118 Very Best Wizard Names

118 Very Best Wizard Names

Do you want to give your little precious one an extraordinary name that sounds privileged and special? If you are looking for some magical inspirations to name your child, we have compiled a list of 110+ witch, warlock, mage, and wizard names taken from real witches and mages that once existed in history as well as fictional magical characters derived from movies, books, and the pop culture. And even though the popularity of witches has gone up and down throughout history, the culture of magic is very popular nowadays. Thus, giving your baby a magical name like the ones below is certainly not a bad idea!

So here is a list of the top witch names for girls and top mage, warlock, and wizard names for boys


Popular Witch/Wizard Names For Baby Girls

Agnes. Agnes (Sampson) was the name of a Scottish healer and alleged witch that lived through 1591. 

Aja. An African Yoruba goddess of healing medicine, animals, and white magic. 

Alexis. A fictional witch and seer in Vampire Diaries famous for her aphasia (apathy) spells and boundary spells. 

Alice. Alice (Kyteler) was  the name of reportedly the first witch in Ireland that was condemned to death for practicing witchcraft.

Amara. A witch in the fictional Vampire Diaries who appeared to achieve immortality. 

Beryl. A queen witch in the famous Japanese cartoon series “Sailormoon”. 

Buffy. A fictional vampire-hunting witch in the series “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”. 

Calypso. The name of a nymph and sorceress in Greek mythology who imprisoned Odysseus and his partners on her island. 

Circe. An infamous Greek witch from Homer’s Odyssey that used to turn friends and foes into animals. 

Dion. An elegant-sounding name that was adopted by Dion Fortune, a popular UK psychic, poet, and occultist. 

Doreen. Doreen (Valiente) was an English Wiccan witch that lived in the 20th century. 

Enchantra. Enchantra (from enchantress) was the name of a fictional witch character and evil enemy witch of Sabrina (The Teenage Witch).

Esmeralda. A fictional witch that appeared in the Bewitch T.V series 

Fortune. A magical and fortunate name that honors the word “fortune”.

Frieda. A name that means “peace”. Frieda was also a British artist and a sorceress associate of the famous 20th century Warlock, Aleister Crowley. 

Genina. An American astrologer, witch, and occult historian born in 1959.

Jadis. A name that belongs to a white witch and queen in the fictional series “Chronicles of Narnia”. 

Hannah. A famous American witch in the 16th century that managed to escape witch trial. 

Hecate. The name of the Greek goddess of sorcery.

Helena. Helena Blavatsky (Russian) was a famous occult author and sorceress that lived in the 19th century. 

Hera. The fiery mother of the Greek gods and wife of Zeus that represents female power, family and witchcraft.

Hermione. A friend and fellow witch of Harry Potter (book and movie series). 

Isobel. The name of a renowned Scottish witch that lived in the 17th century.

Katina. A popular Greek witch that lived in the 20th century, famous for her love spells and deste card readings. 

Wizard Names: Part 2

Lamia. A fictional witch character appearing in “Stardust” that sought to find the magic fountain of youth.

La-voisin. An elegant name that belonged to a French fortune teller and sorceress in the 17th century who was convicted for witchcraft. 

Laurie. Larie Cabot was one the most renowned American witches that popularized witchcraft in the 20th century.

Leila. A name given to a child witch character from the book “Leila-The Perfect Witch”. 

Lysbeth. A cunning witch that was said to enchant people for money and was burned to death in the 16th century.

Margaret. A witch that lived in the 17th century and was trialled in Philadelphia for witchcraft. 

Margot. Margit Adler was an American author, Wiccan witch, and journalist that lived through 2014. 

Marjorie. A name inspired by the herb “marjoram”, Marjorie was an American poet, actress and occultist. 

Marie. A spin of the name “Mary” , taken by New Orleans Voodoo practitioner “Marie Luveau”. 

Matilda. A name given to a fictional young girl movie character who had magical superpowers.

Maya. A name that means “magic” in Greek, Maya also was a Ukrainian-American filmmaker and reported Haitian Voodoo witch.

Medea. A name after the legendary enchantress in Greek mythology, said to be the niece of Circe and the granddaughter of the sun God “Helios”. 

Moina. Moina (Mathers) was a Swiss artist and occultist that lived from 1865-1928.

Morgana. Morgana/Morgan-La-Fay was the name of a  powerful and benevolent witch in Arthurian legend. 

Moll. A legendary American witch of the 17th century that was believed to inspire various ghost sightings in Maryland.

Nyx. Nyx was the name of the Greek goddess of night and witchcraft. 

Rita. A fictional evil witch and archenemy of Power Rangers in the T.V series. 

Rowena. A name given to a redhead witch character in the T.V series “supernatural”.

Sabrina. The mame 16-year old witch in the American T.V series “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”.

Sidonia. A unique name of a Pomeranian witch tortured and hanged for witchcraft.

Semiramis. A former queen of Assyria and a reported sorceress. 

Starhawk. An American witch and occult author that currently lives in Minnesota. 

Sultana. A name adopted by many famous white and black witch families in Romania over the history.

Sybil. A British witch, occult author, and fortune teller that lived in the 20th century. 

Topaz. A famous gemstone and a fictional witch in Marvel comics.

Tituba. A black slave and the first witch to have been trialled in the Halem witch trials in the 17th century.

Tabitha. A name taken from the sitcom “Tabitha-Witch of the Order”.

Ursula. A famous fictional witch character in Disney’s movie “The Little Mermaid”, who transformed Ariel into a human. 

