The 40 Very Best Dentist Puns

The 40 Very Best Dentist Puns

May the floss be with you!

Going to the dentist can seem intimidating to many. A handful of devices, needles, as well as other preparations very easily instill fear into people’s bones. However, without dentists, their skill and knowledge, our teeth would always be painful and rotten. Whether you need tooth repair, tooth extraction, gum problems, or a purely aesthetic improvement, dentists are always ready to do everything in their power to relieve pain and make your teeth attract attention in every possible way.

Thanks to them, our teeth will always be healthy and shiny. In order for a wide smile to light up the day with its brilliance, we have prepared 35 dentist puns for you. They will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart, as well as spread your smile from ear to ear. Enjoy!

40 Funny Dental And Dentist Puns

#1 I asked my dentist why is he sad. He replied that dentists have fillings too!

#2 Sometimes dentists are like psychologists. They know how to help you with their advice, and also with their fill-osophy.

#3 I made an appointment with the dentist. My wife asked me when. I replied: “On toothsday.”

#4 I heard Frosty The Snowman went to the dentist. At first, it was strange to me because I didn’t know he had teeth. And then I realized, he must have had a problem with frostbite.

#5 The dentist received the award for the best dentist of the year. He was expecting a cash prize, but he received a small plaque.

#6 “Mom, mom, the dentist said the F word,” said the son to the mother. “Son, floss is not a bad word.”

#7 While I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, I heard a terrible sound. The dentist broke the glass. Well, what to do, it was acci-dentally.

#8 I heard a dentist say that bacon and soda are very good for teeth. He probably meant baking soda!

#9 My dentist traveled by ship. When I asked him which ship he traveled on, he replied: “It was a tooth ferry”.

#10 Please be kind, I have fiilings too.

#11 I saw my dentist putting on makeup. I asked her what product it was, and she said: “It’s my favorite, lipfloss.”

#12 Two teeth talk and one says: “Do you like my jokes?”. To which the other replies: “Yes, but they are cracking me up.”

#13 The tooth bought his girlfriend flowers. She replied: “Oh, you are such a sweet tooth.”

#14 Where do dentists go when they want to go sailing? Down the root canal.

#15 My dentist is definitely the king of teeth. He specializes in crowns.

#16 Mom Tooth said: “My son graduated from Oxford!”. The second one replied: “Oh, amazing! And what is his name?” Mom answered: “Wisdom tooth”.

#17 You are teethriffic!

#18 Two teeth are talking. Says one: “Do you want to hear the funny joke?” To that, the other replies: “I want to, but hold on. Let me brace myself.”

#19 A deer came to the dentist and is looking for dentures. The dentist asks him what his dentures will be, and he replies: “Well, I have buck teeth.”

#20 I met an old dentist. When I asked him how long he had been working, he replied: “I don’t know exactly. I think I was a bit long in the tooth.”

#21 I was at the dentist, and before that, I didn’t eat anything for lunch. He noticed this and was very generous to me, he gave me a plate.

#22 A patient went to the dentist and noticed a change in his mood. He asked the dentist: “Why are you so moody? Is there a problem?” And the dentist replied:  “What should I do, I always look down in the mouth.”

#23 The husband came home from the dentist nervous. The woman asked him what the problem was, and he replied: “That dentist is getting on my nerves.”

#24 I was in a great company the other day. None of them knew I had a dental implant until it came out in a conversation.

#25 My girlfriend is a member of the marching band. Yesterday she slept over for the first time at my place and only then did I see that she was using a tube of toothpaste.

#26 The dentist and the computer are talking. The computer says: “I’m really scared.” The dentist replies: “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a byte.”

#27 The dentist was in court. He defended himself in a conversation with the judge and shouted loudly: “Judge, you can’t handle the tooth!”

#28 What is a dentist’s favorite video game? The Plaque man.

#29 Two dentists went golfing. The first one said to the other one: “You have the hole in one.”

#30 Why does a ginger cookie go to the dentist? Because he has gingervitis!

#31 What is the first thing the dentist does when he comes to the roller coaster? He braces himself.

#32 In the waiting room, the dentist set up a television. Patients can now enjoy Netflix and drill while they wait.

#33 Two boys are talking about how their dad went to the dentist to get crowns. Then one of them asks: “What do you think, will we have to call him your highness from now on?”

#34 My uncle is a dentist, and he doesn’t like tea. His name is Denis.

#35 False teeth are like stars. Just like them, they come out during the night.

#36 Why does the dentist like to go to the zoo? Because he always sees the enamels there!

#37 Stop making toothpaste jokes! ORAL B MAD!

#38 My dentist was at the North Pole. When I asked her what she liked the most, she answered: “The molar bear”.

#39 You and me, we are mint to be. 

#40 May the floss be with you!

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