The 46 Very Best Jokes for Teens

The 46 Very Best Jokes for Teens

Dad jokes have been around for some time, and there’s nothing better than saying a corny joke at the worst time imaginable: a party, a wedding, or my favorite, during a movie. Tell these jokes anywhere and everywhere you’d like. 

This article will give you the corniest jokes for teens to make your teenager groan loud enough to sound like a whale, but Oh, Whale! These are the perfect set of dad jokes to show anybody you have a fantastic sense of humor. Dad jokes are excellent for all circumstances because there will be some reaction, it may be a groan, chuckle, or vomit, but something is better than nothing. 

46 Jokes for Teens

I crashed into McDonalds

Because The sign said drive thru!

Why does recording a video take so much effort?

Because you have to use a try-pod

The bakery still owes me money

Everyday I walk in and yell wheres my bread!

What do you call a muddy motorcycle 

A dirt bike

My wife left me after college

Because I got a bachelors degree

Whats the creepiest part of a car

A starring wheel

Whos the thirstiest cell phone provider?

Tea mobile

Gas prices are way too high

Its 3 dollars per fart 

What happens when Thomas Edison doesnt drink water

Het get light-headed

What did the piano say when it left the house

I forgot my keys!

I accidentally hurt myself in the living room

I think its because of the C- ouch!

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Horses have horseshoes 

I was surprised to see a horse wearing adidas

I drove into a open field and couldnt leave 

All the signs said Park

Whats a hockey players favorite song

Ice ice baby!

What do you call a great swimmer?

A dolphin

I love spring water

But I can only drink in it in March

What do you call a fly without wings

A zipper

What do directors yell when they get injured?


— 19th of 45 Jokes for Teens

Whats the laziest part of a car

The breaks!

Why are soccer players so successful 

Because they have goals

Whats a vegetables favorite dance

The cabbage patch

My favorite animal is the deer

Because it helps me write letters

I keep losing my USB charger

I think USB stands for u sneaky brat

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How many hands does a clock have?

Two if Im holding it

What’ s the most gangster type of lamp

Street lights

What do street lights call the moon?


A ceiling fan is a regular fan 

That needed a better view

How do baseball players work out in their house

They do home runs

What did one good morning say to another good morning

Hey… you

Where does Batman buy groceries 

A super market 

Whats something sad astronauts need?


I went to the gym and got sick

So I stole the medicine ball

My girlfriend loves to watch wrestling 

So I bought her a wedding ring

Whats the best Christmas music 

Wrap music

Camouflage is spelled weird

It should be spelled ____________

What do truck drivers eat on

A license plate

How do you know if a person doesnt brush their teeth?

They own a Bluetooth

People who give me directions are so nice

They keep saying youre right 

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I love hand soap

But my feet hate it

How does the ocean say hi

It waves

A parody of a parody 

Is the original song 

What’s a sharks favorite facial feature

Their Jaws

Why are time travelers always late

They take their time

What did the donut say after seeing itself in the mirror

Holely smokes!

What do Frenchs fries say when they’re put in a box


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