Violet. In addition to being a flower, Violet was also the name of a Scottish witch trialled in the 17th century for practicing witchcraft. 

Wendy. The name of a cute little witch from the famous cartoon “Wendy, the Good Little Witch”. 


Famous Mage, Warlock, Occultist and Wizard Names For Boys

Abaris. Abaris is a name that belonged to a Greek magician and teacher of the popular mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. 

Abramelin. Originally coming from the biblical name “Abraham”, Abramelin was a legendary mage that lived in Egypt in the 14th century.

Agrippa. The surname of the famous German occultist and author “Heinrich Cornelius”.

Alan. Alan is a living British magician and comic author. 

Albert/Albertus. Albertus was the name of a German philosopher, astronomer, scientist and popular magician in the middle ages.

Albus. A fictional name given to a chief warlock in the famous Harry Potter books and movies.

Aleister. Aleister was probably the most renowned occultist and ceremonial magician of the 20th century.

Angel. An “angelic” name that also belongs to the famous American illusionist and magician “Chris Angel”. 

Anton. Anton is a variation of the name “Anthony” and the name of the well-known Satanist and ceremonial magician “Anton-La-Vey”.

Arthur. A name often given to princes and kings. The name was also given to a King Warlock in the fictional series “Dungeons & Dragons”. 

Apollo. The name of the Greek god of music, divination, and healing.

Carlos. Carlos was a N.American sorcerer and shamanic author.

Cyprian. Cyprian was the name of a renowned former magician and Christian saint that lived in the 3rd century b.c.

Dante. A famous Danish magician renowned worldwide for his magic tricks in the 19th century.

Draco. A name that comes from the mythical dragon beings.

Edward. A popular English name that was also given to a British Renaissance occultist, mage and fortune teller.

Eliphas. Eliphas was the name of a popular French occultist, author and Kabbalah system magician. 

Elymas. The name of a reputable mage according to the New Testament.

Etteilla. Etteila is a unique name that belonged to a famous French occultist who popularised Tarot divination in the 18th century. 

Faust. Faust was a legendary occultist, alchemist and magician of the German renaissance. 

Fenris. A name of a great wolf in Norse mythology.

Franz. The name of a popular occultist and teacher of Hermetic order magic. 

Fredo. A cute English name that means “elf” or “magical advisor”.

Gandalf. Gandalf is a fictional name that belonged to the chief white warlock of “Lord of the Rings”.

Gerald. Gerald was the name of a British-native that authored and taught Wiccan magic in the 20th century.

Gregory/Gregori. The name of the famous Russian mystic and monk who reportedly had magical powers.

Wizard Names: Part 2

Guido. A name that belonged to a reputed Austrian occultist, author, and teacher of the runes divination system.

Gwydion. The name of the god of magic according to Welsh mythology.

Hermes. The name of the Greek god of communication and a legendary magician and founder of Hermetic magic in the ancient times.

Iannes. In the Christian Hebrew tradition, Iannes or Jannes were names given to Egyptian magicians under Pharaoh’s order.

Israel. Apart from being a country, Israel was also the name of  a famous occultist and magician in the 20th century.

Jinx. A gender-neutral name that literally means “curse” and “spell”. 

Johannes. Johannes is a French stage magician and illusionist.

Kenneth. Kenneth is the name of an alternative film maker, author and occultist born in 1937.

Luz. A bright name derived from the word “lux” which means light.

Martin/Martinus. A name of  Latin origin that belonged to a Danish occultist and author that lived in the 20th century.

Merlin. Merlin was the name of an Arthurian mage and a name given to several fictional characters in cartoon movies and T.V series.

Menw. A legendary magician in Celtic mythology.

Ommin. A name inspired by the word “omen” (a sign or warning for the future).

Pallando. A fictional wizard character in the famous “Lord of the Rings” series.

Papus. The name of a French hypnotist and occultist of the 19th century.

Percy. A name of Latin origin that also belongs to an Australian magician and illusionist that lived in the 19th century.

Potter. A name that means “one who makes pots” and the surname of the famous fictional character “Harry potter”

Prospero. A fictional warlock name inspired by the word “prosperity”

Radagast. A fictional mage and associate of the warlock Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings”.

Robert. A popular name that also belonged to a British healer and Hermetic ceremonial magician.

Robin. The name of the famous character of “Robin Hood” and several magicians in the 17th century. 

Rubeus. A name inspired by the color “Red” and “ruby” given to a fictional giant and professor of magic in Harry Potter books and movies. 

Run. A name taken from “runes” which are symbols of divination in Norse magic.

Sahar. An exotic name that translates to “Magic” in Arabic.

Sauron. A name derived from the Greek word “sauria” which means “lizards” and a created name for an evil lizard-looking mage on “Lord of The Rings”.

Simon. Simon (Magus) was a bible figure and a high priest of magic that confronted Jesu’s disciple Peter.

Solomon. The name of a historic Hebrew king and mage that was believed to have summoned demons and angels to build his temple.

Stanislas. A unique name that belonged to a French occult author and mystic that lived in the 18th century.

Teller. A name that means “the one who tells”. The name also belongs to the second magician/illusionist of the “Penn and Teller” duo show.

Voldermont. A fictional evil warlock and archenemy of Harry Potter in the homonymous book and movie series.

Walt. The first name of the founder of Disney, a popular cartoonist, freemason, and magician that existed in the 20th century.

Zephyr. The name of the Greek god of the west wind. 


So there you go–a list of 110+ magic wizard name ideas to name your baby boy or girl something truly enchanting!

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