50 Funny Mario Jokes

50 Funny Mario Jokes

Mario, star of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, has been an adored figure in pop culture ever since he first debuted in the Nintendo video game in the early 1980’s. The lovable plumber became an overnight sensation and Super Mario Bros. is still considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time. Mario’s immense popularity has led to the creation of over fifty other games including Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Mario is so beloved that he’s even made his way onto the big screen with two major motion pictures – the live-action film Super Mario Bros. in 1993 and the current box-office success,The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Mario’s mission usually involves rescuing Princess Peach from a menagerie of menacing villains such as Bowser, Goombas, Koopa Troopas. With the help of his brother, Luigi, and his pals Toad, Yoshi, and more, Mario has taken countless journeys through the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. Mario is just as funny as he is endearing. These 50 funny Mario jokes are a hilarious way to start your day. Ready to laugh? In the words of Mario…here we go!

Family-Friendly Mario Puns

Witty, amusing, and downright clever, these silly Mario puns are fun for everyone.

What is Mario’s favorite play? Mamma Mia!

What is Mario’s favorite brand of chocolate milk? Yoo-hoo!

Why didn’t Toad have an indoor pool at his house? It took up too mush-room!

What kind of overalls do Mario and Luigi wear? Denim denim denim.

Why is Toad invited to so many parties? Because he’s a fun-gi!

What does Peach use to reach things on a high shelf? A Toad stool.

Why did two ghosts attack Mario? To give him a boo-boo.

Does Mario Kart need to eat? No, Mario Kart 8.

What is the fastest car in Mario Kart? A Mini Koopa.

Why didn’t the Koopa text Mario back? He couldn’t find his shell-phone!

How did Yoshi feel after he stubbed his toe? Dino-sore.

What kind of parties do Koopa Troopas throw? Shellebrations.

Where did Mario’s Kart go when he parked in the wrong place? It got Toad.

Best Mario Jokes

Here are the best and brightest Super Mario jokes to really tickle your funny bone.

Have you heard the music in Super Mario Galaxy? It’s really out of this world!

Who is Mario and Luigi’s favorite singer? MC Hammer.

Why did Donkey Kong stop racing? Because he was tired of monkeying around. 

What do you call it when Donkey Kong gets a cavity? Tooth DK!

Why couldn’t Mario cross the road? He couldn’t find the warp zone.

What made Mario cough? Something went down the wrong tube.

What did the Koopa wear on it’s head? A Shellmet.

What basketball team do the Koopa Troopas root for? The Shelltics.

When is Mario’s birthday? MAR10.

How does Mario feel after getting a kiss from the princess? Peachy!

Adult Mario Jokes

These dirty Mario jokes are for adults with a twisted sense of humor who enjoy a good laugh.

Why did Princess Peach wake up next to Luigi? They did the Nintendo Switch. 

What do you call two Italian guys with a Japanese father? Mario and Luigi.

Where does Mario meet single women? Nintinder.

What do you call Mario’s mom? A Mario Maker!

What do you call a male Goomba on his wedding day? A Groom-ba.

Why was Mario jealous of Donald Trump? He found out that he’s been in-Peach twice now. 

Why does Princess Peach always serve Mario mushrooms on date nights? Because they make him grow. 

Why didn’t Mario want Princess Peach using his computer? Because forgot to clear his Bowser-history!

What did Mario say to Peach when he broke up with her? It’s not a you, it’s a me…Mario!

What do the Super Mario Bros. use to pick up their pet’s poop? A Koopa Troopa Poopa Scoopa.

What game console do you French people play Mario on? Nintendo Oui.

What is Mario’s go-to pickup line to impress women? “They don’t call me Super for nothing!”

Why did the Boo go to rehab? He couldn’t lay off the boo-ze.

Why did Mario go to the psychiatrist? Because people kept calling him crazy for taking mushrooms.

What do you call a Goomba with a drinking problem? A Drunk-a.

Memorable Mario Jokes

If you’re looking for Mario jokes that are unique and unforgettable, these are sure to deliver.

Why didn’t Dry Bones cross the road? Because he didn’t have the guts.

Why did Yoshi go to college? To get a degree in Egg-onomics.

How come nobody plays Paper Mario? It really fell flat.

What did Mario say to Luigi after losing a game of Super Smash? “Can we have a Wii-match?”

Where does Mario do all of his shopping? The Mario Mart.

What did Luigi say to Mario when they opened a package they got in the mail? “It’s a Wii, Mario!”

What do you call it when Mario, Luigi, and Bowser met up for the first time in 20 years? A Wii-union.

Why is Bowser so mean? Because he Koopas up his feelings.

What did the green mushroom say to Luigi? Get a life!

What did Mario say when Luigi asked what his avatar was? “It’s a Mii, Mario!”

What is the best time of day to play Super Mario? The Wii hours of the morning.

What did Wario name his craft supply store? World of Wario Crafts!

Carissa Moore