The 30 Very Best October Jokes

The 30 Very Best October Jokes

October is the month when fall in the northern hemisphere kicks into full gear. It’s also the start of the baseball World Series in the United States. Though it’s not actually a “world” series, as that would be the World Baseball Classic. (Held in March.)  October’s most famous holiday is Halloween! When kids from all over go searching for tricks or treats. 

October is named October because Octo means eight in Latin, as back in the day October was the eighth month, not the tenth. As for a while, January and February weren’t months. 

For some weird reason, my US presidents were born in October more than any other month. Now that is scary!

October may be the start of the colder months in the Northern Hemisphere, but it also brings the color change to the leaves, making it a very colorful month. 

The Anglo-Saxons called October Winterfylleth, which means winter and full moon. Because they believed winter would start at the first full moon of the month. When you don’t have electricity or heat makes sense. 

The “Hunters Moon,” which is the first full moon after the “Harvest Moon”, can come in October or November. It looks like when you have the fruit and veggies harvested, it’s time to hunt for the meat.

October has the Orion Meteor shower which is one of the more impressive ones with up to 20 meteors every hour. Of course, you need a nice dark place to spot them.

What does October have that no other month has?

Two “O”’s in its name.

What do Monday’s in October have that no other days have at any time of the year?

Three O’s. One in Monday and Two in October.

What do October and November have in common, besides being in the fall?

They each have O’s in their names.

Why do leaves fall down in October?


Why do leaves fall down in the fall?

Because you can’t fall up.

Why don’t sports teams like ghosts to go to their games during Halloween?

Because they always boo.

What parents love Halloween?

Mummies and Deadies.

Why is it okay to have a baseball game on Halloween?

Because they have a lot of bats!

What kind of candy do you get on Halloween?

The free kind.

The thing about mummies is that most of them were daddies.

What is it called when you eat a hot dog on Halloween?

A halloweiner.

Shouldn’t trick or treating really be called treat or get tricked!

How come you can’t tell when Frankenstein’s monster eats too much Halloween candy?

Because he’s always green.

What do you call October 31st?


Why doesn’t Humpty Dumpty like October?

Because he’s not a fan of fall.

Why is October 10th the perfect day?

Because it’s 10 / 10.

What day do truck drivers love to say?

10 4 good buddy.

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