost hunting apps on your phone and hunt some ghosts!


24. Go to a Comedy Club

This is a good test to understand each other’s sense of humor.


25. Escape Room

Work together to get out of an escape room.


26. Floating Lanterns

Let go of Chinese lanterns together.


27. Create Spotify Playlists About Eachother

Make playlists about songs that remind you of each other.


28. Build a Fort

Take out all of your blankets and sheets and spend the night in a fort watching each other’s favorite movies.


29. Night Swimming

Take a dip into a pool, lake, or the ocean at midnight.


30. Start Reading a New Series

Put down your phones and start reading a new book together.


31. Puzzle Night

Head to the dollar store or thrift store and have a competition to see who finishes first.


32. Take Online Quizzes

Take quizzes on buzzfeed or take the rice purity test…


33. Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Make clues to a small surprise around the house or outside around your town.


34. Go to a Circus

Research any circuses in your area.


35. Make a Couples Kahoot

Ask each other juicy questions and get to know each other more.


36. Drive

Go on a car ride until you find somewhere new to visit.


37. Alphabet Song Game

Go back and forth playing your favorite songs that start with each letter of the alphabet.


38. Get Fun Toys

Go to Hobby Lobby and get some cheap crafts and activities to do for a night.


39. B.I.N.G.O Night

Go test your chances and play bingo together!


40. Make Your House Into a Fancy Restaurant

Surprise your S.O and make their favorite meals with candles and their favorite music.


41. Double-Date

Invite another couple over and enjoy eachothers company.


42. Make Your Own Ice Cream

Make outrageous ice cream flavors together.


43. Ice Skate

Learn how to ice skate together!


44. Stay overnight in a hotel

Go to a fancy hotel and visit their dining hall, pool, and bar.


45. Climb a Rooftop

Go watch the stars together on a roof with a beautiful view.


46. Make Bracelets For Eachother

Instead of a promise ring, make promise bracelets for each other.


47. Face Your Fears

Help each other get over a fear like spiders, heights, or snakes.


48. Go to a Sports Game

Go see a baseball, football or hockey game.


49. Make your own cocktail

Make fancy cocktails or themed drinks.


50. Go Get Fro-yo

Make each other frozen yogurt at a yogurt shop!