55 Very Good Dares

55 Very Good Dares

You have some friends over: what do you do to entertain them? Sure you eat pizza, tell embarrassing stories and laugh. But at some point or another, someone gets the idea to play truth or dare: that’s a must for every party. And surely it’s a great idea, especially if you’re trying to break the ice and have some fun.

But what happens usually is that after 5 rounds of good dares you and your friends exhaust yourself and can’t come up with anything interesting, intriguing or fun anymore.

And that’s why we’ve come up with 50+ good dares for guys and girls that you should try next time you’re playing. I promise the game will end up being super fun.

By the way, did you know where the game of truth or dare comes from? They say it’s from the command games like the ancient Greek basilinda described by Julius Pollux, “in which we are told a king, elected by lot, commanded his comrades what they should perform.” Alright, I won’t bore you anymore with history and all. Let’s dive into the juicy dare questions.


Good Dares for Guys

Good Dares

1. Put your tongue out and cite a poem for at least 30 seconds.
(you’ll give everyone a great belly hurting laugh)

2. Open the window and scream to the top of your lungs how much you love your mother.
(boy, that’s embarrassing, especially if your crush is there with you)

3. Order a pizza and pay the delivery guy in all small coins.
(and you’re not allowed to tell the delivery man that it was a dare)

4. Eat a raw potato.
(don’t be scared, it’s actually kind of good for you)

5. Let the person on your right take an ugly picture of you and your double chin and post it on IG with the caption, “I don’t leave the house without my double chin.”
(I hope you do have a double chin)

6. Send a text message to your crash, telling them your feet usually smell like rotten tomatoes and ask if they would put up with that.
(how are you going to get out of this one?)

7. Let everyone in the group lick your nose.
(hopefully, at the end your nose will be super slimy)

8. Put as much popcorn in your mouth as possible without chewing and only start chewing when it’s full.
(you’ll look like a hamster)

9. Go out and hug 5 trees, each for 30 seconds.

10. Go to your neighbors and ask if they would adopt you.
(imagine if they agree)

11. Tell the group in detail about your first kiss.
(if you had one)

12. Reveal the color of your boxers.

13. Mimic the way the person on your right walks.
(and hope they won’t get upset with you)

14. Choose a person in the group and say what annoys you about them
(and, again, hope they won’t get upset with you)

15. Walk up to an old lady on the street and tell her you’re her grandson.
(imagine them getting super excited?)

16. Brush the hair of the person in front of you until it’s your turn again.

17. Tell a joke until it makes everyone laugh.
(if you’re not the funny type it may take hours, or maybe try some dark jokes here.)

18. Call your mother and tell her “You Know!” and wait to see if she cracks and tells you her secret.

19. Call a super fancy restaurant and try to make a reservation under the name of Jennifer Aniston.

20. Mix every possible food in the house together and eat it.
(pickles and ketchup and chocolate and more)

21. Reveal to the group the number of days you have lasted without a shower.
(and don’t lie!)

22. Call a friend and pick a serious fight with them.
(don’t tell them it was for a dare for an hour)

23. Pick up something from the trash and hold it in your hands for the rest of the game.

24. Bite a soap.
(try not to through up)

25. Lick the bottom of your shoe.

26. Tell your girlfriend that your friends don’t like her so you can’t be with her anymore.

27. Brush your teeth with your best friend’s toothbrush.

28. Walk up to someone with a kid on the street and tell them their kid is ugly.

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Good Dares for Girls

Good Dares

1. Let one of the guys in the group put lipstick on your lips and leave it for the rest of the game.
(and hope they’re good at drawing)

2. Throw an ice cube under your shirt and hold still for 30 seconds.
(that’s got to be hard)

3. Show everyone your unshaved legs.
(that’s something they can’t unsee)

4. Fill up your mouth with water and sing a song until someone from the group guesses the song.

5. Break a raw egg on your forehead.
(you can clean up later, I promise)

6. Cite a poem without opening your mouth.

7. Let everyone kiss your ear.
(You probably won’t hear anything for days with that ear)

8. Write a Facebook post about your feelings and make it super long and dramatic.
(boy, the questions you’re going to get later)

9. Tell your crush you’re over them
(and they’ll be like, “when were you under me?” like Ross from Friends)

10. Call 5 different people and talk to them in 5 different accents.
(hopefully, they won’t think you’ve had a stroke)

11. Eat half a lemon and don’t make faces.
(don’t try eating more, think about your blood pressure)

12. Take a walk down the street alone and talk to yourself
(and make sure everyone can see you’ve no headphones on)

13. Set your crush’s picture as your FB profile picture.

14. Show everyone your search history for the past week.

15. Go into the other room, take your clothes off and put them on backward.
(hopefully, you’ll get some laughs)

16. Beg for a cent on the streets.

17. Text your parents that you’re pregnant, again!
(if you have super sensitive parents, maybe skip this one)

18. Stick a gum to the ends of your hair.
(trust me, this is every girl’s worst nightmare)

19. Ask someone from the group out on a real date
(and actually keep your promise and go)

20. Delete your IG and don’t use it for 5 days.

21. Cut bangs.
(oh boy, oh boy)

22. Shave your eyebrows.
(don’t worry, they’ll grow back)

23. Do 30 pushups.

24. Wash off your makeup and sit with your natural beauty for the rest of the game.

25. Lay on the floor for the rest of the game.
(you’ll thank me later, laying on the floor is really good for your back)

26. Drink 3 big cups of water without stopping.

27. Go back and forth under the table until it’s your turn again.

28. Close your mouth and your nose: try to pronounce the letter ‘“A” for 10 seconds.

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Good Dares for Teens

Oh, wait! Why should adults have all the fun? So, teens here’s your share of good dares to try out with your friends.

► Lick someone’s foot 2 times.

► Do whatever someone wants for the rest of the day.

► Continuously talk for 3 minutes without stopping.

► Soak your T-shirt in water, put them in the fridge for 20 min, and then wear it.

► Draw something on the face with a permanent marker.

► Exchange a clothing item with the player on your right.

► Smell a dirty sock for 10 seconds.

► Give every tree in your yard, a big hug.

► Peel a banana with your feet.


Well, that’s all. How did you like our list of dares? Next time you have some friends over, try to play truth or dare with these questions instead of watching another movie or being stuck on your phones. I’m pretty sure you’ll value the communication later.


50+ Good Dares to Make Your Game Super Fun

If you want good dares in an Image or PDF format, You can grab it here: Image | PDF


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