Best Insults

Best Insults

Have you ever had an argument where you couldn’t find the words to shield yourself? I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation, where your opponent is roasting you hard, but there’s no word coming up in your brain for revenge.

Believe it or not, insulting someone aggressively is not always the best option. You can use smart, but bitter good-liners which will shut the conversation FOREVER. You can also use it against your friends. The better the friendship is, the deeper the insult goes. But make sure you don’t crush their feelings too hard, after all, they’re friends, so save it for your enemies.

To sum up, the smart comeback is equal to the sword in your hands. If you use it at the right time, you will cut the head of the conversation in a second. But when the time comes, you must be ready. Where can you find a good insult or savage comeback? We are here to help you. Here’s the list of the 200 most savages, brutal insults for your enemies, also the best insults you will ever find on the internet. So, be wise, and choose them carefully.

The Best Insults

Why don’t you have a common sense if it’s common?

Perhaps if you keep rolling your eyes, you’ll discover a brain.

I wish I could see things from your perspective, but I just can’t manage to get my head so far up my a**.

When you quit the room, you make everyone happy.

You really must have a caution label on you.

Isn’t it exhausting to apply makeup on both of your faces every morning?

Have a great day, somewhere else.

I’m not sure what makes you so dumb, but it works.

My therapist didn’t believe me when I told her about you.

It would be a wonderful day if you used glue rather than Chapstick.

Everyone has the right to act foolish once, but you are violating that privilege.

In order to provide humor to the planet, God created people like you.

I wish I had a flip phone so I could end this discussion by slamming it shut.

I will always keep your secrets secure. I don’t even pay attention when you tell me them.

Light moves quicker than sound, resulting in the fact you looked dazzling until you spoke.

You are evidence of God’s sense of humor.

You’ve got stuff on your chin. No, on the third one.

You are the cause God no longer speaks to us.

When I saw your face, the only thing I would have changed was the direction I was heading in.

I’d say you’re as dumb as a rock, but a rock at least can keep a door open.

You are the beginning of a dialogue. not as you’re here, but after you leave.

I’ll reject you so badly that you’ll start questioning your existence.

Can you see that door? The other side is where I would like you to be.

Jesus may love you, yet everyone else thinks you’re a moron.

I hope your pillow is warm on both sides.

You are living evidence that people can survive without brains.

I would punch you, but I don’t want to improve the appearance of your face.

I thought evolution was true until I met you.

It’s difficult to underrate you.

You’ll get far someday. I hope you’d stay there.

Even though it might appear like I’m paying attention to you, in fact I’m simply imagining duck tape across your lips.

Because of you, God handed us all the middle finger.

I’m sure a wet wipe could destroy 90% of your wonderful looks.

I’m not stating you’re stupid, but a glowstick has a better future than you have.

I keep thinking you can’t get any dumber and you keep proving me wrong.

Why is it okay for you to be a moron but inappropriate for me to call you out on it?

If my opinions annoy you, you gotta hear the ones I keep to myself.

You are so nasty that Kanye West went to the east to escape you.

You are not stupid in my opinion. When it comes to thinking, you are simply unlucky.

I’m both surprised and disappointed that you’ve made it this far.

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your nasty attitude.

Let me clarify. What makes you believe the following 25 times will be successful if I don’t respond to you the first time?

I hope every time you put on new socks you’ll step on a wet place.

Don’t worry, Chin up… Both of them

You look like a before picture

People clap when they see you. They clap their hands over their eyes.

You’re a gray sprinkle on a colorful cupcake

Even if I arrived with instructions, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend me.

You are so unattractive that when you glanced in the mirror, your reflection tried to walk away.

If stupidity is joy, you must be the happiest person in the world.

The Best Savage Insults

If you’re planning to be two-faced, try to make one of them attractive.

Would you actually leave if I threw a stick?

Hurting you is the last I want to do. It ‘s definitely on the list, though.

Why don’t you try something a little more relaxing, like a coma?

