The 100 Very Best Smooth Pick Up Lines

The 100 Very Best Smooth Pick Up Lines

Have you ever just not known what to say to that special someone? Do you find yourself standing there not knowing what to say? Let me introduce you to the world of “pickup lines.” A pickup line is a great conversation starter whether it be with a stranger at the bar, your date, or just to joke with someone. Luckily for you, below is a list of 150 pickup lines! Try these out the next time you see that special someone.

50 Smooth Pickup Lines

They say I don’t know my alphabet. Because all I’m missing is U.

Are you a late paid parking ticket? Because you are so FINE.

My shirts made of something special. It’s 100% boyfriend material.

Are you a golf course? Because I want to play all your holes.

Do you have a spare heart? Because mine was just stolen.

You look so hurt. Was it from when you fell from heaven?

I think I need a cast. Because I just broke my arm falling for you.

I want you to be like Drake and make my hotline bling.

Are you a piece of bubble gum? Because I’m stuck to you.

They call me Marty McFly. I can see you in my future.

Are you hair paint? Because for you I’m dyeing.

You’re like a light bulb. It hertz to like you so much.

Are you an employer? Because you take me hire.

I’m actually a gardener. You can be one of my hoes.

I know you go to church because you make

Do you go to church? Because I’ve never seen nun’ like you.

I’ll do you like a painting and make you moan-alisa

You’re like a piece of dough because I kneed you.

You’re like addition. I need sum.

Time isn’t garbage. There’s no time to waste.

I thought I heard a ringing but it was just you, my southern bell.

Can I take a picture? It’s for my collection of the wonders of the world.

I don’t speak Spanish but te quiero.

You’re like a mystery because I wanna get to your bottom.

I feel like I just died. You URNed me.

I’m sweet like a cracker, do you want my insta- graham?

I tried to call you but I forgot your number. What was it again?

Are you a guitar? Because you’ve struck all the right chords.

I don’t have a son but maybe me and you can schedule a playdate?

Are you a trampoline? I wanna jump all over you.

I never sat and looked at the stars at night. Except for when I first saw you.

This might be a little straight forward but let’s make a baby.

I’m not a chair but I’d love if you sat on me.

I wouldn’t change anything about you. Only your last name.

I think I have a toothache the way you’re so sweet.

Do you have 5G? I definitely feel a connection.

If we went to the moon with no gravity, you’d still make me fall for you.

Did you hear the news? (Wait) Me neither. I just wanted to come talk to you.

For Halloween next year I know what you can be. Mine.

Do you happen to be religious? Because I think my prayers were just answered.

Does the carpet match the drapes?

I don’t fly on planes. The Wright person for me is here.

They give out gold stars for making a day better. With you I have a whole galaxy.

Let’s be like Boy Scouts and tie the knot.

I’m actually really into saving the environment. We should shower together to save water.

Do you like Star Wars? This pickup line is my Last Hope.

I really need to see a doctor because you’re making my heart skip beats.

I like your shirt, can I take it off your hands?

I love All American Rejects. Maybe we can have a Dirty Little Secret.

My lips are lonely. Can they meet yours?

50 Pickup Lines For Guys To Use On Girls

Did you come from a tool box? Because I can’t believe what I saw

Do you like elephants? Because you got a huge trunk.

I’m like a broken car. With you I can’t break. 

I love math. With you we can make sum’.

2 + 2 equals me and you.

Call me “Joe” the way I want to do you dirty.

I feel like I’m in space because I’m seeing a star.

Can I borrow your GPS? I think I just got lost in those eyes.

You can kiss me if I’m mistaken- but 2+2 = 5 right?

I thought that beautiful started with the letter “B,” but it really starts with “U.”

I’m like a sailor. Because you’re the only one I want to sea. 

I don’t ever want to eat soup again. You’re the only thing I want to spoon.

I don’t know if you’re allowed to go into the movies with me. I’m not allowed to bring my own snack.

I feel like a light switch the way you turn me on.

I can’t find my phone, can you give me a call so I can find it?

The dentists have actually been studying me. They say they’ve never seen a mouth move like mine.

Do you like Halloween? Because you can be my boo.

Let’s make like Transformers and be ‘Optimus Mine.’

Do your legs hurt? Because you’re always running through my mind.

I love metal bands. Let me show you some Kiss.

