20 Very Best Girl’s Night Party Games

20 Very Best Girl’s Night Party Games

Girl’s night, you with your besties drinking wine or your favorite drink. Suddenly one of you suggests the perfect idea, playing drinking games. You know and I know that these games are the most famous and fun way to get drunk faster and laugh till the other morning, or the morning after the hangover.

I am not sure why you ladies want to get drunk tonight, but these games can make your alcohol cravings destigmatize. I choose for you, the sexiest, the most fun, and the most playful drinking games of all time, because why not?

So, tonight when the girlfriends gathering happening, try to play one, two, or all of them. Have fun and always remember, we will never be old enough for good company and drinking games.


— 25 Fun Girls Night Party Games 


1. The most popular of all “Never Have I Ever”

This is the most popular game of all times; the main question is “never have I ever…” if anyone has done this action must drink a shot. A most fun way to play it, would be if you categorize questions and make levels before your friends coming (sex, boyfriend, teen years, family, friends). I know that you will end up lost the counting but it’s funny after all.


2. Karaoke Shot Fight

This game probably sounds new but does it? It’s nothing but a karaoke night with drinks but before start singing, all of you ladies please drink one tequila shot (one for me please!). And then start karaoke, one mistake, you take one shot. Believe me after three shots the lyrics will start to seem hazily.


3. One Lie, Two Truths

The game will be easier if you ladies are truly besties, but it will be harder if you don’t know each other so well (this is not bad, more alcohol for you). So, in a circle everyone will tell a sentence that combines two truths and a lie if the person next to you guess right, you drink, if the guess it fault, she drinks. Continue this until you are bored.


4. Drunk Jenga

This is one of my favorite ones, old but gold, if you have a Jenga in your house it will be easier, or else you can buy one on Amazon (its great game overall). So, you could write a different rule on the top of each piece, for example, “drink one shot», «drink a gulp”, “drink two shots”. It’s up to you how hangover you will be the next morning. Of course, for the one who loses and drop it all down, you all must make the rule for her. For example, a dare question or 5 shots in a row, it’s up to you.


5. Would You Rather with exes or not so good-looking guys (famous, cartoons or not)

This is easier and I promise you that after some alcohol, all of them start to look better than they really are. The question will be like “would you rather to drink *a mix shot*, or sleep with that guy?”. It’s up to you how mixed up that shot will be, and who the guy is.


6. Charades Drinking Game

Charades game is an oldie goldie game but tonight you will play it like a drinking game. So, you separate into teams (two or three players each team) the first team must try to depict one movie scene, and the other tries to guess which the movie is. The loser team must drink one slug of alcohol, each round.


7. Put a Finger Down, girly edition.

You know that this is a famous Tik Tok challenge, so I got for you a drinking game based on this challenge. On YouTube you will be able to find many challenges, but I suggest this one. After you listen to this, you will drink one glug, for every finger that is down. There are many editions for this challenge, you can pick whatever you want. Have fun!


8. Truth or Drink (relationship edition)

Let’s make the game more personal! Truth or drink it’s a classic drinking game, the one and only rule here is that the questions must be about relationships. If someone don’t want to answer she has to drink. This may be an opportunity to meet each other better.


9. Stoney Face

This game has a lot of fun, you all think about sentences that seems impossible to say them or hear them without laughing. Then write them on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl. Each of you would choose one of them and trying to read it out loud with a straight face, if you don’t make it, drink a shot. More drunk you get; the harder it gets.


10. Toxic Traits

This is kind of little awkward, but in the end, you’ll crack a smile, I promise. Everyone writes on a small piece of paper 2 toxic traits and a line about one or more toxic exes, admit that you had one too. Mix the papers up and then each of you choose one of them and read it at loud. If you have the same toxic trait or relationship drink. Don’t lie, we are a team.


11. Mirror dance

Let’s get that party started! Choose one of you to make the dancer of your favorite song and the others must stand up across her, name her leader, the others must be her mirror. You must copycat the moves, if the leader says that you make a mistake you are out and you drink a slug, the winner is the last one that stays in the dance. Repeat it until you all be leaders.


