77 Harry Potter Spells

Since J.K. Rowling promulgated first book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, we stepped in an amazing wizarding world, which became a safe place for Potterheads. Seven amazing books and eight movies that never gets old, gave us unforgettable memories, taught us that family and friends are all we need for happiness, real friendship lasts forever and sometimes risking things can give us valuable experiences.

Furthermore, J.K. Rowling put much effort and with amazing details made this “childish” and unrealistic world look convincing and real. Crucial key that made everything so real is a literal language created by Rowling: bunch of spells, charms, and hexes that Harry Potter wouldn’t be complete without. So here is a huge list of some harry potter spells listed by its usage in real, everyday life.


77 Harry Potter Spells


Avada kedavra – killing curse

Okay, Voldy, stop shouting we can hear you.


Crucio – causes excruciating pain

We may love jokes but it’s sadistic.


Morsmordre – conjures the Dark Mark

This ain’t funny.


Sectumsempra – causes lacerations on the victim’s body

Most applications I can think of are criminal.


Imperio – completely takes control of the target

Obviously super evil and a good way to get yourself locked up in Azkaban for life.


Mobilicorpus – moves bodies



Bat-Bogey Hex – transforms the target’s bogeys into large bats that fly out of the victim’s nose

Worse than useless, but Jinny used it like a baddie.


Fiendfyre Curse – produces enchanted flames

Crabbe don’t need to use it in room of hidden things, people really hope to keep their objects safe there.


Expulso – blows things up

Just one question: why?


Locomotor Mortis – bounds the legs of the victim together

Kind of evil.


Incarcarous – ties someone up with ropes

Is it even legal?


Petrificus Totalus – temporarily binds the victim’s entire body

I can already hear Neville say: “why is it always me?”


Confringo – explosion

Simus doesn’t even need the spell, but pretty dangerous.


Slugulus Eructo – slug-vomiting Charm

Okay, Ronald, fix yo wand, it’s disgusting.


63. Fidelius Charm – to conceal a secret inside an individual’s soul

Unfortunately, Lily and James chose the wrong one, but having secret keeper is still a bad idea.


Densaugeo – grows target’s teeth

Alright, Mr. Malfoy, that was mean.


Legilimens – reveals memories and thoughts of target

Yall we need to respect people’s personal spaces.


Serpensortia – conjures a snake through a wand

Useless until you want pet.


Oppugno – a spell that causes something to attack something else

Keep away from mad Hermione.


Lacarnum Inflamari – sets cloak in fire (movie edition)

How many times would one want to set a cloak on fire? Exactly, none.


Peskipiksi Pesternomi – used against pixies (unsuccessfully)

Do we need to say anything about its usage? It’s not even a real spell, since Lockhart had invented it in class.


Prior Incantato – shows which spells have been previously cast

And no, you can’t clear it like your browser history.


Specialis Revelio – reveals magic on object

Kate bell’s must-know, right?


Brackium Emendo – do you want to make your student’s bone disappear

Well, since professor Lockhart is here… how’s my form?


Defodio – used to gouge out specific areas of material, such as earth or stone

Do we really need earthbending now?


Orchideous – bouquet of flowers from the tip of the caster’s wand

Okay, I think I revealed that useless muggle trick.


Impedimenta – can freeze an attacker for a few moments, or stop a magical beast in its tracks

Two words: angry dog.


Relashio – forces the target to release its grip on whatever it was holding

Don’t use it on the chains, which prevents dragon from attacking you.


Stupefy – stuns target

Harry even set record of using this spell, but we are not in duel, right?


Piertotum Locomotor – used to bring life to unmoving artefacts

Okay, useless, but the way professor McGonagall said makes me bristle.


Riddikulus – turns boggarts into something funny

Don’t mess with Snape, please.


Locomotor Wibbly – jelly legs

Rediculous, but absolutely useless.


Levicorpus – causes the victim to be dangled upside down by his or her ankles

Sounds funny, but kind of mean.


