50 Frog Puns

50 Frog Puns

Leapfrogging the list to the top of the pun chart, there’s a lot of fun to be had with a classic frog pun. Some are amusing. Some are hilarious. Some are downright unforgettable. And yes, others are eye-rolling, embarrassing, dad joke specials. But hey… you wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t your thing, right?

So, without further ado, let’s hop to it. Here are 50 of the best frog puns:

50 Funniest Frog Puns

What’s a frog’s favourite fast food? French flies, washed down with a diet croak.

Why are frogs so content? They eat whatever bugs them.

What do you get if you cross a rabbit and a frog? A bunny ribbit.

What about if you cross a frog and a dog? A croaker spaniel.

Why did the frog call roadside assistance? Because his car b-roak down.

What did the roadside assistance man say to the frog? I’ll give you a lift. Hop in.

How did his car get home? It was toad.

What did he say the next time his car broke down? “If I’ve toad you once, I’ve toad you again!”

What do you call a frog without a home? Hermit the frog.

What’s a good year for a frog? A leap year.

What do you call a girl with a frog on her head? Lily.

What do you call the apartment of a girl with a frog on her head? A Lily pad.

Where do frogs get their eggs? A spawn shop.

What are frogs’ favourite crisps? Croaky bacon.

Why did the lady frog dump her boyfriend? Because he wasn’t Kermit-ing.

What do you call a sad frog with a broken leg? Un-hoppy.

How did he fix his broken leg? He has a hop-peration.

Where do frogs leave their jackets? In the croak room.

What’s the name of the most famous frog rock star? Ozzy Frogspawn.

Where do frogs go to get their eyes checked? The hopticians.

Why did the frog take out life insurance? In case he croaked it.

What’s a Scottish frog’s favourite playground game? Hop scotch.

What’s their second favourite? Leapfrog.

What did the teacher say to the frog? Well done! You’ve come on leaps and bounds!

What does every frog watch, but pretend they don’t? Frogspawn. 

What did the know-it-all frog say in the library? Reddit. Reddit. Reddit.

What’s it called when a frog has the same day over and over? Groundfrog Day.

What’s the motto of an optimistic frog? Every frog has its day.

What do frogs drink on a hangover? Hair of the frog.

Why do frogs like making beer? They know a thing or two about hops.

Apart from his dashing looks, why did the princess fall for the frog? Because he was ribbiting.

Where did the princess and the frog kiss at Christmas? Under the mistletoad.

How do covert frogs communicate? Through morse toad.

What’s a frog’s favourite type of music? Hip hop.

What’s their second favourite type? Hopera.

What’s a frog’s favourite footwear in summer? Open toad sandals.

Why was the innocent frog put in prison? The frog police jumped to the wrong conclusion.

What did the frog wear in prison? A jumpsuit.

How did it escape? It hopped over the wall and frog-legged it.

What do you call a frog with horns? A bullfrog.

Why did the amnesiac frog cross the road? There must be a reason, but he’s froggotten.

What’s the most important thing for a kind hearted frog? Frogiveness.

Why don’t frogs believe in ghosts? They think that once you’ve croaked it, you’ve croaked it. 

Why else don’t frogs believe in ghosts? They think they’re a frogment of your imagination.

What did one frog hippie say to another? Toad-ally bodacious dude!

What did the Italian frog mobster say to his friend? Aaay… froggedabowdit!

Why couldn’t the cannibal frog speak properly? Because he had a frog in his throat.

What did the frog say to her lying son? Are you am-fib-ian again?

Why do frogs sit on lily pads? Because they like to sit and ponder.

If you thought these frog puns were toadally cheesy, please frogive me… but I bet you found them ribbiting! 

Ryan Osborne