100 Very Funny Dares

100 Very Funny Dares

Everyone remembers the childhood memories when we played truth or dare with a group of friends. This time, you have a list of funny dares to make the game even more interesting!

Watch your friends embarrass themselves with some of these 100+ craziest dares. This is where you can sit and laugh. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and get daring!


Disclaimer: The dares on this page are meant to be hilarious and fun. If there is any dare that you are not comfortable with, do not do them! Just relax, have a good time, and enjoy the game with your friends. 


Funny Dares to Show Off those Talents

Funny Dares

1. Put on music and dance for the duration of the entire song.

Don’t be embarrassed! Shake that booty and get those tips.


2. For the rest of the game, when you talk it has to be in the form of a song.

Start training those pipes and belt out!


3. Act out a scene from a movie of your choice.

Remember that lovely scene you replay in your head over and over again? Well, now’s your chance to show the world what’s on your mind.


4. Perform the Macarena in the center of the group.

Oh, come on! Everyone knows this dance. Get your hips moving!


5. For 5 minutes, you need to speak in a Russian accent.

Try doing this without saying the word Vodka.


6. Give a lap dance to the person of your choice.

It takes great talent to get this done. Are you up for it?


7. Act out the “I’m the King of the World” scene from Titanic with a partner of your choice.

The movie, Titanic, is one of the most iconic movies. Here’s your chance to be a part of the cast! Get acting.


8. Sing your favourite song at the top of your lungs.

The more embarrassing the song, the funnier it will be.


9. Act like a mime for 5 minutes.

Mimes don’t talk; don’t forget that. Maybe try pretending you’re trapped in a box?


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10. Do your best celebrity impression.

We recommend Sylvester Stallone. That’s always funny.


11. Do a striptease.

You might be good at it and be cast in the next Magic Mike movie!


12. Give the group your best hip-hop moves.

This is where your embarrassing solo dances in your bedroom finally pay off!


13. Do your best impression of someone in the group.

Don’t be shy. This is all just fun and games…hopefully.


14. Stand on the table and sing as if you were performing in the opera.

Sing, sing, sing! Don’t forget those high notes.


15. Give us your best breakdance moves.

Have you tried to spin on your head? Maybe avoid giving that a shot. We don’t need anyone in the hospital. 


16. Find the nearest pole or pillar and give the group your best pole dance.

Spin you talented dancer!


17. Stand in front of the group and pretend you’re performing in a concert.

Imagine the crowd out there, you’re holding the microphone, and sing!


18. Call a restaurant and try to order food in a foreign language. If you don’t speak another language, use a foreign accent.

Impersonations are a talent. Give us your best one. 


Funny Dares for Some Public Embarrassment!

Funny Dares

19. Go to a random girl/boy on the street and ask them out on a date.

Imagine they say yes! You’ve got yourself a date buddy. 


20. Go to a random person, not someone who is a part of the group, and propose.

Don’t have a ring? Find anything else and get down on one knee. We’re waiting. 


21. Learn how to say “I love you” in another language and say it to 5 random people on the street.

We recommend French. Oh my god, how romantic!


22. Run around the block in your underwear.

Make sure you aren’t wearing any grandma/grandpa underwear. 


23. Give a random person on the street your best pickup line.

Make it as cheesy as possible. That’s always funny. 


24. Go into an elevator and stand in the corner facing the wall. Keep doing it until three people have gotten on. 

It sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? Don’t laugh while you’re in there. 


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25. Go to a random person on the street and scream “I knew it was you!”

What? What did I do? 


26. Go to a random person on the street and ask if you could buy their shirt.

If they say yes, you have to buy it!


27. Walk in the street where there is a small crowd and talk to yourself in a loud voice.

Excuse me, officer? There’s a crazy person in the street!


28. If you’re a guy, apply lipstick and go greet 3 strangers. If you’re a girl, draw a beard on your face and greet 3 strangers.

The keyword here is “strangers.”