Watching you attempt to use all of your vocabulary in a single statement is sort of funny.

I’ll never forget how we first met. But I’ll keep attempting.

 Isn’t there a bullet somewhere that you could leap in front of?

There’s a person for everybody out there. It’s a psychologist for you.

It’s because of you that shampoo bottles have instructions.

You have your whole life to be a moron. Why not skip today?

Mirrors cannot speak. Fortunately for you, neither can they laugh.

I lack the time and the crayons to properly explain this to you.

If you were the light at the end of the tunnel, I’d turn around.

What are your thoughts on the humankind as an outcast?

Brains aren’t everything. They mean nothing in your instance.

You’re my favorite person… except everyone else I’ve ever met.

Take care of your own ego. I have a lot going on.

I’m trying to come up with an insult that’s stupid enough for you to realize, so give me a moment.

I choose animals to people because of your terrible personality.

Accidents do occur; the evidence is right there.

You have so much more faces than Mount Rushmore.

Your mother claimed you to be a treasure when you were born. TIME TO BURY IT!

Sorry, did you ever get fallen on your head as a kid?

If you continue speaking, I’ll presume you badly require a dictionary.

You’re not as horrible as everyone says you are. You are far worse than that.

Your face has just one flaw: I can see it.

Pick my lowest priority and place yourself under it.

You are evidence that evolution can go backwards.

Ignorance isn’t a crime, therefore you ‘re allowed to go.

Don’t attempt to think too much. Your stupidity might injure your brain.

When you’re not here, I become quite emotional. That feeling is joy.

How is your IQ measured in only a single number?

You are what happens when pregnant women drink.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your lips shut and make people think that you’re ignorant than to open it and clear all doubt.

I’d insult you, but then I would have to clarify it, so forget it.

Check the time, it’s time for you to shut up already!

I’d like to kill you with kindness, but all I have is a hammer.

If you disagree with what I think of you, improve yourself!

It’s not necessary to say it again. I ignored you quite well the first time.

I clapped because it’s over, not because I enjoyed it

I never forget a person’s face, but I’ll be happy to make an exception in your situation.

Sometimes I seek something that only you can deliver: your absence.

I’d offend you, but I’m worried you’d miss it.

Go lay in the backyard if you’re going to behave like a turd.

You look like something I’d doodle with my left hand.

If I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

The gene pool needs a lifeguard because of you.

That seems to be an issue of YOU.

You’ll go far someday. I’m hoping you remain there.

Where did you buy your clothing, forever 22?

The Best Sarcastic Insults

I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you dumb, I really thought you knew.

When I look at you, I wonder where have you been all my life… Would you mind returning there?

Apologize, your makeup has a little bit of your face on it.

Oh sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

Oh, my bad. I thought I was communicating with a mature person.

No worries, the first 30 years of childhood are usually that difficult.

I don’t know what your issue is, but I assume it’s tough to say.

I’m giving your nose back. I spotted it in my business.

It’s adorable when you try to explain stuff that you don’t understand.

Were you born this dumb, or did you take lessons?

I apologize for using your whole vocabulary in this insult.

You remind me of a cloud, when you go, my day brightens up.

No, no. I’m paying attention. It takes a moment for me to comprehend all the dumb info you say.

I’m shocked you recognize the term.

I apologize if I made a noise with my eye roll.

Please keep speaking. I always yawn when I’m interested.

It’s amazing to see how you don’t allow your knowledge to stand in the way of your stupidity.

You’re adorable. just like my dog. He loves hunting his tail as well.

I want to help you. Which direction did you come from?

I forgot that the rest of the world revolves around you. How foolish of me, my apologies.

I’m just thrilled you’re putting words together now.

Oh, you don’t enjoy being treated the way you treat me? It must be awful.

Did you fall from heaven? Because so did Satan!

Good story, but in what chapter do you shut up?

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you over the sound of how much I don’t care.

You deserve to be loved… from a distance

Are you speaking to me? I believed that you just spoke behind my back.

