How To Get Your Crush to Like You

How To Get Your Crush to Like You

Love is something all people can relate to because it is a dominant force in our lives. The greatest thing about love is that it just happens, one day you just meet someone and you know that this is love. 

Are you one of the many lucky people that are in love? Is there someone on your mind day and night? 

Do they share the same feelings as you do? If you do not know do not worry there are many ways to win them over.

It is not always so easy to see all the great qualities of the people that are right in front of us. 

So, it’s good to know some of the ways that can make it more likely that your crush will fall in love with you.

Below you will see 10 tips you can use in person and 30 message ideas that will help you spice up things.


10 Ways to Make Your Crush Like You (In Person)


1. Make Sure to Be Kind

When it comes to crushes, relationships and even friendships there is one thing you must remember and that is to treat others they way you want to be treated. Surely, it is something you have heard before but it is very true. 

You must treat your crush with respect and care so they will treat you the same. Bear in mind that people are more likely to like someone with a great personality, who is polite and kind to others, generally speaking a good person.


2. You Must Be Emotionally Available

Before you do your best to win someone’s heart, make sure that you are ready to be in a relationship.

Do not try to get someone to love you, if you are not ready for commitment, you’re still thinking of your ex or if you are interested in dating other people.

Know what you want in that way you won’t waste the other person’s time and more importantly your own.


3. Get to Know Your Crush Better

This is truly important, because it is the first step when it comes to getting someone to fall in love with you and that is to get to know them better and for them to get to know you.

This takes time and energy, but if you are with the right person it’s worth it. Remember that you must ask the right questions and to listen well. 

For example, make sure to ask about their goals, likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. Or you can ask them what their dream job looks like or want they wanted to be as a child. 

By their answer you will learn about their dreams and hopes and what they want to get out of life.


4. Treat Your Crush like a Hero

Make your crush feel like they are your heroine/hero around you. This is very simple. You can ask them to help reach something, open containers or bottles, or even ask them for a clothing advice in that way they will feel capable and useful.

Also, you can let her or him help you with some schoolwork and in that way her or him will feel smart. You can ask for advice or help on things that are important to that specific person so in that way her or him will be able to show expertise. 

And finally you can ask for a personal advice and in that way her or him will feel wise and important to you.


5. Be Real and Show Your Flaws

Don’t try to be someone you are not. For example, do not present yourself as a fit and active person if you truly are a couch potato. Be real! 

If you had some issues before that you have overcome tell your crush about your transformation and let her or him see how far you have come. 

In that way they will be able to see the real you and appreciate you for who you are. You do not want someone loving you for something you clearly aren’t.


6. Find Something Common So You Will Share Your Crush’s Passions

It’s always good if you show an interest in the stuff your crush likes or you can learn to appreciate the things that make your crush happy.

Do not fake it because people can tell when you are faking it and if you are not really into something.

You can try to experience your crush’s interests through her or his eyes and try to see why they love what they love. In that way you will be able to bond over something.

For example, if your crush is into a specific kind of music listen to that music and find some songs that you like as well, or if you are not familiar with that music tell that you want to learn more about it and ask for an advice on which songs to listen to.

Moreover, if your crush is a big fan of a certain sport let him or her teach you how to play it or let her or him tell you more about it the rules of the sport, etc.


7. Use Body Language to Show Your Attraction

Body language is very important when it comes to finding out who likes you or not. The best way to show your interest in someone is with a smile and eye contact. Just let your crush catch you glancing at them, and then simply smile.

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8. Make Sure You Are a Good Friend

This is one important lesson you must learn – your crush is the same as your friends. In order to like him or her and for him or her to like you back, to want to spend time with them, to learn to trust each other and to have fun together you must be friends.

 You need to give your crush the same consideration you would give your best friend.

Be always there for them and be unselfish. Be a good friend to your crush because you want her or him to be happy and not because you want something in return.

But, in order not to get into the friend zone when doing things together always let her/him know that you want her/him as more than friends.

 You can do that with a subtle smile, eye contact or some gesture as buying her/him something because you thought of her/him. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be small such as chocolate, their favorite chips etc.


9. Set Up a Date

Do not beat around the bush, be specific and straightforward and set up a date. Suggest some activity that will be fun for both of you. Most important thing to do is be honest that you want her or him to come as your date and not as your friend.