29. Write “Free Hugs” on your face and walk down the street with your arms extended.

Aww, that’s cute. Right?


30. Run to a group of strangers, pretend to cry, and tell them you’re lost.

Help! I lost my mommy!


31. Go to five random people on the street and tell them “Merry Christmas.”

Even if it’s the middle of July, don’t back out. 


32. Go to, at least, five random people on the street and give them a high-five. 

I’m sure they would love the boost in confidence. Give them a hand!


33. Head to a crowded street and stand like a statue for 15 minutes.

Don’t move! Statues cannot move. 


Funny Dares to Bring Out the Romance in You

34. Call your ex and tell them you miss them.

Maybe pick the ex you liked the most? 


35. Call your crush and ask them out on a date.

We smell a love story coming to life!


36. Kiss the person to your right on the lips, whomever it may be.

Gobble down some mints before you do so. Just a warning.


37. Call your biggest crush and tell them they are beautiful.

Don’t chicken out. 

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38. Sing a romantic song to the person on your left.

We recommend “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. It’s always a crowd-pleaser. 


39. Make out with the closest wall.

It’s like love at first kiss!


40. Tell the group who your crush is.

Oh, the secrets are coming out!


Funny Dares to Give Your Stomachs a Ride

Funny Dares

41. You have to order food for the entire group.

Everyone loves the person with a pack of gum. 


42. Eat a bowl of Mayonnaise.

Try closing your nose and eating it. That always helps, probably.


43. Let someone in the group throw one piece of food item at you.

A pie works very well. Maybe a cake or whatever you can get your hands on. Who cares? Throw it!


44. Everyone should put a different type of liquid into a glass. Mix it and drink it in one go!

We hope you have a strong stomach!


45. Eat a whole chili-pepper.

If you hate spicy foods, this is the perfect dare for you.


46. Pick someone in the group, put whip cream on their face, and lick it off.

Sounds gross and delicious at the same time. 


47. Eat a raw egg.

This is, actually, really healthy. You should feel lucky.


48. Eat an onion like an apple.

Mmm, crunchy!


49. Pour syrup on someone’s chest and lick it off.

If you’re a couple, then you’re welcome. 


50. Let someone in the group throw an egg at your face.

Kids used to do this on the houses of people they hated. It’s time to release your anger!


51. Use someone else’s toothbrush.

Good thing is, you can take your pick on who’s toothbrush you can use. 


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Funny Dares to Bring Out the Storyteller in You

52. Tell the group your deepest, darkest secret.

We love the drama! Don’t be shy, this is your closest group of friends. 


53. Call your mom and tell her you’re pregnant. If you’re a guy, call your mom and tell her you got a girl pregnant.

Make sure you put the phone on speaker so everyone can hear. 


54. Call a random phone number and ask if you can borrow $100.

If they say yes, consider yourself lucky.


55. Call an Italian restaurant and try to order some sushi.

You might seem crazy but don’t back down. Insist on the sushi!


56. Call your girlfriend/boyfriend and tell them you want to break up.

Uh-oh. This might not end well for you.


57. Call a random person in your contact list and tell them you “need help burying the body.”

This needs someone with guts. Are you brave enough?


58. Tell the group your most embarrassing story.

We’re all friends here. Let your heart out. 


59. Call your parents and tell them you’re in jail.

This is why it’s under the storyteller category. Be as believable as possible!


60. Call your parents and tell them you’re running away for good.

Again, make it believable!


Funny Dares that Unleash Your Animal Side

Funny Dares

61. Pretend to be a dog for 5 minutes.

Let someone throw a Frisbee so you can catch it. 


62. When anyone in the group laughs, you need to quack like a duck as loud as you can.

Do this for the rest of the game.


63. Howl like a wolf in the middle of the street.

If it’s a full moon, you might scare a few people.


64. Lick the foot of the person to your right.

It’s like the dog dare all over again! Except, more embarrassing. 


