The 30 Very Best March Jokes

The 30 Very Best March Jokes

March is the 3rd month of the year. It’s known for the start of Spring in the North. It’s also known for Saint Patrick’s Day. March Madness! We can’t forget PI day on 3.14. Twitter was also started in March, kind of fitting! March 20th also has 50 / 50 night and day split on the equator.  March 1st goes by many names: It’s the start of Mardi Gra or Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday.  Even if there’s only a one in seven chance, it is a Tuesday.

March is named for Mars, the god of war, because, in ancient times, March was when the weather would improve, and armies could begin fighting again.

Weird March Fact: March 9th is international fanny pack day. So if you were thinking, “Boy I wish fanny packs had their day!” your wish has been granted.

March 15th is the Ides of March! And while Shakespear said, “beware of the Ides of March” the ides aren’t really something to be scared of. The ides really just refer to the first new moon of a given month. So no need to beware, no threat at all from werewolves.

What group of people love March? Bands.

March is the only month, that’s a name, a verb, and a noun.

March can be a month or an order!

Who doesn’t love march? Soldiers.

What do March, April have in common?

The third letter is R.

Why did twitter start in March?

Because birds love to tweet.

What do you call a bunch of puppies in March?

March gladness

What happens when your basketball team loses in March?

You have March Madness sadness.

What do you call a big hairy gorilla in March?

A gorilla.

Why are people tired on March 31st?

They’ve been marching for 30 days.

Interesting enough there really aren’t a lot parades in march.

What do you call it when you team losing in the first round of the March Madness tournament?

March badness

Why do kids love to trampoline at the end of March?

Because it’s spring.

What do they call March 14 at Apple?

Apple Pi day.

Should you eat  pie on 3/14? 

Of course, you should eat pie every day.

 Slinkies love March because its spring.

Why do people walk faster after March 20th? Because they have a spring in their step.

What do car shocks, mattresses, ball point pens and march have in common?

They all have springs!

What Alex in Wonderland Character loved march?

The March Madness Hatter

What dog was named for March?

The Sping er Spaniel

Why does March come after Feburary?

It’s alphabetical

Why does your math teacher love March 15th?

It’s Pi day.

St. Patricks day on March 21, traditionally has a parade, so it’s a March march.

Why do banks love March 29-31?  Because they are known as borrowing days. 

Dad: You know Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland?

Kid: We learned in school there weren’t a lot of snakes in Ireland!

Dad: See what a good job he did.

Why are frogs extra green in March?

They aren’t.

People are named after April and May but why not March?

Because that would be madness.

What’s the number reason for going to the doctors in March?

Spring Fever.

Why is a mattress warmed in March?

Because it has springs fever.

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