The 50 Best Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    The 50 Best Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    I lost my Netflix password, can I come and chill with you?

    When it comes to dating these days it’s tough sledding. I for one had trouble finding a viable partner when I could unleash my charms in person, face to face. My pickup lines could be delivered with the appropriate inflection and body language. Now, it’s all online and context is key. My pickup lines have to be phrased perfectly. It’s taken some serious trial and error. A lot of chats that seem to be going quite well just fall off the face of the planet. I’m met with blocked chats. I’ve gotten kicked off of apps.

    However, the following pickup lines, albeit cheesy, work more often than not and keep the conversation going.

    50 Of The Best Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    I must be in Las Vegas. Cause you’re the Queen of Hearts.

    Call me a paleontologist, because I found a Gorgeosaurus.

    I’m here looking for our missing Christmas ham, you aren’t hiding it down the back of your dress are you?

    If I told you your body was fine, would you hold it against me?

    Let’s go for a slice, I want a pizza your heart.

    I finally got my library card, because I’m interested in checking you out.

    Have I seen you somewhere before? Oh yeah, it was in my google search for HOTCHIE MOTCHIE!

    You’re so fine I’d consider marrying your brother just to get into your family.

    I’ve seen you in the vending machine, B4. You’re my favorite snack. nomnomnom

    On our first date I’m going to take you to McDonald’s, because I’ll need some fries with that shake.

    Are you Ronald McDonald because looking at you has super sized my happy meal.

    I lost my Netflix password, can I come and chill with you?

    Want to hear a joke? Well I have none because I’m dead serious about you.

    I noticed you noticing me. So, I just wanted to put you on notice that I noticed you too.

    If God made anything more beautiful than you he’d have to keep it all to himself.

    I’d like to take you shopping at Ross Dress for Less where I can get your clothes half off.

    Welp, here I am. What are your other two wishes?

    See what I’m wearing? Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material.

    I don’t dribble this much when I’m playing basketball.

    Did I swallow a caterpillar, or are you giving me butterflies?

    When we go out, remind me to bring my inhaler, because you take my breath away.

    I’m sorry, but if you were a song I’d make sure you weren’t the single.

    Sorry baby, but there’s no smoking in here.

    I lettered in High School. My sport? Tongue wrestling.

    Is this app called the thrift store? Because you’re a real find.

    Were you a bee in a past life, you fly honey?

    If you were a football player you’d be a tight end.

    You’re going to have to go, it’s not fair to the rest of the accounts on this app.

    You seem familiar, were you walking around my dreams last night?

    I’ve got a great drink special for you. When I buy your first drink, it comes with free breakfast.

    This must be one of those strike anywhere matches, totally lit.

    I’ll play you in Mario Kart and totally let you win.

    Am I watching a Spike Lee movie? Because You Got Game.

    What do your smile and Mike Tyson have in common? They both easily knock me out.

    I think you could be the hot melty grilled cheese to my steamy tomato soup.

    You look like fun. I like fun.

    I’m trying to quit but if you’re smoking so I’ll join.

    If you were a drink you’d be a milkshake because you’re so sweet.

    Full disclosure, I’m a thief, but all I steal is kisses.

    You can call me a PC because I’ll be crashing at your place tonight.

    Am I at a steakhouse? Because you’re a real heart stopper.

    Are you a comet? because you’re out of this world!

    Let’s drink 8 drinks. Because 8 is my lucky number. It rhymes with mate.

    A bonafide Angel?! Is this Hinge or is it heaven?

    Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 and 8 got in the way of 69.

    I’m no organ donor, but I’m fixing to give you my heart.

    Did I just walk into a Home Goods store? Because I’m floored.

    If you were a TV Network, you’d be FOX.

    My favorite number is two. It rhymes with you.

    I’m sorry, your sexiness has gone and made me forget my pickup line.

    Now that you are well equipped with the language of love, use it wisely. Choose your moments. You have many different lines for many different scenarios and many different types of prospects. Falling deeply in love? Or just falling into a smoking hot fling. Enjoy yourself. Date responsibly.

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