I’m sorry for the cruel, horrible, and true things I said.

Do you have to work hard to be this stupid, or is it just who you are?

Your silence has a wonderful sound.

I’m sorry; you mistook me for a person who cares.

Life is great, you better get one.

Of course, I speak like a moron. How else would you be able to perceive me?

I’m sorry, did my back hurt your knife?

Can I ignore you later? I have a lot on right now.

Oh, a thought crossed your mind? The trip must have been lonesome.

It’s fine if you disagree with me. I can’t make you do what’s right.

I was curious how you style your hair to hide your horns.

I apologize if my common sense upset you.

I’m sorry I upset you by calling you a hoe. I was unaware that it was a secret.

Only a mother could adore your face. I’m sure she tells you that you’re exceptional as well.

I apologize if my forced apology sounded fake; I’ll work to improve it the next time.

I apologize for doing anything that made you believe I care about how you feel.

The key is balance… When you start speaking, I quit listening.

Don’t be sad. Many people lack talent.

Jealousy is a sickness. Get better soon.

Is it risky to spend your entire vocabulary in a single sentence?

Would you please say hello to the clown you see in the mirror for me?

We were blissfully married for one month, yet we’ve been married for 12  years.

I adore the way you styled your hair. How did you make it come out of your nose like that

The Best Brutal Insults

All you need is a high five. in the face Using a chair.

It seems like your face caught fire and somebody attempted to stop it with a hammer.

You’re like the first slice of bread; everyone touches you yet nobody wants you.

I don’t hate you, however I’d give you a handshake if you were sinking.

I last saw anything like you surrounded by metal grids.

You have no idea how much joy you may spread just by leaving the room.

You haven’t changed since I last saw you. You must.

All problems are fixable, but you aren’t the one

It’s obvious that you are the one who gave our child his brain! Mine is still with me.

Whoa, it seems like your creator didn’t waste time in creating you a personality.

Your face looks great, but we’ll need to cover that personality with a bag.

Did the psychiatric hospital give you a lot of drug tests today?

I guess you were born on a highway. That’s where most likely accidents happen.

I would crawl up to your ego and jump to your IQ if I wanted to kill myself.

I’d never go out with you. I’m not desperate; I’m just lonely.

You worry about becoming successful, yet there’s nothing to worry about.

The last time I saw a face like yours, I fed it a banana.

I hope you choke on the crap you speak.

I’d give you a dirty look, but you already have one.

This will be the first and final roast of the evening because we have already wasted your rich vocabulary.

You can always hop from your ego whenever you feel suicidal.

And the best part of our frienship in that you are no longer in it.

You’re more worthless than “ueue” in the “queue”.

I’d call you an idiot, but that would be insulting for all the idiots out there.

I discovered your point in life… An organ donor.

I would beat you, but then that would be an animal abuse.

When karma shows up to slap you in the face, I’d like to be there for support.

Even Though I can describe it to you, I am unable to interpret it for you.

Although the other kids were dumped on their heads, you were definitely slammed up against a wall.

You were on my mind today. It made me remember to empty the garbage.

You’d be secure if a zombie apocalypse started.

Being smarta** means being smart. Or else, you’re just an a**.

I only avoid severing you in half because I don’t want two of you around.

What doesn’t kill you, disappoints me.

A hundred thousand sp*rm and you were the fastest?

Please step away from the sun. Burning plastic disgusts me.

If I took a photo of you, it would infect my phone with a virus.

You can be whatever you want to be, except attractive.

Were you aware that the windows of your incubator were tinted? That clarifies a lot.

Two wrongs do not create a right. Your parents are example.

I’ve met individuals like you. Yet, I had to pay for entry.

I’m sure your parents shift the topic when their friends ask about you.

Don’t worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows.

Beauty is simply surface level, but ugliness is bone deep.

Do not move. I’m attempting to picture you with a personality.

You are being described, not criticized.

Do you recall when I requested your opinion? neither do I.

If you don’t like me, that’s alright. Everyone may not have good taste.

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