50 Very Best Taylor Swift Trivia Questions

50 Very Best Taylor Swift Trivia Questions

Taylor Swift’s 17 year career, commanding stage presence, and ambition has shaped her into the widely beloved artist she is today – which her fans, “Swifties,” can most definitely agree with. Because of Swift’s incredible legacy, many Swifties are able to recall fun facts from her early career, family history, and song history. Let’s see how much the Swifties know about Taylor Swift with a fun trivia about her life, career, and music!

Taylor Swift Trivia With Answers

In Swift’s song “the last great american dynasty” she sings about the history of one of her houses. Who did this house previously belong to before Taylor?

Rebekah Harkness

What U.S. state is the house Swift sang about in “the last great american dynasty” located?

Rhode Island.

In recent years, Swift has collaborated with two notable producers to create her albums “folklore,” “evermore,” “Midnights,” and her most recent re-recorded albums. What are the names of these two producers?

Jack Antanoff and Aaron Dessner.

In 2020 Swift teamed up with Disney+ to create a documentary where her and her collaborators perform one of her albums. Which album was the documentary based on?


In 2020 Swift had planned a festival to go along with her album “Lover.” What was the name of this festival?
“Lover Fest.”

Swift’s song “Starlight” from her album “Red” was based off of the love story of two members of the Kennedy family. Which members was it based off of?

Ethel Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.

Swift has experimented with a variety of genres. Which genre did she first start out with?


Swift’s grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, also had musical talents. What type of singing did Marjorie Finlay do?

Opera singing.

What city did Swift get her start in her career?


What state did Swift live in growing up?


Which family member of Swift’s is known for traveling and working alongside her?

Her mother, Andrea Swift.

It’s known that Swift owns homes in a variety of different cities across America. Where does Swift own a home outside of America?

London, England.

Which decade are the visuals for “Midnights” based off of?

The 1970s.

Swift is in the process of re-recording her old albums. Which album did she release the re-recording for first?


After the release of “Lover,” Swift released a Netflix documentary. What is the name of this documentary?

“Miss Americana.”

On “folklore” Swift wrote a song that is named after a month. Which month is the song named after?


How many cats does Swift own?

In January 2023 Swift opened for a popular English band in London. What is the name of the band she opened for?

The 1975.

What is the name of Swift’s upcoming tour?

“The Eras Tour.”

What type of farm did Swift live on growing up?

A Christmas tree farm.

On Swift’s album “Fearless” she wrote a song about growing up. What is the name of the song?

“The Best Day.”

What state was the album cover for “folklore” shot in?


For the 2021 Grammy’s, Swift sang a mashup of three songs from “folklore”/”evermore.” Which three songs did she sing?

“cardigan,” “august,” and “willow.”

How many Grammy’s has Taylor Swift won as of 2023?


In Swift’s song “Fifteen” on “Fearless” she talks about one of her close childhood friends. What is the name of that friend?


In Swift’s song “cardigan” she references a classic childhood movie. Which movie does she reference?

Peter Pan.

For Swift’s album “Reputation” she utilized the imagery of a certain reptile. Which reptile was it?

A snake.

There was a theory that “folklore” and “evermore” would gain another sister album. What was the theorized name of this album?


On Swift’s album “Lover” she sings about a particular street in New York City. Which street does she sing about?
Cornelia Street.

Swift is known for using fairytale imagery throughout her albums. For which “Midnights” music video does she refer back to that?


In Swift’s music video for her song “Anti-Hero” she shows a guitar from one of her past album era’s. Which album era was that guitar from?

“Speak Now.”

Swift has recently done a bank commercial where she dressed up in looks that she wore for each ten of her albums. What company was the commercial for?

Capitol One.

Which of Swift’s family members does Swift’s song “epiphany” from “folklore” reference?

Her grandfather.

What is the significant of the title of Swift’s album “1989?”

It’s the year she was born.

What is Swift’s lucky number?


What was the lead single off of Swift’s album “folklore?”


Swift directed a short film in 2021 for one of the songs of her “Red” re-recording. Which song was it for?

“All Too Well (10 Minute Version).”

Since Swift’s has been re-recording old music she has also been releasing unheard music from each album. What does she call these previously unreleased songs?

Vault tracks.

Swift has collaborated with Ed Sheeran multiple times throughout the years. What is the first song they wrote together?


Which “evermore” track has a music video?


On Swift’s first album, one of the tracks is titled the name of a famous country singer. Which singer is the track titled after?

“Tim McGraw.”

On “Midnights” Swift has a featured artist on one of the songs. Which artist is it?

Lana Del Rey.

What is the extended version of “Midnights” called?

“Midnights (3am Edition).”

For “Midnights” Swift released multiple vinyls for it in a variety of different colors. How many variations of “Midnights” vinyls are there?


What major store did Swift team up with to sell her “Midnights” CD with exclusive songs on it?


Which movie released in 2022 did Swift have a role in?


Which two actors played the main roles in Swift’s 2021 short film?

Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien.

Which song was Taylor Swift’s first music video created for?

“Tim McGraw.”

In 2022 Swift released a song for which movie?
“Where the Crawdads Sing.”

Which re-recorded album is Swift suspected to release next?

“Speak Now.”

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