Fortnite Jokes

Fortnite Jokes

A game that revolutionized third-person shooters at the time of its release is still going strong nearly a decade later. The cultural impact that Fortnite had on Gen Z and millennials is hard to estimate. Across the globe, with nearly unlimited skins, and countless fun dances to anger your enemies (or accidentally use at the wrong time resulting in being killed), it’s a fun game that made its mark.

Here are 50 Fortnite-related jokes for your pleasure!

What does a Fortnite player listen to when they win? Dubstep!

Why did the gamers pinch their noses at the sleepover? They were fortin’ all night! I will never be killed by a sniper in Fortnite, not by a long shot

What’s a Fortnite pirate’s favorite gun? The AR Which Fortnite gun do you whisper with? The PSS-tol

Why did the store have a “arehouse?” Fortnite gamers took the W What’s a Fortnite gamer’s favorite shape? The circle!

Which team does a Fortnite player partake in? skins!

If Fortnite was a hotel, where would you check in? In the lobby! Where do gamers celebrate a birthday? In the Fortnite party!

What’s a Fortnite gamer’s favorite mode of transportation? The bus! Where does a Fortnite gamer go for vacation? Paradise palms!

Where does Santa live in Fortnite? Polar peak!

Sierra Mist released a new Fortnite drink, it’s called Med Mist! How does a dehydrated gamer drink water? They slurp it!

How long does a gamer sleep after gaming? Four nights! Which Fortnite character can power a computer? Power chord!

What do you call a Fortnite gamer who loves vegetables? Tomato head! How much money does a Fortnite gamer have? V bucks!

Where can you buy Fortnite? At the mega mall!

I tried going to the doctor because I lost in Fortnite but all he gave me was bandages! Why do Fortnite gamers make great architects? They’re great at building!

Where does a Fortnite vegan live? Tomato town! Why is the peely dance the best? It’s a-peeling!

What did Epic Games name the Fortnite sequel? Fortday!

What’s a Fortnite gamer’s favorite Christmas movie? Floss-ty the snowman! At which point does a Fortnite player stop playing? The Zero Point!

What’s a Fortnite player’s favorite action movie? Tokyo Rift! Which search engine does a Fortnite gamer use? Chrome!

What do dinosaurs and Fortnite players have in common? They’re afraid of meteors! Which royal member loves geometry? The cube queen!

Why did the Fortnite pilots almost run out of fuel? They couldn’t figure out where to land! Why was the Fortnite player late for work? He forgot to thank the bus driver!

What sound does a Fortnite owl make? Loot loot!

What would a Fortnite player say if you offered them ammo? Abso-loot-ley!

Why was the construction worker who played Fortnite fired from his job? He preferred no-build! What’s a Fortnite player’s favorite movie? Battle Royale!

Why do Fortnite gamers make great environmentalists? They want to save the world! What’s a Fortnite player’s favorite animal The supply llama!

Where does a Fortnite player keep their valuables? In the vault!

What’s a Fortnite player’s favorite American football team? The renegade raiders! What do you need to get into the Fortnite theme park? The battle pass!

Why did the engineer play Fortnite? He was looking for building materials! Why does the demolition expert love Fortnite? He loves to tear down buildings!

Where did the Fortnite player bury his treasure? Out in the open where anyone can find it! Why did the miner play Fortnite? He loved using his pick axe!

What did the King name his daughter? Victoria Royale!

What would you call a Fortnite action movie? Indiana Jonesy!

I tell my joke about John Jones every chance I get, it never gets old!

Who is the most valuable Fortnite character? Jules! Just kidding, it’s Midas!

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