By taking control of the situation you will show your crush that you are a confident person which is always a good quality.

For example, say to your crush that you would love to go to the movies because your favorite movie is playing and that you want them to come as your date.


10. Very Important – Be a Great Date

It’s very important to be a good date. Nobody wants someone who is always sad, nervous or just not in the mood when on a date.

Surely you want your date to be someone who is fun to be around so you must be the same thing. 

To make sure you have a great time together you must plan your dates. Make sure to choose activities that will be entertaining for both of you. 

Surely, if you know each other well, you will know what is most suitable for both of you, but if you do not know your date very well, you can choose something like a movie where afterwards you can have something to talk about.

Also, you can try to have a thrilling date such as going to an amusement park, an aqua park if it’s during the summer or watching an action movie.

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30 Sample Text Message Ideas to Send to Your Crush

Let’s face it, nowadays texting is a pivotal skill you need to have so you can charm your crush.

Whether you like it or not, texting is an integral part of any relationship. But the good thing is that learning how to flirt over text messages isn’t that difficult. 

What you need to do is ask the right questions at the right time and from time to time to spice things up a little so you can keep your crush interested.

If you need a little help with flirting over text, you are in the right place. Below you will see 30 different examples of text messages you can use to send to your crush to get his or her attention. 

Some of them are ways to start the conversation, others are to keep it going and some are to spice things up a little.

Use whatever works for you best.

Bear in mind that if you are not that close to your crush, that you will need to find an excuse to text her or him. However, you need to do this in a way that is not too forwards, that means that you do not want to come across as too strong. 

Simply pick one thing that you have in common like a friend or an activity and make sure to bring in up in your conversation when you are texting.

Also, another great way to start the conversation or keep it going is by sending a text that is a question. In that way your crush will have to respond back and depending on the question the answer can be much more than a simple yes or no. 

Not only will you get to know your crush better, but in the same time you will make her or him notice you and like you.

Last but not least, one thing that you have to consider when texting with your crush is to not try too hard. What does that mean?

It means that if you have been sending your crush essays and her or him is sending you only one-word answers, you need to tone it down.

That means that in texting you have to match your crush’s pace and mirror him or her.

If you are ready to text your love interest it’s best to take some notes now.


1. “Good morning. I hope your day is good, but not as good as tonight. See you later.”

2. “Since you understand (basketball) maybe you can help me out?”

3. “Hey! What’s up?”

4. “I have an issue with (something only her/him can solve) can you please help me?”

5. “What was your day like? Or what does your day look like so far?”

6. “I have a confession to make. Are you ready?”

7. “Going to the movies at 5 with the crew. Are you coming?”

8. “I had a crazy dream about you last night. Wanna hear it?”

9. “I really need some coffee right now. Care to join?”

10. “I’m just about to fall asleep and I just wanted to say- good night.”

11. “I was just wondering what is your favorite (movie,color,food,drink)?”

12. “Hey, it’s me again. I can’t seem to get enough of you.”

13. “I really want to binge-watch Netflix. Do you want to join?”

14. “Can you keep a secret?”

15. “You looked gorgeous today.”

16. “Just saw your new post today. You look amazing.”

17. “I just heard a song that reminded me of you.”

18. “You are so funny. You always make me laugh.”

19. “I have to say the best part of my day is when I talk to you.”

20. “When do I get to see you again?”

21. “Hey. I really like your style. Can you help me pick something for my friend?”

22. “OMG, I just saw something that tottaly reminded me of you. I had to get it for you.”

23. “Where is my bottle opener when I need him/her?”

24. “Hey. How was your birthday?”

25. “Quick! Tell me white or black?”

26. “Going out with my friends. One thing is sure I will drunk-text you later.LOL!”

27. “OMG! I just met your twin.”

28. “I have one extra ticket for the (play,concert, cinema) next Sunday.Wanna join?”

29. “You have been on my mind since yesterday, thank you for the great first date.”

30. “You will never believe what just happened. Guess?”


Final Thoughts

Do not wait for another second and do not let your love life suffer just because you are too scared to show your true feelings or send your crush a text.

Now you have learned everything you need to know to be a great date and an even better texter.

So what are you waiting for? This is a sign. Just pick the text you like the most, type it and simply hit the send button.

Who knows maybe this is the beginning of a great love story.

Nadica Murdzeva
Nadica Murdzeva