65. Circle the group pretending to be a chicken for 2 minutes.

Cluck, Cluck. 


66. Take off someone’s socks with your teeth.

Pets use their mouths for everything. Maybe you should too!


67. Hop like a bunny around the group 3 times.

Bunnies are cute, don’t be shy. 


68. You have to be the group’s pet for 30 minutes.

You’ve had pets before, right? This should be easy. 


Funny Dares that Will Give Your Appearance a Boost

69. Shave your hair.

You can design it however you like. Maybe try a mohawk or a buzzcut. 


70. Take off all your clothes and continue the game in your underwear.

Let’s hope it’s not a cold night!


71. Let someone in the group draw on your face with makeup.

You’re going to look beautiful!


72. Switch clothes with someone in the group of the opposite sex.

Cross-dressing? That sounds like fun!


73. Take off your socks and wear them on your hands for the rest of the game.

Like Edward Scissorhands but with socks!


74. Let someone draw on your face with a permanent marker.

Be creative!


75. Use gel and make your hair stand up straight.

We’re back to the phase of punks. 


76. Take off your underwear and wear it on your head for the rest of the game.

Here’s a better one, trying going on a date like that!


77. Let someone in the group put on a blindfold and draw on your face.

Use makeup, markers, or whatever you want!


78. Wax off the hair on one of your arms.

You can continue with the rest of your body. If you’re brave enough.


79. Put on a wig for the rest of the game.

Blonde, brunette, or a clown one!


80. Let the group give you a complete makeover.

They can be compassionate and help you or hilarious and mess you up!


81. Dye your hair a bright colour.

Make it pink. Please!


82. Let the group cover you in saran wrap.

Don’t cover the head. We don’t need to go to the ER. 


83. Draw a moustache and glasses on your face.

You can add a unibrow if you’re feeling funny. 


84. Wear your underwear over your pants for the rest of the game.

Now, that’s a look!


85. Take off your shirt for the rest of the game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or guy. A dare’s a dare!


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Funny Dares to Get You Active and Moving

Funny Dares

86. Balance a cup of water on your head for 3 minutes. If you fail, you have to do it again until you succeed.

Don’t get wet!


87. Keep spinning until you are dizzy and try to pour a glass of juice.

You’re going to look so weird!


88. Stand on one leg for 5 minutes. Every time you fail, someone in the group gets to slap you.

Pray that you’ve got good balance.


89. Put a handful of ice in your pants.

Get ready to freeze. 


90. You have to give each person in the group a massage for 2 minutes.

Wow, this a lucky group of players.


91. You need to be the servant of the group for 30 minutes.

Whatever they want, you have to do.


92. Get into the shower with all your clothes on.

Make sure it’s warm!


93. Try to stand on your hands for 10 seconds. If you fail, you have to sit in the corner of the room for the rest of the game.

This would have been a good time to have some upper body strength. 


94. You have to walk backwards for the rest of the game.

Maybe try the moonwalk as well.


95. Use your own toothbrush to clean the toilet.

Throw it out after you’re done. 


Funny Dares to Revamp Your Online Presence

96. Show everyone the last picture in your camera roll.

Let’s hope it’s nothing embarrassing. 


97. Text an emoji to the first 20 people on your contact list.

You might reconnect with an old friend, who knows?


98. Go live on Instagram and sing to your followers.

Here’s to hoping you don’t lose your followers!


99. Post the last picture on your camera roll to your Instagram stories.

You must be brave to do this!


100. Take a picture of your weirdest pose and post it to one of your social media accounts.

It’s okay, people might like it!


101. Take an embarrassing photo and set it as your profile picture on one of your social media accounts.

Our advice is: choose a platform you barely use. 


102. Change your Facebook Relationship Status to “Getting Married.”

Get ready for those comments and questions. 


103. Let the group dress you in whatever they want, take a picture, and post it to one of your social media accounts.

If they want to embarrass you, they can!