The 64 Very Best Ice Puns

The 64 Very Best Ice Puns

What is ice? Ice is actually frozen water into a solid-state and based on the presence of impurities like bubbles of air or particles of soil it might look transparent or have a bluish-white color.

In a way, ice is a synonym both for summer and winter. With summer comes green on the trees, outdoor festivals, naps on the balcony, airy dresses, picnics in the park, days by the beach, or the pool and sweaty, impossibly hot days and nights. Here ice comes to the rescue.

As you know there are many ways to stay cool with just a bit of ice, and ice puns can truly be of help.

On the other hand, there is nothing funny about the cold weather, but to stay calm and carry on during that cold, icy weather it is nice to giggle in order to warm up.

Between the many layers of blankets and the piles of snow staying warm with good puns sounds truly punderful.

Below you will see a list of 60+ ice puns that will make even the most frigid person crack up. They are great if you just met someone and you need to break the ice, or you want to warm up during winter or cool off during summer.

These puns are great for making the kids laugh and can also serve as creative captions for your social media photos such as Facebook or Instagram.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and find your favorite ice pun.

64 Ice Puns That Are The Coolest

1.It is so cold we did not clean the house we just defrosted it.

2. What did the woman say after she slipped and fell on ice?

     Nothing, she just gave everyone the cold shoulder.

3.  It’s so cold you have to open the fridge to heat the house.

4. What is every  ice cream parlor owner’s side hustle?

     Sundae school teacher.

5. Why couldn’t anyone get a job at the ice rink?

     There was a hiring freeze.

6. Why are there so many ruts in the ice at the rink?

      Well, the maintenance crew must be slipping up.

7. What an ice thing to say.

8. What did the wife say when her husband asked if she remembered to get the coffee with ice cream inside it?

 Sorry, Affogato!

9.  Have an ice day!

10. Naughty but ice.

11. What happens when an ice cube gets angry?

       It boils with anger, and then lets off some steam.

12. Ice and easy does it.

13. Always have your froze in a book.

14. Strike a froze.

15. Friends or froze?

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16. Say freeze.

17. Ice, ice baby!

18. Froze colored glasses.

19. My brother and I are so different like chalk and freeze.

20. Go for it and freeze the day.

21. Freeze things happen.

22. Why did the strangers walk out onto the frozen pond?

       They thought it was the best way to break the ice.

23. Penguins are never full from dinner, they like to have ice-pudding for afters too.

24. Enjoy the ice of life. 

25. Do you know what Jack Frost loves to eat?

      He always has ice-burgers.

26. I’ve been there once or ice.

27. What to do you call kids that like to spend time on the ice? 


28. I know an Eskimo that always wanted to go to space. 

       He would make a great ice-tronaut.

29. The artic circle has its own toy store.

       It’s called Fisher Ice.

30. Why do Eskimos build so many igloos?

      Because they want to ice-o-late themselves.

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31. What does the ice cube say?

       I was water before it was cool.

32. What one ice cube says to another to complement it?

       You are so cool.

33. Ice to meet you.

34. What occurs when you are alone and you get too cold?

       You are totally ice-olated.

35. What does the ice say to the fire?

       Fire listen, you might be hotter, but I’m cooler.

36. Why did the new ice hockey player not perform well?

       Because he got cold feet.

37. Ice puns are the coolest.

38. Why did the man walk into the ice cream store with an umbrella?

       He heard there were going to be sprinkles.

39. Icy what you did there.

40. Nobody is born cool, except of course… an ice cube.

41. Why is a polar bear a cheap pet to have?

       Because it lives on ice.

42. Why should anyone experiment with thin ice?

        It a good way to achieve a big breakthrough.

43. How did the hipster drown? 

       He ice-skated before it was cool.

44. I only have ice for you.

45. My sister once froze a dollar in a block of ice.

      It was cold hard cash.

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46. What is Jack Frost’s favorite mode of transport?

       A tr-Ice-cycle.

47. Love at frost sight.

48. There weren’t enough lifeboats on the Titanic.

        However, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

49. License to chill.

50. I’m stuck on you like igloo.

51. Let’s cool it a day.

52.  Katy had the best ice pun to tell you… The problem is it slipped her mind.

53. I’ve got an ice up my sleeve.

54.  What do you call a frozen crocodile?

        A croc-ice.

55. I call’em as icy’em.

56. Variety is the ice of life.

57. Before your very ice.

58. She was going to sleep in a bucket of ice. 

       But then she got cold feet.

59. Sometimes life is sugar and spice and all things ice.

60. Guess what people do when their ice house falls apart?

      They Igloo it back together.

61. Don’t think ice about it.

To Sum Up

The puns above mentioned are a great way to break the ice when with strangers or when you feel that there is tension in the room.  Also, they are a great way to cheer someone up and make their day.

So, all out of all above mentioned which one made you smile the most?

Nadica Murdzeva

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