100+ Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

100+ Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Asking “Dirty Questions”, can carry the passion in a relationship to a whole new level. If you have problems with “The Spark” in your relationship, or if you just wanna spice things up in the bedroom then this article is for you. Also, if you’re still just going out and wondering where this is going you can use some of these to find out.

People usually are the most lit up at the beginning of the relationship. Sure, you’re learning new things about the other person and that’s exciting but another reason for relationships being more exciting in the beginning is that then there’s flirting. There’s flirting and spicy comments, the thrill of you trying to think of something clever and seeing how she responds. These things are often neglected in long-term relationships and this leads to a lack of spark, lack of attraction, and in the end, lack of a girlfriend. 

If you don’t want this to be you or just simply want to get more flirty but are out of ideas then keep reading to find out the 100+ Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend we’ve compiled together for you. 

Since you can’t just start up a conversation with the dirtiest question out of nowhere, we’ve divided the questions into 4 categories ranging from lighter (opener) questions up to the hardcore questions that you should ask when things are really heated and you’re almost ready to get down to it.

Easier Questions To Break The Ice

These questions are more light-hearted and easier to digest. They’re perfect if you haven’t had any dirty talk yet and you’re looking for a way to introduce this into your relationship. 

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

– What are you wearing right now?

– What body parts are your favorite?

– What’s your favorite sensation to feel?

– Have you ever thought about what it would be like if we kissed?

– How do you feel when I hug you?

– When did you first see me in a different way?

– Did you dress up like this for me? 

– When do you think is it time for two people to get intimate?

– What do you feel is the best thing about kissing?

– When do you think is the right time to “make a move”?

– Have you been thinking about me?

– Are you trying to get me drunk?

– What did you first notice about me?

– What desire do you feel guilty about?

– What was your last intimate thought about me?

– Do you consider yourself more of a good or a bad girl?

– What’s the most attractive trait of a man?

– What’s the best part, physically, about being female?

– How do you think we’d look together?

– What clothes do you sleep in… if any?

– What’s the best thing about flirting?

– What parts of the male body do you like the most?

– What do you see when you look into my eyes?

– What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever worn?

– Wanna move this somewhere quieter?

Keep in mind that these questions are just to get her mind thinking in the right direction, she’s not ready to go all the way just yet.

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Questions That Show Intention

This next batch of questions is more direct and demonstrates intent. These are to be used once you’ve already established some intimacy and are looking to move things further. While the first questions are more aimed towards making her think about her own sexiness and body these are for linking it with you.

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

– Are you alone?

– What are you doing later tonight?

– Have you ever made out with someone just because you felt horny?

– What’s the most inappropriate thought about me you’ve ever had?

– If we could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

– If you could see me in any outfit right now, what would it be?

– How do you feel about body hair on a guy?

– What do you like about my body?

– Have you ever imagined me naked?

– What movie character do I remind you of?

– Want me to walk you home?

– Can you show me your “Move” to turn a guy on?

– What do you think a massage from me will feel like?

– Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

– If we were in an underwear store and there was only one fitting room, who would go first?

– If you accidentally find a nude picture of me, what would you do?

– If I walked into the shower and I saw you naked, how would you feel?

– If you had to kiss me anywhere below the shoulders, where would it be?

– Do you like it when we’re alone together?

– Do you think we look like a couple?

– What clothes do I look better in? + examples

– What’s your favorite thing about me?

– Are you attracted to me?

– How does it feel to be touched by me?

– If we could do anything right now and we would immediately both forget, what would it be?

These questions still won’t get you all the way but it’s moving things to where she is now thinking about you and associating you with kinky topics.

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Initiation Questions!

Now things are getting spicy. You’ve been a little intimate, maybe you’ve done some things already, maybe you’ve been dating for a while or for a long time and you need a new way to introduce dirty topics. These are the questions to do it!

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

– How does it feel when I kiss your neck?

– What would you want me to do to you tonight?

– How would you feel if I blindfolded you?

– Want me to eat some cream off of you?

– Wanna save some water by showering together?

– Wanna get away for the weekend?

– Remember that time we… (good, naughty memory)

– What’s your favorite toy?

– What’s your favorite spot for me to touch?

– What’s the naughtiest thing you would do for me?

– (Follow up to the previous question) – When?

– Want me to take you home tonight?

– What’s the most inappropriate place you’d like to do things at?

– (Follow up to the previous question) – Wanna go there tonight?

– Top 5 spots you like me to kiss you and I’ll do it right now?

– Wanna touch ourselves in front of eachother?

– What’s a song that always gets you turned on? (put on that song)

– What’s something kinky you’ve always wanted to try but were afraid to ask me?

– Wanna have the loudest s#x in the world?

– What’s the best org#sm I’ve ever given you?

– Where in the house would you like to have me other than the bedroom?

– Remember when I had you on that fence?

– Wanna annoy the neighbors a little bit? 

– Do you ever brag about me to your friends?

– Hey, do I taste good?

– Want to see if there’s anything interesting at the adult store?

– Want to go skinny dipping tonight?

– Does nature turn you on at night?

These questions are sure to spark some affection even if you have work and it’s not going to happen right then and there. All the while you’re making her think about it and sooner or later, she’ll need to get it out of her head somehow. Also, the questions aside these are some great ways to spice things up in the bedroom too.

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Do You Want To Play” Questions?

If you still need to initiate some intimacy and physicality in new ways here are some questions and adult game suggestions to get things going.

– Remember when we were little and we used to play “truth or dare”? Let’s do that now?

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

– Let’s play “dress up”, but I get to dress you up… and down?

– Do you want to roleplay?

– Want to play “Blindman’s Bluff”?

– When was the last time we played strip poker?

– Would you have a “naked pillow fight” with me?

– Wanna play strip “Jenga”?

– Let’s play “guess the body part with your lips”?

– Let’s play “Never have I ever”?

– Let’s see how good of a “wrestler” you are?

– Can you “Guess the food” with your eyes shut?

– Let’s play “naked mirror” 

– Wanna play “spin the bottle”, we can drink it first?

– Wanna check out some adult games online?

– Do you think you can make me finish without using your hands?

– Isn’t it time for some “Love Bingo”?

– Wanna buy one of those Kama Sutra dice?

– Didn’t you have a Kama sutra somewhere around here?

– (Follow up to previous questions) – Wanna try some poses?

– Have you ever thought about doing your yoga naked?

These games are sure to spice up your relationship.

Some Finishing Words

Did you enjoy these questions? Is there a crucial question we missed that works really well? Now that you have these, pick the best ones or the ones you feel most comfortable with and add them to your arsenal. It’s time to heat things up in your relationship and make your girlfriend sweat! 

Team Ponly