The 30 Very Best June Jokes

The 30 Very Best June Jokes

June welcomes the summer in the northern hemisphere. It is also traditionally a time of marriage and childbirth. Hence, the popularity of June as a name. Juno, who June is named after  the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. Yet, Father’s Day is also in June.

June is traditionally the month of marriages, because before there was heat and running water, people usually would not bathe during the winter and spring months, especially in Northern parts of the world. June 21 is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so yeah summer. June 24 is midsummer day, which is kind of wrong, as summer just started a few days before, it should really be called mid-harvest. 

June 19 is Juneteenth (or Freedom or Emancipation Day) which is when Union General Granger read the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas, freeing the enslaved people in the state. This happened in 1865.

Some other June events:

  • National I Love My Dentist Day is in June. That’s obviously a holiday created by Dentists.
  • June has Hug Your Cat day, which is followed by “Go to urgent care to take care of your scratches day.”
  • June also has the MTV Movie and TV awards. Because MTV has nothing to do with music videos anymore.
  • June has take your dog to work. This is a confusing day for dog catchers and their dogs.
  • National Waffle Iron Day is in June. You would think it would be a holiday that waffled from day to day, but it doesn’t. 
  • June also has National Donut and Lovers Day on the same day. If you’re a doughnut lover it’s kind of like a double celebration for you.
  • Rotisserie Chicken Day is in June. A great day to be a chicken lover, a bad day to be a chicken.
  • World Environment Day is in June even though this one should be recycled ever month.

What do you call a bank robber in June?

A June Goon.

What do you call it when a person says it’s June in July?


Why do they have baseball games in hot weather in June?

Because stadiums need fans.

In June, shouldn’t June bugs just be bugs?

What do you call a June Bug in September?

A survivor.

Why don’t pirates like June?

It’s got no arrrrrrrrgs.

Why aren’t there that many letters in June?

Because most people text these days.

What do you say to a polar walking down the street in June?

Dude, you are so lost.

Is Jude the male version of June?

What do spiders like best about June?

June Bugs.

What’s the best way to make a dad happy on father’s day?

Put new batteries in the remote for him.

Why is Pride day in June?

Because you need to have Pride before the fall.

Father’s day is also in June.. It’s very fitting that this day comes after mother’s day. Father’s day could be renamed “give your dad and ugly tie day.”

Knock Knock…

Who’s there?


June who?

June need to open the door!

Where do sharks go in June to get away for the heat?


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