6 Very Best Halloween Pranks

6 Very Best Halloween Pranks

Halloween is coming, and we are more excited than ever! This festival is like Saint Patrick; there is no need to be Irish to enjoy green dress elf. Halloween has become increasingly popular in various cultures all over the world.

Trick or Treating? A Halloween party is synonymous with original costumes, delicious sweets and, how could it be less, the occasional funny joke. Fun cannot miss on Halloween night, especially when it comes to children to have a good time. If you’re planning a party or simply if you want to surprise children, pranks must not fail.

Here, we are going to tell you what to do to spend a night with amazing witches this year. What is a better way to start the 31st October than making pranks appropriate for the situation! We will present you some homemade prune pranks. They will make this day unforgettable and to give the kids the fright of their lives!


Witch fingers in glasses

While setting the table full of delicious Halloween candies, introduce some witch finger in their glasses…  they sure will be scared. How to prepare them? Very easy, with a butter cookie recipe in an elongated shape and for nails, almonds.


The ghost in the closet

Among the many characters of Halloween night, the ghost is unavoidable. Choose a closet and put inside a white sheet with a few drops of fake blood. When guests arrive, please tell them where they can leave their coats and upon opening the door, they will be scared by the ghost.


Living Mummies

Sure that this year will find a candidate to disguise themselves of a mummy, a simple costume you can do with toilet paper rolls. Once dressed, stands motionless in a corner and waiting for the guests, and while entering, you just have to move slightly to give the surprise.


Dead Hand

A classic Halloween joke. You just need a plastic skeleton part to give more than a scare. Put it on the shoulder of a friend pretending that you’re calling, and while turning over, the surprise will be guaranteed. You can also place between coats, and while they pick up their coats, they will surprise.


A false wound

While the guests are waiting in the living room to taste the snacks, pretend you forgot something in the kitchen, and then as if you had cut with a knife, the scream will alert the guests. And when they arrive, they will find a false plastic finger full of fake blood.


Mask next to the pillow

This joke is ideal for kids who have trouble getting up in the mornings and takes forever to get out of bed. Find the scariest mask that you will use for this joke. Put it on the pillow so that the first thing that a child will see is a terrible mask.


Now we will present you a couple of pranks for adults that you can apply to a party for Halloween:

To give more than a scare, make pranks to your friends that will leave them shaking in fear until they remember that this is about you.

If any of your friends go home early, get in the back seat of his/her car. Crouch down so that he/ she doesn’t see you while entering. The first thing that he or she will look in the mirror. That’s the opportunity to scare her/him. Another vehicle joke that you can try is to get under the motor, if there is enough space and grab your ankles to your friend.

Frightens your spouse or roommate with a fogged mirror trick; write in the mirror something to give him/her a good scare, breathe restlessly on the mirror until fogging. You will see the words written on the mirror. Let it dry naturally without rubbing the words and the next time she/he bathes, will see the message in the mirror when fogging.

Team Ponly