The 82 Very Best Ocean Puns

The 82 Very Best Ocean Puns

Ah, the ocean! The most chilled out, blissed out place, when nothing else matters but taking it easy, soaking out the summer sun, and having a good time. And what better way to have a good time than to bring out the jokes and get the laughter flowing?

Well, let’s take things pun-step further, shall we? Because when the sun comes out, the puns come out. From gloriously goofy gags to more so-fish-ticated quips and one-liners, we’ve got a ton of puns that are guaranteed to get an ocean-load of laughs.  

So, embrace the silly side of the seaside and check out our list of the very best ocean puns!

82 Funny Ocean Puns That Are A Shore-Fire Way To Get A Laugh

Good times on the beach are a shore thing

The beach is a stage… shell we dance?

You don’t like the beach? Shorely you can’t be sea-rious?

Did I use up all your suntan lotion? Or that just your resting beach face?

Come on, let me use some suntan lotion. Don’t be so shellfish!

This beach is one shell of a place

The tide is high and I’m holding on… Cos I need to do a number one!

My favourite ocean? Let’s just say I don’t have a pacific favourite.

What a sand-sational day for a swim.

Revenge is a dish best surfed cold.

I could do that sanding on my head

Sail-fie time!

Yachts were invented to chase pirates. Yacht a lot of people know that.

Buoy oh buoy what a wonderful day!

I caught the BIGGEST fish the other day, but the police took it away. It was con-fish-cated.

Sorry, can’t work today. I’m a little tide down at the moment.

Ready playa one!

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Deep sea diving… I think I’ve found my porpoise in life.

There’s nothing like an ocean swim to get the en-dolphins rushing!

I gave in to pier pressure!

Call me on my shell-phone.

Who can harbour a grudge on a day like today?

What did the letter B say in the summertime? Oh I do love to be beside the C.

Go for a swim in that? You must be shark raving mad!

Looks like island-ed in paradise.

Living the ship-sters paradise!

That’s what you call a Mexican wave!

What a crabsolutely fabulous day!

I’m what the deep sea creatures call so-fish-ticated

Swim in that? Are you squidding me?

This is the BEST DAY EVER!! Sorry… I got a little em-ocean-al there.

Just topping up the vitamin-sea.

I’m off for a surf. Wave goodbye.

Sea you on the otter side!

Work 9 to 5? Beach, please!

Today’s going just swimmingly!

There’s no-fin better than a beach.

This beach is turtle-ly amazing!

When they said this was a mussel beach, this was not what I expected!

Come on, come on, do the locom-ocean with me!

I second that em-ocean!

Kelp! I need somebody!

Newton’s first law of m-ocean… an object that remains at rest gets an awesome tan.

I’ve got a serious devotion to the ocean. Now pass the lotion!

Gotta love those slow m-ocean days.

How to celebrate a job prom-ocean? On the beach, of course!

Why shell out for entertainment when the ocean is free?

Why so crabby?

You don’t like the sea? Well, beach to their own.

Everything is not as it seams.

To find those true em-oceans, you’ve got to dive a little deeper.

Just thought I’d wave hello!…

…Fish you were here, but…

 I’ll sea you soon!

Tis the sea-sun to be jolly!

You like to bury your feet in the sand? Well, I guess that’s under-sand-able.

I go fishing just for the halibut.

Ha! He fell off his board… surfs him right!

The waves are strong today! What a com-ocean in the ocean!

Seas the day!

What a fin-tastic day to go deep sea diving!

The ocean holds many mysteries… it’s very sea-cretive

Ocean creatures love my swimming. They gave me their seal of approval.

Everything whale be alright in the end.

I’ve got some killer whale puns. I’m the whale pun orca-strator.

Sorry about the fishy puns. I just couldn’t kelp myself.

How do fish say hello? With a fish bump.

Were those catfish? Or just purr-maids?

Are sea levels raisin? Or is it just the current?

Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

Deep sea diving? It’s anemoneasy peasy

This fish tastes funny… it must be clown fish!

Stop sea horsing around!

I can never get my boat to stay put! I need anchor management.

My favourite films are about the undersea mafia. I just love lobster movies. Especially ones by Marlin Scorsce-sea.

The ocean relaxes me. It makes me nauti-cool as a cucumber.

The ocean makes my skin dry. I need some m-oyster-iser.

What are the lowest musical notes in the ocean? Sea bass.

You don’t like my ocean puns? My pet squid thinks they’re ink-credible.

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