Apple Puns

Apple Puns

We all know that apples make ‘a-peeling’ snacks, but they are also full of ‘pip’ and charm. 

As the saying goes ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, or should we be giving our uneaten apples to our teachers to get good grades? What every your relationship is with apples we all come across them on a daily basis.

We have collated a list of our 35 favorite apple puns for you to casually drop into conversation to impress those around you. These are puns that even Granny Smith herself would be proud of.

35 Applicious Apple Puns and Apple One-Liners

1.     I apple-laud your efforts.

2.     I’d like to apple-ogize for my joke!

3.     I am apple-oyed by your moaning.

4.     He’s an apple-thlete in his spare time.

5.     I am apple-hensive about what’s going to happen.

6.     Your performance was apple-solutely amazing.

7.     Let’s apple-y ourselves to this.

8.     That is so apple-ling

9.     I am apple-eased to be finished.

10.  He is an apple-solute nightmare.

11.  She’s got an apple-ogy to make.

12.  Her sister will always stand be-cider.

13.  I can peel you in my bones.

14.  I’m so pleased I picked you.

15.  This is a core moment.

16.  I have de-cider-ed to have that apple.

17.  Ooo Juicy!

18.  Always look on the bright cider of life.

19.  It’s just the tree of us, eating apples in the sky. 

20.  You have to apple-eye for the job.

21.  I am feeling apple-egtic today.

22.  Let’s apple-y the breaks and think this through.

23.  She is an apple-ogist.

24.  He is the apple-timate player.

25.  Let’s apple-rove this immediately.

26.  I would like an apple-oinment to see the Doctor please.

27.  His approach is apple-icable to our situation.

28.  I have an apple-tunity to excel.

29.  You’re the apple of my eye.

30.  I hope you’re ‘Appy.

31.  That shook me to the core.

32.  I’m having an apple-solute blast.

33.  This idea is quite apple-ealing.

34.  Let’s get to the core of the issue: apples are delicious.

35.  Apple-solutely fabulous.

Ziz Brown