The 30 Very Best April Jokes

The 30 Very Best April Jokes

April is a time when Spring really springs to life! It is also a month for fools and Earth Day! It’s also a taxing time in the United States as taxes are due. April 22 is Earth Day, but shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? April is also a popular name for some reason.

Do April showers bring May Flowers?

Yes, If April Showers is an Uber driver.

Where is April always the first month?

In the dictionary.

Why are Venus, Mars and the other planets jealous of Earth?

Because they don’t have their own day.

Why is April a taxing month?

Ask your parents.

Why do trees double dip in April?

They have two holidays, Earth Day and Arbor day.

April 7th is National No Housework Day, which is everyday for some dads.

What kind of music should you play on Earth Day?


What the meanest April Fools Prank you can play?

Ask your dad to wash the cat.

Weird brain thing: April comes before May in the calendar and dictionary, and April May makes a much better name than May April.

When do April Showers bring flowers?

When she works for a Florist delivery.

What’s the best time in April to eat ice cream?


What does your mom call April Fools Day?

Father’s day.

Dad: Son, I don’t park in this parking lot a lot, so it’s a little parking.

Son: Very funny dad.

Dad: Really?

Son: April Fools.

April is famous for showers, but you’ll have more friends if you shower all year round.

Son: Dad, do the days start getting longer in April?

Dad: It may seem that way, but they are still 24 hours.

Can June come before May?

Nope, but April May.

Why are there no good day jokes about April Fools?

Because there are no good dad jokes about anything.

How do you say “May the force be with you!” on April Fools Day?

“May the farce be with you.”

What monthly name is in alphabetical order?

April May

What do Gorillas call the fourth month of the year?


Why is it called Earth Day, not Planet Day?

We want to make the other planets jealous.

What do comedians call April Fools Day?

Amateur Day

What’s the worst day to be choking on something in a crowded room?

April Fool’s Day

Kid: Dad, you’re my favorite parent.

Dad: Thanks son!

Kid: April Fools.

If Star Wars had April Fools.

Darth: Luke, I am your father.

Luke: Wait, what?

Darth: April Fools!

Who should never say April Fools?

911 Operators.

With April 1st being April Fools and a time for pranks shouldn’t April 2nd be April Apology Day?

What arch-criminal loves April 1st?

The Joker.

What’s the worst day to tell somebody you’re pregnant?

April Fools.

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