How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text 

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text 

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” sounds interesting, but it’s not (completely) true. We come from the same planet, but we communicate differently. Men are more straightforward, while women like to drive around the point. Determining whether she likes you or no, could be exciting, confusing, and scary at the same time. Did you ever wish you could read minds, at least for one day, so you can see if your crush is into you? Yes? Sorry to spill the beans, but that’s not an option! But, luckily, there are hidden signs that show how she feels about you.


How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text : 15 Signs

Texting is great because it allows us to communicate with other people. Yet there’s no interrupting of daily activities in the way there is with a phone call. Thus it is another way to feel close and connected to someone, especially if it is your crush. Now, how to tell if the feelings are mutual? Women aren’t as complex as they seem. Yet, you need to understand their psychology. Certain signs will relieve how she feels about you. If she texts you first and often, with long messages… If she trusts you… If she dedicates songs to you… Well, you’re lucky! So, all you need to do is pay attention to what and when she sends you. We collected 15 signs for you of how to tell if a girl likes you over text. Let’s go!


1. She Doesn’t Follow the Rule of Not Texting First 

Women often follow the rule of not texting first. So, if she puts the effort to start a conversation with you, she is likely doing it because she is interested in you. Analyze how talks begin. Does she ask you how your day goes, or she sends you a meme? If yes, you’re on the right track! Also, check who ends the texting. If she leaves you in blue or stops responding, she might be busy! Give her space. But, pay attention if this happens often. If it does, sorry, but it is a powerful sign that she is not into you.


2. Good Morning & Good Night Messages

The length of a conversation is a big lead. You spend the whole night writing to each other. And the next day, you wake, and you see a message from her saying good morning. Well, that is a great way to show you that she wants to continue talking. But, what you need to recognize is whether that interest is romantic or friendly.


3. She is Never Too Busy For You

Is there greater agony than when your crush leaves you waiting for hours, or even worse days? An excellent way to know if a girl likes you is to check the time it takes her to respond to the messages you send her. Does she answer quickly? Maybe she works or studies, but still takes time to write you? If yes, it’s another good sign! She may not be able to carry on a very long or deep conversation, but she takes a moment to show you that she thinks about you. But, if she is always busy and takes her hours or days to reply, you better put your eyes on someone else. 


4. She is Not a One-Liner

Does she tell you if she visited a friend? Or that she had frappé from Starbucks? Does she enjoy telling you every single irrelevant detail? If your answer is yes, then that is another sign that she wants your attention. It is common for women to talk more than men, even more with people they like. If the girl wants to keep in touch, she will send long texts and bring up new topics. Or, if you keep getting a one-line answer from her, it is a powerful sign that she is annoyed with you.

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5. She Notices If You’re Distant

She texts you: “Hey, is everything okay? You have hardly written to me these days?”
That is one more sign! Suddenly reducing communication will not go unnoticed. And it will be followed by a curious question.


6. She Wants To Know Real You

Women have their unique way of getting information about the one who drives them crazy. Besides, it is easy to find many things through social networks. But the networks may not have enough information. Or even if they do, she will still like to hear stuff directly from you. She will ask you about your hobbies, travels, and your family. By asking you personal questions, she looks for a higher level of intimacy. Also, Instagram or Facebook posts may be confusing. Maybe she sees photos of you with a girl and thinks you’re dating when she is your cousin. If a woman dares to ask about your love life, what your ex was like, or what you like in women is a clear sign. She judges whether you might consider going out with her. And if you are a candidate for a serious relationship.


7. She Lets You See All The Parts of Her

When a girl feels comfortable with you, she shares things about herself. But not the things that ordinary people know, but personal information. She will tell you about her fear, pain, happiness. By doing that, she will show you her trust. But also that she wants to keep you in her life.


8. She sents you quotes from her favorite books & movies

This is called “creative flirting.” Simply put, it shows that she cares enough about you to share her likes with you. That’s a great way to get to know her better and be part of her world. Your favorite books or music speak volumes about your personality. So, it may be a sign that she wants to get closer to you. And she may expect you to comment on your likes and interests to get to know you better.


9. She flirts. A lot.

But, remember that the direct flirting is a sign of comfort in which she expects you to be okay with it. It means that you are closer than random friends. Or at least she wants you to be.
The flirt is also a sign of interest because she wants to evoke an emotional response from you.


10. When The Words Fail, Music Speaks

Okay, there is nothing more important than a girl dedicating you a song. It doesn’t matter if the lyrics made her think of you. Or you made a memory together while this song was playing in the background. Either way, it is a clear sign she wants to be more than friends. And remember, a girl can forget all, but not how a specific song made her feel!

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11. One, Two… Ten… A Hundred Emojis?

The effort you’re putting into the message can tell if you’re only looking for a booty call or a relationship. That is the benefit of texting over talking: it gives you time to think how you want to sound. So, take your time to form the message and even add emojis. Why emojis are relevant? It’s a way to express yourself and your feelings. Want to be more flirty? Add kissy-face emoji at the endf of a text! And pay attention to how your crush writes to you. Laughing emojis aren’t just a sign that she’s entertained. They’re also a way to let you know you’re funny, at least virtually. To make a woman laugh is the best way to win her heart. The sense of humor is attractive, and without a doubt, it is a point in your favor.
If she adds lots of hearts and happy faces, she is taking the time to make your conversation more enjoyable.


12. She Often Compliments You

The truth is that messages are an easy way to compliment because it takes away the nerves of telling face to face. So, she writes you several messages to admire the clothes you were wearing the last time they saw each other. Or how good you look in that last photo you uploaded to Facebook. Or how smart you are. Yes, this is a sign that she is interested in you. And if you feel the same way about her, don’t forget to return the compliments!


13. She Tends To Send You Selfies Occasionally

Women are very cautious when someone asks them for photographs. If she sends you photos, even when you didn’t ask, there is a good chance that she is into you. Mostly, a woman will send a one in which she looks the most beautiful. Well dressed and with make-up. But, if she sends you photos in which she is in pajamas, or even making faces, it is because she feels confident. And she wants to be natural and spontaneous with you.


14. The chemistry is in the air

Do you feel like you know her for ages? And a conversation is so effortless? There is no awkward silence? It seems like you’re lucky! Her feelings are as strong as yours!


15. She Calls You Out

While messaging can pave the way for getting to know each other better, meeting in person is a must. It will create a strong connection. The last and clearest sign that a girl likes you is that she uses her conversations to ask you out. Even if it’s a casual outing, it shows how comfortable she feels hanging out with you. If she does not have the initiative, you may ask her out too! If you invite her and she gives you excuses, you should consider forgetting it. In that case, she doesn’t seem to show interest in getting to know you better. But if she says yes, it might be a start of a beautiful relationship. Be brave!


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