7 Minutes In Heaven – The Kissing Game

7 Minutes In Heaven – The Kissing Game

Traditionally, two randomly selected consensual participants, typically teenagers at a party, are chosen to spend seven minutes in a dark closet with the intention to kiss. Given this game originated in Cinncinati in the early 1950s, it’s safe to say a few rules have changed.


7 Minutes in Heaven 

If you’ve ever heard of or tried “spin the bottle,” chances are you have also heard of 7 Minutes in Heaven. Both games require players to invest in excellent mouth wash and heavy-duty chapstick for some lip-locking action. 

This is the perfect opportunity to get a little alone time with that secret crush and a great ice breaker for a potentially awkward moment. Read on to get your updated 7 Minutes in Heaven how-to guidelines.


The Pre-Game Rules

First and most importantly, all players should set up ground rules, so everyone feels respected, safe, and aware of what they are participating in doing. 

If someone feels uncomfortable with physical intimacy, that should always be respected. However, no one should ever be peer pressured to do anything they do not give their consent to do, even if they initially agree to go into the “closet.”

It should be effective and clearly communicated that kissing or anything that escalates from kissing is not required. It would also help players feel more comfortable if they knew they wouldn’t be judged or bullied if they decide not to do anything sexual. 

Talking, cuddling, or even sitting in silence are all acceptable to do instead of kissing or making out. You and whomever you’re spending the seven minutes with are the only ones who get to determine what Heaven is.


How To Play 7 Minutes in Heaven

Setting The Game Rules

These should always be made clear before the game begins to avoid any disagreements or confusion. 

  1. While seven minutes is the name of the game, if someone feels they need less time or more, a special knock can be agreed upon before the door is opened. 
  2. If a player is chosen that has already played and they don’t want to play again, the bottle or a new paper can be spun/selected from the bowl. 
  3. The door is only to be opened by players in the closet when the timer is up. The only exception to this rule is if someone in the closet opens the door or there is cause for concern. 
  4. What happens or doesn’t happen in the closet stays in the closet unless all parties involved agree to kiss and tell.


Location, location, location! 

Setting the ambiance is essential for a game where kissing is the objective, given that this is more than likely someone’s first kissing experience; the darker, the better.

A closet has always been the go-to space for these games as they are not only dark and quiet but provide at least a tinge of privacy. 

Some items you can include in designated space:

  • Pillows/cushions
  • Blanket
  • Mouth freshener spray 
  • Flashlight 


Suggested Areas 

If there are no closets available, other areas can be a bathroom, garage, laundry room, or even an empty bedroom. If those aren’t available, get creative and make a fort from four chairs and a blanket!


How Players Are Chosen 

There are two traditional ways players can be chosen at random when playing 7 Minutes in Heaven. 

  1. Using an empty bottle- one player spins, and whoever the bottle points to when it stops is the second player. 
  2. Pick names from a bowl- write all player’s names on a piece of paper and fold them into small pieces. Next, put all papers into a bowl, and each player picks one. 

Including Everyone

Make sure same-sex couples are invited to play as well. Those participants can have different colored paper, so each player knows which to pick. If a bottle is used instead of choosing players, everyone should be aware of who the same-sex players are ahead of time.


Setting The Time

Modern technology has made it easy to set the seven minutes for this game. Anyone with a cell phone can open the timer, and voila, seven minutes are on the clock.

Just make sure the timekeeper can be trusted not to stop or extend the time before the seven minutes are up!

However, if you are looking for the tried and true experience of the game or just yearning for that 80’s teen dream movie nostalgia, then using a good ole timer is what you’ll need. These can be bought at a local supermarket or even a dollar store.

Alternate Timers

  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm clock
  • Microwave


Play The Game

While something like kissing can be nerve-racking especially if you’ve never done it before, setting up ground rules as mentioned above can make it easier for everyone to relax and enjoy a fun game with friends. 

Always respect everyone’s personal space and make sure to listen to if or when they say they are not comfortable. Most importantly, be sure to remember games are meant for everyone to have fun!


7 Minutes In Heaven Stories

Here are some funny and cringe-worthy stories about other people’s seven minutes in Heaven: 


“I played spin the bottle with a group of friends at a house party when I was 13. I landed on the hottest girl, so I was stoked, but her breath smelled like a dead cat. So disgusting.” 



“I am a lesbian, and I was dared to make out with the girl I like and give her multiple hickies. Another time we were dared to have seven minutes in Heaven. We have now been dating for five years.”



“MY first kiss was when I was nine when me and my moms boyfriend’s son played seven minutes in Heaven together.” 



 “I was at a party, and someone suggested seven minutes in Heaven. I didn’t know what it was but agreed because I didn’t want to seem stupid. Best decision ever. Got seven minutes alone with my crush.”