Expecto patronum – casts a Patronus against dementors

I don’t think we need this, but I am not against flying blue animals.


Expelliarmus – disarming Charm

I don’t care what we could use it for, but Snape makes it sound attractive “expppppppppeliarmus”.


Rictusempra – tickling charm

I have mixed feelings for this one.


Lumos – wand-Lighting Charm

Kind of extra in the age of smartphones.


Nox – the anti-charm for Lumos


Point me – the most boring spell – it makes wands point North Pretty useful, but, duh? You’re a wizard, use your imagination.


Geminio – doubling charm

Now I can have my own Fred.


Bubble-Head Charm – creates a bubble around the head and mouth as a breathing apparatus

See? I’m a mermaid now!


Evanesco – vanishing spell

Now we can go THROUGH THE WALLS.


Reducio – Shrinking Charm

Great way to end arguments… I can already hear opponent’s peep.


Aparecium – reveals invisible ink and messages

Imagine how easy cheating will be.


Homenum Revelio – reveals the presence of other humans near No one can ever sneak up on you.


Salvio Hexia – protects an area against hexes

Safety first.


Finite Incantatem – counter or reverse minor damage/ stop the effects of protective enchantments

We can spend days listing its usage.


Incendio – creates fire

But be careful.


Protego – an invisible shield that reflects spells and blocks physical entities

This doesn’t even need an explanation.


Quietus – quiets sounds

Now you can quell annoying kid without getting in trouble.


Impervius – makes an object repel water Great for glasses, huh?


Obscuro – to conjure a blindfold over the eyes of the victim

Only way to make Phineas Nigellus Black and gossiping neighbors shut up.


Pack – make items pack themselves into a trunk

To be honest, I don’t really trust its fashion sense.


Protego – shield Charm

Since its using history is large, I think it’s useful.


Diffindo – precisely and accurately cut something

Delfina Crimp really was in fashion huh?


Anapneo – clears the target’s airway

The best way to avoid necessity of using this spell is to stop eating like Marcus Belby.


Tarantallegra – makes target dance uncontrollably

It’s a great way to sparkle up your day.


Mobiliarbus – enables a wizard to levitate a wooden target and then move it in any direction

It’s a great way to avoid unwanted meetings. Isn’t it Hermione?


Tergeo – wiping spell

Every housewife would be happy.


Portus – turns any object into a portkey

No more transportation expense.


Alohomora – unlocks door for you

But firstly, make sure there’s no 3-headed dog on the other side.


Scourgify – cleaning spell

Say NO to dishes, but you can also use it to punish someone.


Obliviate – erases specific memories

No more awkward memories before sleep.


Ferula – conjures bandages and wraps them around a wound

Make medical expenses disappear.


Confundo – causes confusion in a person or bewitched object

Imperio, but make it guiltless. We all remember that scene: “HARRY DIDJA PUTYA NAME INDA GOBLETOF FIYA?!?!?!?!”


Reparo – repairs a broken object

Can we bring these kinds of spells in real life?


Sonorus – amplifies the one’s voice

Annoying, but no more begging for attention.


Engorgio – grows target immediately

I can already imagine big mac getting bigger.


Muffliato – fills the ears of any person with buzzing sound No whispers needed.


Cheering Charm – makes another person happy

I know what you are thinking about. We really need this service at work.


Episkey – heals minor injuries such as broken noses, toes…

Say no to rhinoplasty… but don’t ask Luna to do it for you.


Silencio/Langlock – makes someone stop talking

What a great day to shut people’s mouths.


Accio – it summons objects

No more nervous phone searching in a messy bed.


Glisseo – transforms a staircase into a smooth slide

It’s fun so why not?


Wingardium Leviosa – makes objects like feathers fly or levitate

We don’t even need to say how useful it is. But remember “It’s levi-OH-sa, not levio-SAH.”


Repello Muggletum – prevents muggles from seeing or entering an area

Finally, inner peace.


Aguamenti – produces water

Well, this can actually solve global issues.


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