The 30 Very Best May Jokes

The 30 Very Best May Jokes

Welcome to May. Spring is now in full blossom in the Northern Hemisphere. May the 4th is a day Star Wars fans unite as the Fourth is with us. May is also a time to give Mom’s their day. May doesn’t have a lot of bug holidays but it makes up for it with great weather. We finally get those may flowers from those April showers. Of course May 4th is also Star Wars day which is fun.

What is the politest month?


What is the shortest month?

May with just 3 letters

What’s the difference between May and June?

Every single letter

May the 4th is Star Wars day as May the Fourth be with you. Or as Yoda might say, “Be with you be the force.”

Who likes May the Fourth?

Jedis of course.

May 1st is Labor Day.

Which means if your were born on Labor Day, your mom went into Labor on the right day.

Does May have 30 days?

Yes plus one extra,

May 1st is Labor Day, a holiday where you get a day off from work. So, shouldn’t it be called No Labor day?

What condiment should you always use in May?


What is May Day?

The most obviously named holiday.

Kid: Dad, what did you get mom for mothers day?

Dad: Nothing, she’s not my mother.

Kid: So what did you get your mother?

Dad: The pleasure of being a mother.

May Day is traditionally the first day of May. It’s also a distress call when said three times in a row. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it this May.

What do you call it when you go to bed on April 30th and wake up in the middle of the night not sure what day it is?

Maybe may.

What do you say when you see flying insect that you can’t quite identify in May?

May be bee.

If April showers bring May Flowers what do May Flowers bring?


April showers bring May Flowers that bring…


Why do people like to eat ice cream in May?

Because people like to eat ice cream.

Word Trivia: May is the other month that when spelled backwards makes a word.

What do they call May Poles at the North Pole?


My, my, my May is the other month that forms a word if you eliminate all of the standard vowels.

May 1st is the only date that can also be a sentence…

May I. (If you use roman numerals.)

What tree does well in May?

The Mayple

Why does Batman like May?

Because that’s when he saw his first robin.

What do you call a manic Monday in May?


Girl: Why is your first name April and your middle name May?

April May: My mom went into labor on April 30th in the morning, and I was born on May 1st at night..

Girl: Wow I hope you get your mom a nice mother’s day gift.

Kid: Dad, don’t you find it weird that mothers do so much yet there are the same number of mothers and fathers days.

Dad: Hey, dads do a lot too.

Kid: Yeah but I don’t think itching yourself, burping and using the remote is really that hard.

What is the official US state of Spring?


What would you call a spring corn maze?

A may-ze.

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