Pig Puns

Pig Puns

Sometimes on hot summer days, all you can do to cheer yourself up is a good iced drink and entertaining jokes and quizzes.

But today, you may even consider silly pig puns that will give you a good belly laugh. Who doesn’t love puns, right? But today’s puns aren’t just puns. We have the pleasure to introduce you to pig puns!

Pigs are lovely animals, even with all the stereotypes going around, they are intelligent, clean, and, most of all, cute buddies, who pretty much enjoy belly rubs. All these features are the reason why pig puns are the funniest yet cleverest puns of all.

If you’re ready to dive into the Pig Puns that will make you boar-st out of laughing, be our guest!

Swine and Dine : The Best Pig Puns and Jokes

 If a pig was a Harry Potter character where would he hang out? In Boar-gin and Burkes.

 Cards against ham-anity is the best boar-d game.

 You better pull yourself hog-ether!

 A boar-d in the hand is worth two in the bush

 An apple a day keeps the hog-tor away

 Lana Del Rey stan pigs listen to “We were boar-n to die” all the time.

 Don’t be so boar-ing, live a little!

 Do you wanna build a sow-man?

 Stop shoat-ing i’m not deaf!

 He’s good at keeping his porker face throughout awkward situations.

 Pig-norance is bliss.

 She’s such a pig-me girl, it’s annoying.

 Flip a loin.

 What does a ship full of pigs do? S-oink.

 This is a fla-grunt violation of ham-an dignity!

 Shoat the door on your way out.

 I usually read the New Pork Times.

 In swine, there is truth.

 It’s raining cats and hogs.

 What do they say about a very happy pig? It’s on cloud swine.

 Pigs are usually left-ham-ded.

 He got off with just a slop on the wrist.

 She doesn’t have a s-pork of decency!

 Do you want to ham-g out later?

 I’ve had a good year so far, can’t comp-loin!

 I bought this yesterday, it was a real boar-gain.

 You just have to put two and two hog-ether.


 I’m really sorry for oink-onvenience.

 Could you repeat that more sow-ly please?

 He’s in ham-s way!

 I’m feeling ham-sick.

 Who’s the superhero amongst pigs? Peter Pork-er!

 She is slop-deprived.

 What’s for dinner? I’m ham-ished!

 Feeling like I need a pig-me-up.

 What’s another word for hamburger? Boar-ger

 Shoot your shoat!

 S-pig of the devil, here he is!

 I’m sow-y I’m late.

 I had a terrible ham-gover after the party.

 What photographer pig does? Take shoats!

 Every driver pig has its pork-ing space.

 What do you call an envoy pig? Hambassador.

 What do you call a Pokemon pig? Pigachu!

 Bunch of pigs doing DIY is called ham-dicraft.

 Trendiest classic amongst pigs is called Moonlight Sownata.

 We served spr-oink-led cupcakes on Birthday party.

 His actions were Snout-worthy.

 Kitchen was fra-grunt with cooking.

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