The 30 Very Best September Jokes

The 30 Very Best September Jokes

September when the summer officially ends and fall begins. It is called September for the Latin word septem which means “seven” which is strange now, since September is the 9th month. But it was named before January and February were added to the calendar.

The Autumnal Equinox occurs in September, this is the day when there are pretty much equal hours of daylight and darkness.

September has Michaelmas, an ancient Celtic “Quarter Day”, making the end of the harvesting season. Don’t know if people sang, “It’s beginning to look like Michaelmas…”

Holidays in September include: 

  • Labor Day: where you celebrate working by not working. 
  • Patriot Day: to remember 9/11
  • Constitution Day:It’s a strong day.
  • International Day of Peace: which should be every day.
  • Rosh Hashanah: The Jewish New Year is in August. 

September is also National Happy Cat Month which is good cause you really don’t want to make cats angry.

September also has these fun days:

  • National Hug Your Hound Day: Have you hugged a hound today?
  • Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day: Followed by Moms clean up the mess day.
  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Ah matey
  • National Punctuation Day: The Oxford comma and the semicolon love this day.

What do you call a cold day in September?


Why don’t mountain climbers like late September?

Because it’s fall.

The first Monday in September is Labor day which is a holiday except for a lot people who actually do manual labor.

Labor day is kind of like opposite day as it’s a day that you celebrate work by having a day off from work.

Kid: Dad, why are you digging a hole?

Dad: It’s Labor Day!

Kid: Dad, why do you keep doing summersaults? 

Dad: It’s fall.

Kid: Dad, what’s your favorite holiday in September?

Dad: The start of football season.

Kid: That’s not a holiday.

Dad: It should be.

September 11th is grandparents’ day.

So grandmas and grandpas get two special days.

And that’s still not enough.

September 21 is International Day of Peace.

They really need to promote this day more.

Why did the kid keep tripping on September 22?

Because that was the start of fall.

What does October have that September doesn’t?

An extra day.

What do you tell somebody in September on the day before national camouflage day?

Hope you don’t see me tomorrow.

It’s important not to forget that September is Alzheimer’s awareness month.

What do lumber jack yell in September?


What do call a car you can only drive in the fall?

An autumnobile.

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