12. I Went To The Market And Buy…

The first person starts by saying “I went to the market and buy…” and in the end of the sentence put something that commonly buys from the supermarket, the following player repeats the line and add another grocery. After a few rounds you must have a sentence like “I went to the market and buy chips, toothbrush, tomato and melon”. You must keep going until someone makes a mistake and then, obviously they take a shot.


13. If You Know What I Mean…

This game is better if you have a dirty mind. First you all must to imagine a situation for example “you are in a jungle”, then everyone must go back and forth trading sentences that end up with “if you know what I mean”, with a sexual/funny subtext. The first who run out from these phrases, drinks!


14. Kama Sutra (spiciest)

Here we have a spiciest, you could say, drinking game. In girl’s night you should talk about sexy adventures. You have not to be shy, be open and laugh, find Kama sutra online and each of you try to imitate positions, if someone of you tried it even once in bed, she must drink. Start with easy ones and step to step take it to the next level.


15. Cup swap

Each of you must have two glasses, one with alcohol and the other empty. You will also need a spoon, the rules are simple you have exactly one minute to transfer the alcohol from the glass to the other empty one-with a spoon- it’s not so easy as it seems. If the one-minute pass, you must drink the remail alcohol from the original cup.


16. Uno-Drinking Game

This game is like the Uno, except the fact that each card +4, or +2 you drink two or four shots of alcohol. Bonus tip you can write in one card another rule for surprising your friends (for example if someone plays the card with the number 4, sings a song or drink again).


17. Lighter

Lighter is the most common object to use for this game, but if you don’t have one, just pick another object. It begins with some questions like “which one from this room has the messier room”, the first who has the lighter must give it to the person that believes she has the messier room. You can ask questions clockwise. Have fun, don’t be very dramatic.


18. Where is the water?

This game is ideal for the people who don’t make that face after drinking a shot. Choose an alcohol that is seem like water and fill the half shot glasses with alcohol and the other half with water. Each player must take one shot and the others have to guess if she had alcohol or water, if the guess is right then the person takes another shot, if not the person who guess wrong takes the shot.


19. Dating App Drinking Game

First things first, its better if you find a way to connect your smartphone with a screen, so all of you be able to watch. If one of you has already an account on online dating app will be easier. The rules are up to you, but I will suggest some.

Drink once: dog pic, child pic, etc.

Drink twice: muscle pic, mirror pic…

Drink three times: if he/she is hot, swipes right.


20. Spinning Bottle

This one is very simple; you will need a small bottle and some plastic glasses. You will create a circle with glasses back to front and into them, you will put snacks or shots. The players must spin the bottle, they’ll eat or drink whatever is underneath the glass, that the bottle point to.


21. Blow Cards

This game is getting more and more famous, you must try it out, don’t you think? You will need some cards and a glass with alcohol. Put cards in the top of your glass and then the first of you attempts to blow at least one card, then the others must blow too. If someone blow all the cards from the top of the bottle must drink what is in the glass.


22. Jelly Bears

You all know what are these jello shots, right? You will need one pack of gamy bears, and some alcohol. This game played in teams (with two or three players) the purpose is to separate the bears by color and put them in shot glasses, within 30 seconds, with a fork. The team that put the less jelly in the shot glass they must drink them.


23. Drink Murder

It seems like the board game “Night falls in Palermo”, but not exactly. In each round one of the players assigned the role of murderer, this person can kill other players with “winking” eye contact. When you winked at, you must pretend sudden death. You don’t lose, you just drink a shot.


24. Mean Girls (drinking game edition)

If you are looking for the chilliest drinking game, with some popcorns and lots of wine, I got you. The movie that I choose for you is a girly classic movie “Mean girls”. The rules are the following:

  • Drink every time someone mentions Africa
  • Drink every time Regina Georges wears pink
  • Drink for every mini skirt
  • If you dare, drink every time someone says mean or girl.


25. Rocking Around (Christmas edition)

This is a way to make a Christmas gathering more interesting. One of you has to be the DJ for a while and put the “Rocking around” song, the others will start to dancing all over the Christmas tree, even if its small, when the DJ press the pause button all the other players have to freeze if someone doesn’t, must drink.


Please drink responsibly and try to have fun. Don’t be concerned about the morning hangover, it will happen again. These moments don’t.

Zoi Tsadari
Zoi Tsadari