60 Very Best Mom Names From Pop Culture

60 Very Best Mom Names From Pop Culture

Moms are widely considered the heart of the family – and for good reason. Is there really anything a mom can’t do? Not only do moms take care of traditional tasks like cooking and cleaning, but they also offer a special kind of love that knows no bounds. Time and time again, moms tend to everyone else’s needs before their own. Moms go above and beyond the call of duty every day to ensure that her children are happy and thriving. Moms even have an innate ability to comfort their offspring no matter what the situation may be.

It’s no secret that moms are truly remarkable, and that is why we can appreciate the “mom” archetype in movies, television, and in popular culture as a whole. There is just something exceptional about moms in the media that resonates with all of us. This list showcases the most prominent mothers from the entertainment world. These iconic matriarchs vary from famous fictional characters to actual public figures who represent the epitome of motherhood.

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Mom Names From Popular TV Shows

There’s nothing better than these incredible moms from well-known television shows. Whether they’re being relatable, witty, funny, sassy, or even downright unconventional, these moms know the way to our hearts.

1. Carol Brady – Perhaps one of the most recognizable television moms of all time, she is the wholesome mother figure from The Brady Bunch. 

2. Clair Huxtable – From The Cosby Show, Clair is a strong, successful attorney who balances her busy career and raising five children.

3. Marion Cunningham – From the sitcom Happy Days, Marion is a conventional 1950’s housewife and loving mother. 

4. Roseanne Conner – From the TV series of the same name, Roseanne is a loud, opinionated, and wise-cracking mom.

5. Lisa Landry – From the series Sister, Sister, Lisa is a funny fashion designer and the adoptive mother of a daughter who discovers she has an identical twin sister.

6. Beverly Goldberg – Also known as ‘Bev’ or the ‘smother’, this matriarch from The Goldbergs is often viewed as overbearing and embarrassing to her three children. 

7. Lois Wilkerson – Temperamental mom from Malcom in the Middle, mother of three (and eventually, four) rowdy boys.

8. Jill Taylor – The sensible, level-headed mom to three boys on Home Improvement.

9. Shirley Partridge – From The Partridge Family, Shirley is a widowed mother of five children who are part of a traveling musical troupe.

10. Peggy Bundy – Mom of two teenagers from Married with Children, Peggy is known for her outlandish style.

11. Sophia Petrillo – The sassy mother and grandmother from The Golden Girls, Sophia is quick-witted and very straightforward.

12. Edith Bunker – A loving, yet oftentimes daffy housewife and mother from All In The Family.

13. Dr Rainbow Johnson – An anesthesiologist and mother of five from the show Black-ish.

14. Thelma Harper –Thelma is the overly critical and curmudgeonly mother of three from the show Mama’s Family.

15. Moira Rose – From Schitt’s Creek, Moira is a former soap opera star and the eccentric mother of an adult son and daughter.

16. Fran Fine – A flashy New Yorker with a distinct accent from The Nanny who becomes a stepmother to three children

17. June Cleaver – The quintessential homemaker and perfect mother from Leave It To Beaver.

18. Kitty Forman – The matriarch of That 70’s Show, mother of two children, and a working nurse with a trademark laugh.

19. Marie Barone – From Everybody Loves Raymond, Marie is a doting mother to two grown sons.

20. Frankie Heck – The frequently frazzled matriarch of a rather dysfunctional family on The Middle, mother of three.


Mom Names From Popular Movies

There is no denying that movies play a particularly important role in pop culture, and the moms portrayed in film are often unforgettable. These are the absolute best, and most memorable moms to have ever been on the big screen.

21. Kate McCallister – The mom from Home Alone who has too many children to keep track of and notoriously forgets to bring her son, Kevin, on a family vacation…twice.

22. Leigh Anne Tuohy – A wealthy interior designer and mom of two who becomes the adoptive mother of football player Michael “Big Mike” Oher.

23. Maria von Trapp – Fictional character and stepmother from The Sound of Music, based on a real person of the same name.

24. Lorraine McFly – The mother to Marty McFly and two other children in the Back To The Future movie trilogy.

25. Tess Coleman – A straight-laced writer, psychologist and mother to a teenage daughter in the film Freaky Friday.

26. Viola Fields – The vindictive mother who tries to sabotage her son’s marriage from the movie Monster-in-Law.

27. Helen Parr – Also known as “Elastigirl” from the animated film, The Incredibles. She is a mother of three and a superhero capable of saving the world.

28. June George – From the film Mean Girls, June is the mother of antagonist, Regina George. Known for saying “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”.

29. Madea Simmons – The loud and oftentimes mischievous matriarch in a long string of Madea films by Tyler Perry.

30. Donna Sheridan-Carmichael – A good, hard-working single mother from the musical Mamma Mia!


Mom Names of Popular Celebrities

Celebrities never fail to fascinate and intrigue us, especially when they become more endearing as parents. These celebrity moms are the top-notch.

31. Sharon Osbourne – Television personality, wife of Ozzy Osbourne, unapologetically crass and uncensored mother of three.

32. Tori Spelling – An actress who is the mother of five biological children and one stepson. 

33. Jessica Alba – An actress and entrepreneur, mom of three who created an ethical line of baby products.

34. Hilary Duff – Actress, singer, and mother of three children.

35. Blake Lively – An actress who shares three daughters with Ryan Reynolds.

36. Jennifer Lopez – Singer, dancer, actress, overall superstar, and mother to boy/girl twins.

37. Jennifer Garner – An actress who starred in 13 Going on 30, a devoted mother of three children.

38. Hilaria Baldwin – Yoga maven and wife of Alec Baldwin, Hilaria is a mother of six

39. Kris Jenner – The matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner brood, mom of six and grandmother of ten

40. Mila Kunis – Actress, shares a son and daughter with Ashton Kutcher

41. Chrissy Teigen – Model and TV personality, wife of John Legend and mom of two kids

42. Megan Markle – Member of the British royal family, mom of a son and daughter

43. Angelina Jolie – Actress, mother of six biological and adopted children

44. Ali Wong – Comedian often references motherhood in her stand-up routines

45. Beyonce – Singer, actress, wife of Jay-Z and mom of three

46. Michelle Obama – former First Lady and mom of two daughters

47. Shakira – Latin pop star, mother of two sons

48. Carrie Underwood – Country music star, mom of two

49. Serena Williams – professional tennis player and mother

50. Demi Moore – Actress, shares three daughters with Bruce Willis


Popular Nicknames for Moms

There are plenty of nicknames that can be used for moms. These names are creative terms you could use to express the love you have for your mother.

51. MeeMaw – A Southern term of endearment

52. Madre – A Spanish word that means “mother”

53. Mamacita – A cheerful play on words

54. Super Mom – A fun way of acknowledging that mom really does do it all

55. Boss Lady – This name lets everyone know that your mom is in charge

56. Mumsy – An affectionate alternative for the word “mom”

57. Ma – The shortened version of “mama”

58. Ruler of the Roost – for when mom means business

59. Queen – A royal designation

60. Mommykins – A super cute nickname to call your mom


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