The 30 Very Best July Jokes

The 30 Very Best July Jokes

July is known for its fireworks and hot weather and a celebration of independence. (Hence the fireworks.) July is named after Julius Caesar, because when you rule the known world, you can do whatever you want. July also begins the Hot Dog Days of Summer. Though you can eat hot dogs in any season.

The United States has its independence day on July 4th. Canada has theirs on July 1 getting a jump on their fellow Americans. Speaking of freedom: July 14th is Bastille day in France! That’s a good day to “let them eat cake.” July also marks the Islamic New Year. 

Fun Days in July:

  • International Town Criers day: not a lot of demand for this one these days!
  • World Emoji Day: 🙂 😉
  • Spooners Day: make what you will of this one.
  • World take you plants for a walk day: also called “have your neighbors looks at you funny day.”
  • National day of the cowboy: should be cow-person. 

What should you give a dog for July Fourth?

Ear muffs.

Do cows give milk on the Fourth of July?

Sure, if they are in mooo d

What do you tell somebody who tries to convince you it’s December in July?

You lie!

What do you call a July firework that doesn’t go boom?

A fire not work.

July is a hard word to rhyme. Can you name five words that rhyme with it?

Sit Bit Knit Kit Hit Lit

Why don’t cats like July?

Because they start the dog days of summer.

Kid: Dad, why is July never used as a name?

Dad: It is, it’s the name of a month.

Why are there no July 4th knock knock jokes?

Because freedom rings.

What do you call the tea that the American colonists threw into the Boston river?


What kind of shirts were worn to the Boston Tea Party?

T-shirts of course.

What are dads’ favorite snacks on the forth of July?


What’s the difference between George Washington and a duck?

One has their face on a bill the other has a bill on their face.

What’s red, white and blue?

A sad candy cane.

What’s a popular game on July 4th?

Caption the flag.

Where was the declaration of independence signed?

On the bottom.

How is Independence Day different in Canada than in the United States?

It’s farther north.

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