55 Best Rizz Lines

55 Best Rizz Lines

Rizz is tough to master. Spittin’ game is so wild these days.

Everyone everywhere seems to already have all the best lines in their back pocket. There are whole books about dating game tactics. Who’s got time for that? Hashtags on TikTok and Instagram inundate us with so many options from a billion different videos. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of lines that will bring you from no rizz to mad rizz in two seconds flat.

Whether you’re feeling dirty, sweet, hot, funny or just plain flirty this list has the perfect line for you. Pick one and try it out in public, over text, or on TikTok. Don’t forget to tag us.

The Best Rizz Lines

Can I buy you a drink? I’d like to see how good you are at swallowing.

Kiss me if I’m wrong but, the earth is for sure flat.

You must be my lucky charm, because you’re magically delicious!

This date has been a big bowl of ‘frosted flakes’! It’s GRRRRRREAT!

Where in Asia are you from? I can totally see myself in Ja-Panties!

Hey, I’m sorry to bother you, but my phone must be broken because it doesn’t seem to have your number in it.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or, do I have to walk by again?

Flip this coin! Mama’s got a 50/50 chance at getting some tail tonight.

Are you a toaster? Because I am looking for something to take a bath with tonight.

You want to know my favorite tea? I’m looking at her, shawTea!

It doesn’t matter to me what you’ve got in your pants. Just as long as you can take what’s in mine!

Ow! I just bit my lip. Can you kiss it and make it better?

I can’t taste my cherry lip gloss! Can you give it a try?

Hey boy, want to play shark attack? You eat! I-scream!

I’m so jealous of your heart right now, because it’s pounding inside of you and I’m not.

(follows behind a love interest for a while) Don’t mind me! I’m just following my dreams.

(approaching a hostess stand) I’d like to make reservations for two. “What time?” Whenever you’re free.

Is that a beaver I see, because GOD DAM!

I’m not quite Jesus, I’m more of an apostle. I could never turn water into wine. But I bet I can turn you into mine.

I don’t care if you’re vegan. I got the only meat you’ll ever need.

Are you a construction worker? Because I see a dump truck back there! Cla-Clow!

If you were a room in my house I’d make you the basement. So I could put kids inside you.

Are you from France? Cause MaDAMN you fine!

I’m no cashier but you got a couple things on you I’d like to check out!

When I was a kid I used to have to chase butterflies. Now you’re over here bringing them right to me.

If you’re a fruit, you’d be a FINEapple. If you were a vegetable, I’d be your life support.

You want to know why I’m always thinking about you? Because my mom told me to think about my future.

I always thought happiness started with the letter H. But my happiness starts with U.

Are you part phone charger? Cause, I’m dying without you!

Are you good at algebra? Because you could replace my ex without asking Y!

Do you like soccer? My favorite player is Ronaldo, but we can get MESSI!

I’d like to take you to the movies, but they don’t allow outside SNACKS.

I’m no waitress, but boy I’ll take your tip.

Can I take your picture? I need it to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

Your body is 60% water, and I’m thirsty as FUCK.

Stop right there or I’m calling the cops! Because you stole my heart.

ethplkkrf#4752! (What’s that?) The WiFi password for when you come over later.

You’re so hot I just forgot my pickup line.

I don’t subscribe to Netflix but I think we should make our own movie.

Of all four seasons you’re definitely winter, because soon you’ll be coming.

Relationships should be 50/50. You give me your last name and I’ll scream out your first.

Hey boy, I just got some Boba Tea, but I bet it won’t be the last time I get balls in my mouth today.

I got us sushi for dinner, but that won’t be the only thing we do raw tonight.

I had sushi for lunch, it won’t be the last time I go down on something fishy today.

You got no paper and no pencil but still you’re drawing my attention. 

That must be why the sky is so gray, all the color is in your eyes.

Are you hiring? Because you look like you have a couple openings that need filling.

Are you a subway sandwich artist? I’m hoping you can hook me up with a footlong!

Right now you’re looking like my keyboard, because you’re just my type.

Kissing is a love language. Want to start a conversation with me?

Close your eyes and what do you see? (Nothing, Darkness, Black, etc.) That’s my life without you.

My crush is ugly…without the GLY.

You’re magnetic! My zipper is falling for you.

My therapist tells me I’m Type-A, because I’m always on top of things. How’d you like to be one of them?

You look like the scariest haunted house because I’m going to scream so loud when I’m inside you.

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