The Very Best 200 Fun Things to Do With Your Friends

The Very Best 200 Fun Things to Do With Your Friends

“What should we do?”  You may have heard or asked this question at some point when trying to make plans with a friend. It can be challenging to try to brainstorm ideas of things to do for fun all the time. Make an effort to switch up your routine and try different ways of spending time together. There are so many activities to do if you get out of your comfort zone! Sometimes you also have to just get creative. Consider exploring the city you live in – there can be new things right in front of you that you have never seen or thought about!

There are also ways to make activities that you always do, a little more fun by changing some aspects.  You could try doing something at a different time of the day than what you are used to. For example, maybe you and your friends always go to the movies at night- try going during the day time to make it feel like a new experience! Another aspect could be changing the location of where you hang out. Maybe you and your friends usually do puzzles inside the house, but a fun change would be sitting outside!  All you need is one friend to have a good time, but the more, the merrier! Read the list below for a variety of different ways to have more fun together!

  1. See a play or musical
  2. Look for free events in your area
  3. Have a picnic outside
  4. Take photographs
  5. Go camping
  6. Kayaking or canoeing
  7. Visit an arcade
  8. Go hiking
  9. Ride bicycles
  10. Visit an escape room
  11. Take a pilates class
  12. Go to a concert
  13. Read magazines
  14. Get ice cream
  15. Build something
  16. Go rollerblading or rollerskating
  17. Join a local sports league
  18. Visit a botanical garden
  19. Play shuffleboard
  20. Tie-dye clothing
  21. See a live sports game
  22. Go swimming
  23. Visit a farmers market
  24. Play card games
  25. Visit a jazz cafe
  26. Make candles
  27. Watch a musical or play
  28. Play mini-golf
  29. Go on a road trip for the day
  30. Shoot a video
  31. Have a beach day
  32. Go fishing
  33. Visit a water park
  34. Pot your own plants
  35. Host a barbecue
  36. Go running or jogging
  37. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  38. Go ice skating
  39. Try indoor skydiving
  40. Meet for breakfast
  41. Go bowling
  42. Visit a comedy club
  43. Go indoor rock climbing
  44. Plant a potted herb garden
  45. Volunteer at a charity
  46. Give each other makeovers
  47. Solve a puzzle
  48. Visit a pet shop or animal shelter
  49. Have a board game night
  50. Go dancing
  51. Participate in an outdoor fitness class
  52. Visit an aquarium
  53. Sing karaoke
  54. Scavenge vintage/thrift shops
  55. Ride horses
  56. Make a charcuterie board
  57. Try meditation
  58. Binge-watch a tv series
  59. Visit an observatory/planetarium
  60. Go paint-balling
  61. Do pedicures/manicures
  62. Make homemade ice cream
  63. Go fishing
  64. Start a book club
  65. Make vision boards
  66. Play dodgeball
  67. Have a tennis match
  68. Visit a psychic or fortune teller
  69. Start a fitness challenge
  70. Play chess or checkers
  71. Have a themed party
  72. Go (window) shopping
  73. Plan a ski or snowboarding outing
  74. Find a craft to do on Pinterest
  75. Try indoor rock climbing
  76. Collect flowers, shells or sea glass
  77. Swap clothing
  78. Have a costume party
  79. Play laser tag
  80. Go berry/apple-picking
  81. Learn a dance
  82. Try to break a world record
  83. Go to a drive-in movie
  84. Ride scooters
  85. Hold a hula-hooping contest
  86. Go on a boat ride
  87. Feed local ducks
  88. Play lawn games
  89. Try geocaching
  90. Visit a bookstore
  91. Play darts
  92. Redecorate your rooms
  93. Have a trivia game night
  94. Visit a cat café
  95. Host a murder mystery party
  96. Go stargazing
  97. Make a homemade face mask
  98. Play poker
  99. Go to the movie theater
  100. Repurpose clothing
  101. Make music
  102. Cook a dish from your heritage
  103. Play video games
  104. Color your hair with temporary dye
  105. Have a spa day
  106. Make a chalk mural
  107. Visit an amusement park
  108. Dine out at a concept restaurant
  109. Sit in a hot tub
  110. Go stand-up paddle boarding
  111. Make jewelry
  112. Roast marshmallows
  113. Play a prank
  114. Go to a dog park
  115. Make ice cream sundaes
  116. Exercise together
  117. Go bird watching
  118. Lounge at a pool
  119. Play charades
  120. Draw or sketch each other
  121. Visit a museum
  122. Make your own pizza dough
  123. Gather around a bonfire/campfire
  124. Take a pottery class
  125. Kick a football/soccer ball around
  126. Check out a viewpoint
  127. Play trivia games
  128. Sunbathe outdoors
  129. Listen to music
  130. Make chocolate-covered berries
  131. Take the train somewhere
  132. Work out
  133. Decorate cookies
  134. Create a photo collage
  135. Play pool/billiards
  136. Get adult coloring books
  137. Visit a petting zoo
  138. Create time capsules
  139. Make a dessert
  140. Listen to a podcast
  141. Decorate mugs/wine glasses
  142. Write a song
  143. Go for a scenic drive
  144. Learn a new language
  145. Cook a meal
  146. Have a water balloon fight
  147. Learn magic tricks
  148. Refurbish something
  149. Run a marathon
  150. Crochet or knit something
  151. Build sandcastles
  152. Go to a zoo
  153. Try food from another country
  154. Sew something
  155. Visit an indoor trampoline park
  156. Play a word game like Scrabble
  157. Try a new recipe
  158. Arrange photo albums
  159. Go zip lining
  160. Learn sign language
  161. Bake a cake
  162. Make flower arrangements
  163. Plan a weekend trip
  164. Make new smoothie combos
  165. People-watch
  166. Visit a skate park
  167. Go sightseeing
  168. Visit a cultural neighborhood
  169. Play truth or dare
  170. Guess jelly bean flavors as you eat them
  171. Braid hair
  172. Camp in the yard
  173. Relax at a park
  174. Watch a documentary
  175. Make your own slime
  176. Start a business
  177. Customize a phone case
  178. Go kayaking
  179. Watch funny videos on YouTube
  180. Shoot hoops
  181. Learn an instrument
  182. Start a paper mâché project
  183. Fly a kite
  184. Have a painting party
  185. Meet for a coffee date
  186. Sign up for a cooking class
  187. Make cheese/chocolate fondue
  188. Scrapbook with photos
  189. Practice yoga
  190. Learn magic tricks
  191. Make paper flowers
  192. Plant vegetable seeds
  193. Help a neighbor
  194. Make bread
  195. Cook a dish from another country
  196. Have a scavenger hunt
  197. Make a mosaic craft
  198. Movie night with snacks
  199. Look at architecture
  200. Paint a flower pot
  201. Throw a frisbee around
  202. Go to afternoon tea
  203. Drive go-carts
  204. Have a sleepover
  205. Decorate cupcakes
  206. Have a “potluck” party where each person brings a dish to share


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