20 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

20 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

We all know it can get a little tricky when it comes to communication between men and women. Women tend to feel misunderstood and often left with the impression that their partner doesn’t care about what they think. This then leads to relationship issues, where communication feels broken and there is nothing that can be done in order to feel seen and heard.

It will all be so much easier if both men and women could honestly express their feelings and thoughts. Only then we will be able to embrace diversity and learn to accept our partner with all their flaws!

Have you ever wished you could read someone’s mind? Of course, we mean your partner’s mind!

Since we don’t have such superpowers, we prepared 20 common questions for you, which every woman would like to ask a man, but is too shy or feels extremely uncomfortable to do so. 

And even if you don’t necessarily receive any specific answer to your questions, the goal for all women is to gain confidence and forget about being embarrassed when it comes to speaking up their minds!

Just remember, whenever you feel like asking any of these questions – make sure you are fully prepared for the answers!


1. Do you think my stretch marks are unattractive? 

Let’s be real about this, every woman has stretch marks and that is perfectly normal, even beautiful! It’s not even necessary for you to have gone through a drastic change in your weight, even skinny girls have stretch marks! Although women pay a lot of attention to detail, on the contrary, not all men do. Research shows that men mostly don’t care about stretch marks and don’t even notice them.


2. What do you think about marriage?

Every woman wants to feel secure that she is with the right guy, even since day 1. She wants to be sure that she is not wasting her time with someone who is against marriage and who isn’t willing to commit for a lifetime, right?


3. Why do men hate romantic movies?

When it comes to watching a movie with your partner, mostly all women go for romance and men are against it. But why? Does that have to do anything with the difference in the emotional intelligence between men and women?
In case the movie is that much of an issue, we can surely think of one thing, which a couple loves doing! Got it?


4. Why are women considered the weaker sex, when they are the ones giving birth to men?

With the world evolving so fast, we see many more independent women who don’t feel the need to rely on a man. With all these changes going on, how can women be considered the weaker sex, when they work, support their families and take care of the home, just like any man could. Women can do anything a man can, even more!
Of course, not all women can change light bulbs, but has a man tried giving birth?


5. Why do you always think we are on our period when we are in a bad mood?

Pretty much everything can influence a woman’s mood and that certainly isn’t only her period! Every woman has surely been asked: ‘’Are you on your period?’’ whenever they’re in a bad mood. But have men actually considered that they could be the reason for that bad mood?

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6. Why are men ashamed when a woman makes more money than a man?

Like we said, the world is changing so rapidly, but why would a woman’s salary put a man in a bad light? If you feel secure enough as a man, how would that influence your confidence? We truly believe that money doesn’t add any value to someone’s personality, so how can that affect the man?


7. Why do you think a serious relationship would take away your freedom?

If your partner loves you, why would he/she take your freedom away? There is nothing better than being given the space you need, while still feeling true commitment in your relationship. It is very probable that this is just a lame excuse for someone not wanting to be in a serious relationship.


8. Is it that hard to make your girlfriend/wife happy?

Is it out of ego that you refuse to do something that you know would make a woman happy? Why can’t men understand that by making their partner happy, they are actually making themselves happy!
Although we shouldn’t rely on others in order to find happiness, we all love to be taken care of and of course, we do expect this from our partner on a daily basis.


9. What do you think about cheating?

Some people think that whenever you bring this question up, you are 100% cheating. That’s definitely not true, as it’s just another way of getting to know your partner. Even though not many people would actually admit being okay with cheating, it is still great to know your partner’s opinion, right?


10. What is your greatest s*xual fantasy?

Maybe out of shame, it’s very often that women cannot ask this question, since they feel like they would leave a bad impression. Truth is, both men and women should be able to talk freely about s*x and any other sensitive topic. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to sharing your biggest fantasies, in the end we are all here for the fun, aren’t we?!


11. Why did you break up with your ex?

Many women would like to know the past of their partners. They tend to think that it is applicable for the man’s future too. Practically, that shouldn’t be true, since we all tend to change, depending on the person we are with. The past doesn’t always have to speak loudly about someone’s personality, but the presence surely does, so pay attention to that!


12. Are you going out with me only to have sex?

Although it might be embarrassing to ask this on a first date, why not be honest? We all think that being open and completely honest is the key to successful communication, and even if you don’t get an honest answer, you would at least show your confidence.


13. Are you talking to other girls since we started dating?

Let’s be honest, everyone is a little jealous and absolutely nobody wants to share their partner with anyone else! Therefore, feel free to ask and always be honest! This question doesn’t necessarily mean that you have trust issues, it just proves one’s ability to be as open as possible.

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14. How many women have you slept with?

Every girl finds interest in this question if she is not the one being asked, of course. 

Don’t believe a man when he tells you he doesn’t know the answer to this question – he knows! We do believe though, that whatever the answer is, it is actually irrelevant and doesn’t really mean anything.


15. Would you leave all your friends to spend time with me?

Every girl wants to be her man’s top priority and she wants all the attention.  Would you really dare to ask this question though? One thing is sure, anything that you feel like discussing must be shared with your partner. So go ahead and speak your truth!


16. Do you expect to have sex on a first date? 

We all know that it is the woman who decides whether this will happen or not. But still, if the man is insisting and expecting it, no woman would feel good in such a situation. 
Nobody should ever feel obliged to do anything!


17. What is something you don’t like about me?

We must first remember that someone’s opinion of us doesn’t define us, it is just a projection of their own reality. Even though such questions might be useful to us, that doesn’t mean that we will like the answers. Once again, we believe that honesty is essential, and if you can share with your partner what you dislike and like about each other, then you surely are a perfect match!


18. Do you want to have kids?

Now, this is a very sensitive question, but the answer to it can have a lot of meaning. It is a way to understand whether someone is family orientated or not.
It is perfectly normal for someone not to want to have kids, but if you and your partner don’t want the same things, when it comes to your future together, then this question must surely be part of the conversation.


19. Have you ever thought about your ex while spending time with me?

There is no doubt that if the answer is ‘’yes’’, that would mean war! Still, many women want to know as much as possible about their partner’s ex and they keep digging and digging. Don’t get too attached to the past though, since it really won’t serve you anything.
Oh! One more thing – you probably won’t get an honest answer here.

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20. Do you think I’m fat?

Another question to which men would rarely answer honestly.
Since women pay so much attention to how they look, they always feel the need to know their partner’s opinion on their physical appearance, and if possible, their positive approval.

Whenever you decide to ask this question though – like we said, prepare yourself for the answer!

Last but not least, remember that physical appearance is not the only ‘’place’’ where you can find beauty, do not forget to also search for it deep within!


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