69 Very Dirty Dares Over Text

69 Very Dirty Dares Over Text

Sometimes we all need something to spice up the conversation. Truth and dare can get boring and dry, it becomes hard to think of unique subjects to talk about. To spice things up we are here to help! Whether that be in a love interest or just to friends these dirty dares will have you shocked! These dares are over text so the majority will need a picture or video proof.

Dirty Dares Over Text –

1. Make your “O” face.

2. Reenact your special move.

3. Make out with your pillow for 10 seconds.

4. Act out the last time you did it.

5. Act out the first time you did it.

6. Attempt to twerk.

7. Lap dance on a chair.

8. Do a sexy dance with a broom.

9. Reenact the opposite gender in bed.

10. Suck your finger passionately for 15 seconds.

11. Pretend you’re giving a formal presentation about a detailed summary of how you like it in bed.

12. Try to take off your underwear/bra without flashing.

13. Give your best “ready for you” face.

14. Incorporate a towel into a seductive dance.

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15. Seductively shave one of your legs.

16. Fake an orgasm.

17. Crawl on the ground seductively.

18. Give the closest thing to your left a passionate kiss.

19. Make out with yourself in the mirror.

20. Give a speech like you’re hitting on someone.

21. Take a video of you spanking yourself.

22. Pretend you’re doing the deed with the closest thing to your right.

23. Put on your sexiest song and catwalk and send it as a video.

24. Demonstrate how to put a protection on and send it as a video.

25. Grind on a pillow for 20 seconds.

26. Take your pants off.

27. Send a sexy text to your third contact.

28. Change your Facebook status to “single and ready to mingle” or “ready for head tonight”

29. Leave a dirty voicemail for your ex.

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30. Text your best friend and ask for sex tips.

31. Text your ex and ask if there’s anything you can improve on in bed.

32. Take off your shirt and swing it in the air.

33. Put on the sexist outfit you own.

34. In a video, demonstrate the most flexible position you can do.

35. Change your Facebook status to “wanting quick hookup”

36. Send your dirtiest text with three sexy emojis.

37. Describe yourself seductively.

38. Do the WAP dance and send it to your partner or ex.

39. Tell your partner or crush that they are a “leg spreader”

40. Text a random person and ask them if they think you’re hot.

41. Talk without opening your mouth.

42. Do your best moan or grunt.

43. Eat a banana in a seductive manner.

44. Write your ex’s/ partner’s name on your underwear in sharpie and send it to them.

45. Comment on your celebrity crush’s post and say you get turned on by them.

46. Tweet your crush and explain to them that you think of them in bed.

47. Demonstrate your biggest turn-on.

48. Demonstrate your biggest turn-off.

49. Send a picture as if you were on top.

50. Send a picture of you praying on your knees to your ex.

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51. Tell your partner or ex that you want to try a different position.

52. Call someone and explain your biggest turn-on.

53. Change your Facebook status to “lonely tonight.”

54. Take a screenshot of your text log.

55. Send a link to your favourite adult site.

56. Explain your favourite videos and why.

57. Demonstrate your wildest fantasies.

58. Send a voice message of you moaning to your partner.

59. Drop an ice cube in your pants.

60. Send a winky face to your most recent contact.

61. Send the drooling emoji to your ex.

62. Send a voice message of your dirtiest thoughts.

63. Text like you are doing the deed right now.

64. Pour a drink into your mouth.

65. Send a video of you seductively dancing to a friend.

66. Create a sex playlist and share it with your most recent caller.

67. Send a video of you slowly picking up something to your partner.

68. Without you in the frame, send a video of you throwing your clothes across the room.

69. Send a video of you doing a sexy dance to a non-sexual song to your closest friend.

Leighla Sharon