How to Rizz Up A Girl

How to Rizz Up A Girl

There she is! I can’t believe it, she’s actually here. Alright, how do I look? How’s my breath? It’s time to make a move. Now or never. What should I say? What’s the first thing she should hear come out of my mouth? Oh boy, I’m spiraling. Can’t do it! I’ll crash and burn. Forget it, time to bounce.

Don’t let this happen to you. There are so many ways to be prepared when it’s time to talk up a crush. To get her on your side the only thing you really need is to ready your rizz. I’m her to help you take what seems terrifying and make it so simple, you’ll never bail out again.

A proper rizzing may seem like rocket science at times, but it’s actually very simple. All you need to drop a right rizzing on the one tying knots in your stomach are just 6 things:

  1. Confidence – If you aren’t used to harnessing confidence, don’t worry. Fake it ‘til you make it. Use tricks like pumping yourself. Say nice things about yourself. Tell yourself you’re funny. Tell yourself you’re hot. Tell yourself a joke. Make yourself laugh. Listen to music that gets you amped. Sing song lyrics that inspire you and bring that feeling to face your crush.
  2. Authenticity – This one you can’t fake, because if you did you would NOT be authentic! Just be yourself. Understand that you are someone worth spending time with and engaging with and hopefully that will lend itself to that confidence thing we already talked about.
  3. Levity – To get things started, keep things light. Have a joke in your back pocket. Memorize a few fun/harmless pick up lines for when the moment seems right. Keeping things light will keep conversation moving smoothly and should help usher your rizz game into the next phase of dating.
  4. Questions – Asking about a girl is oftentimes a lot better than just spitting pick-up lines at her. However, a nice subtle combination is what makes a perfect rizz mix. Find out who she is, what she likes, where she’s from, does she have siblings, etc. Bringing along some questions with your rizz attempt will keep conversation popping.
  5. Specificity – Be specific with whom you are speaking. Every girl is different. Some love to talk and others love to listen. Some love big personalities, others love subtly. React to her and the way she receives you. Don’t stop being yourself, but allow yourself to be malleable in this most important and intimate of social situations.
  6. Concentration – Listening is the most important thing when it comes to your rizz game. No girl wants to sit there and hear all about you and take on an onslaught of pick up lines, no matter how clever they are. She is going to want you to be interested in her too. Listening to what she has to say will not only show her that you actually care, but it will open up a lot of room for more conversation and more chances to be fun and charming.

So you see, it isn’t actually that complicated. The things needed to Rizz Up A Girl are all in your own internal tool box. Even the smooth pick up lines you can come up with yourself and if you create some that fit the girl you are rizzing you are that much further along than you ever thought you would be!

To make these six simple things even simpler, here are some phonetic aids to help you remember what you need to Rizz Up A Girl:

Zachary Finch