Call me Chubby Checker the way I will make you twist. 

You’re not a fish, don’t play koi.

You look like a farmer the way you made my heart beet.

Call me a horse because I’d love to say hay.

This is super heavy (point to hand) can you hold it for me?

I’m a postman and I can be your male.

The human body has 206 bones. Do you want one more?

Let’s make like a tree and leaf.

I feel like it’s autumn the way you make me fall.

Let’s go to the carnival so you can be my fare lady.

Are you an item from the grocery store? Because I want to bag you.

The galaxy called. They want their star back.

Why would I go to the movies when we could make our own?

Hands up! This is a robbery! I’m stealing your heart!

I don’t know what I was going to say. You made me speechless.

Do you have an inhaler? I think you just took my breath away.

Are you from Memphis? Because you’re the only ten-I-see.

I’m gonna call you skittles because I wanna taste your rainbow.

Let me brush off my lap. You need somewhere clean to sit.

You’re like a keyboard because you’re my type. 

Love is like diarrhea. I really can’t hold it in. 

I think I’m lost. In those eyes.

Are you a market? Because you’re super.

With you I feel like I’ve found a dictionary. You give me meaning.

Alexa! Give me a pickup line- I’ve found the one.

I’m sad, can you give me a hug? A kiss?

I must be a fisherman because you’re a reel catch!

Is your name Scooby? Because you’re something I really want to Doo.

The only thing hotter than you is- well, nothing.

You can be like a football player and touchdown there.

50 Pickup Lines For Girls To Use On Guys

Do you like seafood? Because I love your mussels.

I feel like I just came from Sephora the way I can’t make-up how I’m feeling about you.

You don’t believe in love at first sight? Maybe I should walk by again.

Did you go to (your high school here)? I swear we had chemistry together.

I think I need to call the police to give you a ticket because you’re driving me crazy.

I feel like I’m in Paris. Eiffel in love with you. 

Do you like geometry? Because you’re acute. 

Without you, life is like a non-working pencil. Pointless.

Are you Kendrick Lamar? Because DAMN!

Do you have a library card? Because I know you’ve been checking me out.

You like whisky? Cause I’ll give you a shot.

Are you an instrument? Because everything is going accordion to plan with you.

Do you like KitKats? Because I wanna break off a piece of that.

Can you take me to the hospital? Because I fell super hard for you just now.

Are you a plumber? Cause I want that pipe.

Are you a nascar driver? Because you make my heart speed race.

Can you call your mom and thank her for me? Thank her for making something so great.

Why does NASA have to go to space? They can see my whole world from here. 

You’re like a purse. I wanna take you everywhere I go.

I am only using Apple Music from now on. Spotify didn’t include you in they’re hottest singles list.

Are you John? Because I’ve never Cena man like you before.

Are you a fruit? Because you’re driving me bananas!

Are you hurt? From when you fell from heaven?

I don’t know the alphabet. I only know U and I.

Let’s be like pants and be a pair.

Do I owe you money? Because you have my interest.

How can I invite you for dinner if I don’t have your phone number?

Is there a heater in here or is it just you?

You can call me Eminem because I want to rap around you.

I’m not rich but you can have my trust.

Are you the Pillsbury Dough Boy? Because with you I want to roll-play.

Today’s my cheat day and I want you as a snack.

I bet your favorite sport is soccer. You’re definitely a keeper. 

You have eyes like the parking garage. I keep getting lost in them.

Is that a roll of nickels in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

There you are! Now I only have 2 wishes left.

I’m all out of kisses, can I borrow one?

Are you looking for a job? I have an opening that needs to be filled.

I’m calling the police. I know it was you who stole my heart.

Kiss me if my Spanish is bad but 你好吗.

I feel like Zac Efron because you make me feel 17 again.

I’m like a swimming pool right now. Dive in.

You owe me money. For all the time you’ve spent living in my mind.

I should have millions on my card by now because I feel like I’ve won the lottery with you.

I know you’re not a fruit but your berry cute.

Apparently you don’t need a car because you’re already driving me crazy.

You’re like my TV. I could stare at you for hours. 

You’re like Uber Eats because I’ve been waiting forever for you.

You’re like a shot of tequila. You hit me hard and make me spin.

Don’t feel down. You should feel up.

Jacob Rolison